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Chris Manson comes from a musical background and has been living out a childhood dream that has taken him all over the world with credits in film, television, and many artists of different styles of music since 1981. He was introduced to trading by a family member who is a professional trader in 2002, and it has become his second passion. Trading stocks, options and futures, Chris started out knowing just enough to make him very dangerous in the markets using the trial and error method of trading. His relative became his mentor and helped him overcome many mental obstacles and develop a trading plan, which he now knows is a key component for any trader. He mainly trades Futures Options.

Chris got his start with Online Trading Academy in 2009, as he was searching for an opportunity to pass on his experience to others. He feels teaching allows him to not only help others, but also to stay sharp himself. As an Instructor, Chris likes to keep things very simple in the way he approaches the markets, and he likes to keep the class open and fun, creating a comfortable atmosphere for learning and asking questions.


  • Musician with credits in film, television and recording
  • Former Speaker for IBD and Vector Vest investment groups


  • US Markets


  • Futures
  • Stocks
  • Trading Platforms


  • CES Certified
  • Power Trading Radio guest
  • Trader's Virtual Magazine author


Washington, USA

What Students Are Saying

“I truly enjoyed my time in the classroom. The instructor, Chris Manson, made it simple and easy to understand. Once the day was over, I couldn't wait for the next day to begin so I could come back and learn even more new things. The staff at OTA was more than helpful and very nice!”

, September 2019

“This was my first exposure to trading and the markets, so the information was overwhelming in the beginning. However, this beginner is grateful for the instructor walking us through the course manual and offering personal illustrations in explaining challenging steps in the trading process. I am more comfortable now about what I have learned and am eager to continue improving my understanding and skills.”

, September 2019

“Chris was patient and gave many real world examples. He is a charting pro!”

, August 2019

“Chris Manson was a fantastic teacher. Glad he was our instructor. I was very enlightened by the class content. ”

, August 2019

“The highlight of the class was the instructor, Chris Manson. He gave a lot of personal touch, and insights, to the ups and downs of his trading experiences. I think that the whole class learned a lot of the 'What not to do's' from his teaching.”

, June 2019

“The classroom education was powerful and Chris Manson provided a level of consistent teaching. His mastery of trading, and execution of OTA's methods was inspiring and empowering. ”

, June 2019

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