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Chris Manson comes from a musical background and has been living out a childhood dream that has taken him all over the world with credits in film, television, and many artists of different styles of music since 1981. He was introduced to trading by a family member who is a professional trader in 2002, and it has become his second passion. Trading stocks, options and futures, Chris started out knowing just enough to make him very dangerous in the markets using the trial and error method of trading. His relative became his mentor and helped him overcome many mental obstacles and develop a trading plan, which he now knows is key to success. He now mainly trades Futures for short term income and Options for long term wealth.

Chris got his start with Online Trading Academy in 2009, as he was searching for an opportunity to help others achieve their financial goals.

Chris feels teaching allows him to not only help others, but also to stay sharp himself. As an Instructor, Chris likes to keep things very simple in the way he approaches the markets, and he likes to keep the class open and fun, creating a comfortable atmosphere for learning and asking questions.

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  • Degree in Audio Engineering, Belmont College
  • Musician with credits in film, television and recording
  • Former Speaker for IBD and Vector Vest investment groups


  • US Markets


  • Futures
  • Stocks


  • CES Certified
  • Power Trading Radio guest
  • Trader's Virtual Magazine author


Washington, USA

What Students Are Saying

“Chris Manson added to my knowledge database an avalanche of new information regarding trading. This was my second core strategy class and my overall level of understanding skyrocketed after the 7 days. If you have an interest in trading in the financial markets, get the right education with OTA.”

, February 2018

“Teacher was very knowledgeable and patient.”

, January 2018

“The instructor was very knowledgeable and capable of transferring his knowledge to the students. The homework assignments were very instrumental in accelerating the lessons being taught in the classroom. ”

, January 2018

“Chris Manson was able to interject his experience as a professional trader to the level of a novice like me, and by the 7th day to see all this information flourish, that is most wonderful and thank you for empowering us.”

, January 2018

“Chris is an amazing instructor! He is kind and caring and makes sure everyone understands what he is teaching before moving on to another topic. His teachings were always clear and concise.”

, December 2017

“This class was a retake for me. Chris Manson was the instructor I had the first time as well as the second time and his experience as well as knowledge of the markets made him a joy to listen to. His experiences in trading made us all feel we can and are real TRADERS....... no matter of our style.”

, December 2017

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