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Chris Manson comes from a musical background and has been living out a childhood dream that has taken him all over the world with credits in film, television, and many artists of different styles of music since 1981. He was introduced to trading by a family member who is a professional trader in 2002, and it has become his second passion. Trading stocks, options and futures, Chris started out knowing just enough to make him very dangerous in the markets using the trial and error method of trading. His relative became his mentor and helped him overcome many mental obstacles and develop a trading plan, which he now knows is key to success. He now mainly trades Futures for short term income and Options for long term wealth.

Chris got his start with Online Trading Academy in 2009, as he was searching for an opportunity to help others achieve their financial goals.

Chris feels teaching allows him to not only help others, but also to stay sharp himself. As an Instructor, Chris likes to keep things very simple in the way he approaches the markets, and he likes to keep the class open and fun, creating a comfortable atmosphere for learning and asking questions.

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  • Degree in Audio Engineering, Belmont College
  • Musician with credits in film, television and recording
  • Former Speaker for IBD and Vector Vest investment groups


  • US Markets


  • Futures
  • Stocks
  • Trading Platforms


  • CES Certified
  • Power Trading Radio guest
  • Trader's Virtual Magazine author


Washington, USA

What Students Are Saying

“I really enjoyed the class with so much to learn. Opened up my eyes to the real investing and trading world. Chris was phenomenal in sharing his insights into the markets and trading experiences. I am really excited in continuing the Mastermind learning track so I can become an effective trader.”

, March 2019

“Chris Manson is a wonderful instructor, and has introduced us to the big picture of the trading world, not restricting himself to the "core strategy', where appropriate. The program is extraordinary and is a big eye-opener to me. Highly recommend taking the course, even if you have lot of questions, as I am sure you will find the answers during this class.”

, February 2019

“The futures class was very much worth the price. Chris Manson brought experience and expertise, combined with an obvious passion for teaching his craft!”

, February 2019

“I have taken the core class and the futures class from Chris Manson. He has a knack for teaching to all spectrum of learning...from the beginning to advanced students learning and their learning styles. He is never too busy to answer our questions.”

, February 2019

“Chris Manson is an expert in futures trading. His experience is phenomenal and being able to learn from his successes and failures is priceless. He provided fantastic insight that would take a novice years to determine and analyze. Thank you for sharing his vast wealth of knowledge and experience. Having someone explain how to put book knowledge to use in real life is amazing.”

, January 2019

“As someone that had a few trades as a novice, it became very clear how much I did not know. My instructor, Chris, really opened my eyes to how to be disciplined in finding the RIGHT trading opportunities. He was very methodical in his approach and made sure of my understanding of the content being explained. I could not be more satisfied with the outcome and level of expertise and coaching Chris had, and the team on hand as a whole. Thank you, OTA and Burnaby B.C. team for all that you do!”

, January 2019

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