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Clifton Miller became interested in trading as a student at Georgia State University, where he was exposed to a curriculum including the derivatives markets and the trading strategies used by hedge funds and investment banks. His research led him to Online Trading Academy, where he became a student in 2010 and an Instructor in 2015.

After completing his Pro Trader class, Clifton gravitated to the Forex markets and also worked in Student Support at the Atlanta campus. His advanced knowledge and experience and his ability to solve problems one-on-one are now available to his students.

Clifton loves teaching in an environment where instructors, Education Counselors and support staff work together to help students achieve their goals, as students from diverse backgrounds learn how to successfully trade the financial markets.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Georgia State University


  • US Markets


  • Forex


  • Student Support, Online Trading Academy Atlanta
  • Volunteered as head coach of an 8th grade boys basketball team; team won regional championship 2 out of 3 years


Georgia, USA

What Students Are Saying

“Honestly, I didn't know what to expect coming into Clifton's class. I knew I wanted to ask certain questions and didn't feel comfortable doing so since I'm new to the program. From day one, he solved that nervousness I came into class with, on his opening introduction. He immediately informed our class that it was OK not knowing what or how to ask questions. He encouraged us to pay more attention to lecture than spending so much time writing notes. In that respect, we would limit chances for missing out on important information, and increase understanding material well enough to know what questions to ask. Several of the people I've told about the OTA Program were just as shocked as me to find out that a real campus existed here in Atlanta with real instructors and support staff available at our finger tips. After attending the 3 day seminar, I started spreading the word at my job. Now that I've completed a couple of classes and experienced the attitude and support of the staff, I have to spread the word EVEN MORE. OTA is definitely the path to successful learning for any student interested in learning how to trade the markets.”

, November 2017

“OTA Forex with Clifton Miller was awesome. Clifton is a VERY good teacher - holds an open concept type of class setting; he encourages his students with a perfect blend of lecture and hands on trading sessions. The days flew by, and Forex trading is fun. Clifton is a great leader. ”

, November 2017

“Trading and investing has been an interest of mine for some time. However, it always seemed confusing and out of reach. OTA's Forex instructor, Clifton Miller, has made many aspects of my Forex trading practical and simple for me to understand. Mr. Miller's interaction and thorough explanations were great assets to my Forex trading education. Thanks.”

, November 2017

“The time spent in the classroom with Clifton Miller, a teacher who is dedicated to Forex trading, is immeasurable. Thank you, Clifton and your support team.”

, November 2017

“I recommend this class to any trader who is serious about trading the right way, managing risk and following a plan. The instructor, Cliff Miller, is a well of knowledge and is an instructor that really cares about you knowing and implementing the concepts learned in class. This class has a very good pace and because it is a hands on environment, it allows you to make any mistakes in class and learn to correct them before you go on to your house and start trading. I was extremely impressed with the instructor's professionalism and knowledge. Thank you, Clifton Miller and The Online Trading Academy.”

, October 2017

“OTA instructors are seasoned traders themselves. Their teachings are right to the core and very practical. They can answer detailed questions about trading strategies and about trading platforms with ease. Cliff knows the TradeStation inside and out. He is also very helpful. He left no questions unanswered. I am glad that I had such a highly experienced instructor.”

, September 2017

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