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As a finance major in college, Craig Schaffer became fascinated by the markets and the diversity of businesses that make up an economy. He was fortunate to find a job with a major brokerage, allowing him to see how Wall Street functions from an insider’s perspective. He later traded his own account on his way to becoming an Online Trading Academy Instructor.

Craig’s trading principles stress the necessity of emotional control, strict risk management and less is more. He believes the trader who remains objective, self-correcting and focused will have a much higher likelihood of achieving his or her goals. His students will gain a solid foundation in basic concepts from which to develop and enhance their trading techniques.

Craig’s Why is helping other traders reach their goals and become an active part of the OTA trading community. He is passionate about teaching Core Strategy because he has found that consistently following a winning strategy is the best formula for success.


  • Bachelor’s in Finance, College of St. Rose
  • Trained & managed junior traders, managed satellite trading office, Paine Webber
  • Trading own account since 1997


  • US Markets


  • Stocks


  • Outdoor sports including snowboarding, kayaking & fishing


New York, USA

What Students Are Saying

“I enjoyed working with Craig and classmates. I wish it was longer. I really liked that Craig had market experience on Wall Street, had success with a company and then on his own, and found OTA and its core strategy adds to his trading, and seeing it makes everything come together.”

, March 2019

“Craig was a great and very knowledgeable instructor. He went beyond the limit to break down the Core strategy concept both theoretically and practically in a very structured way. He poured out the knowledge he acquired during his many years of experience as a professional trader. He was willing to assist and to answer every question even during the break time. He insisted on the fact that trading is not a 'Rocket Science', but we must be very disciplined and follow the system and if our trading plan is not working, we should review it and can always go back to My OTA for help. I think I am equipped with all the tools that I need to succeed.”

, February 2019

“Craig was extremely interesting. His passion for trading came across clearly. He made my confidence in being able to study, learn and execute trades closer to reality. ”

, November 2018

“It was an absolute pleasure to be a student of Craig. He was fantastic with making students feel comforted while teaching the materials with ease. I would be delighted to attend more of his classes! ”

, September 2018

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