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Clifton Miller became interested in trading as a student at Georgia State University, where he was exposed to a curriculum including the derivatives markets and the trading strategies used by hedge funds and investment banks. His research led him to Online Trading Academy, where he became a student in 2010 and an Instructor in 2015.

After completing his Pro Trader class, Clifton gravitated to the Forex markets and also worked in Student Support at the Atlanta campus. His advanced knowledge and experience and his ability to solve problems one-on-one are now available to his students.

Clifton loves teaching in an environment where instructors, Education Counselors and support staff work together to help students achieve their goals, as students from diverse backgrounds learn how to successfully trade the financial markets.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Georgia State University


  • US Markets


  • Forex


  • Student Support, Online Trading Academy Atlanta
  • Volunteered as head coach of an 8th grade boys basketball team; team won regional championship 2 out of 3 years


Georgia, USA

What Students Are Saying

“The training I've received here in the Forex class has been amazing. Clifton is an excellent teacher and very patient with any questions and helping if we are needing assistance. The program is easy to follow in how it is presented and the text books are very clear and easy to understand. I've truly enjoyed everything about the class and overall course. Highly recommend the course to everyone.”

, February 2019

“My forex teacher, Cliff Miller was great! We went over content and trading strategies. He made it super simple and helped me build the confidence I need to hit the button.”

, December 2018

“I absolutely loved Clifton's take on everything. His methods of explanation were fantastic!!! He is an amazing instructor. He explained how to identify trend changing zones versus trend continuation zones which no one had ever touched on before. The forex class truly filled in the gaps I was needing concerning how to add the spread into your trade, as well as the many ways that the forex market differs from all other markets. The only negative thing about the class was other students not being prepared, however, that was addressed midweek which I very much appreciated! I am very impressed with the class as well as the instructor and student support for the amazing learning experience. There is no way I could be profiting in trades this quickly without the help of my OTA team.”

, November 2018

“Clifton knows his stuff. I felt like he truly wants everyone to be successful”

, August 2018

“My instructor, Clifton was very nice and informative about Forex. He knows the market and is willing to go over and beyond to help you to understand it. I am so happy that I took his class. It was better than my expectations. I am confident that I will be a successful trader.”

, August 2018

“Clifton was very patient, detail oriented and explained spot forex in a simplified manner.”

, August 2018

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