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After a successful 20-year career in advertising, Cherian Mathew decided to indulge his true passion, trading stocks. He enrolled at Online Trading Academy and found it a transformative experience. He quickly completed the full curriculum and became a member of the Mastermind Community.

As an Online Trading Academy Instructor, Cherian has been instrumental in shortening the learning curve and minimizing the time required to master the Core Strategy for many students in Dubai. He believes trading and investing offer exceptional potential for capital growth, for students who stick to their goals and the rules laid down in the courses.

Cherian’s personal goal is to pursue his dreams and obtain the best education possible for his children. He wants to provide for his extended family and also make a contribution to the broader community through resources to support hospitals, schools and other institutions in his home country, India.


  • Master’s degree in Marketing
  • 20 year career in marketing research and advertising
  • Owner of an advertising agency


  • Indian Markets


  • Stocks


  • Mastering Options
  • Programming/Artificial intelligence in investing
  • Interested in current affairs and politics


Dubai, UAE

What Students Are Saying

“Cherian helped to slowly deliver key learnings so that we had time to grasp each concept. practice them, and then demonstrate them. He also repeated several times the same key learnings to ensure clarity with all students. Great instructor and great class.”

, May 2019

“Thoroughly enjoyed the program. Mr. Cherian teaches very well and makes sure that everyone in the classroom understands.”

, April 2019

“My instructor is a great motivator and inspiration sharing all his expertise and experiences. ”

, March 2019

“The program at Online Trading Academy is very good, in-depth knowledge. The instructor has taken time and patience to explain every minute element of conducting a trade.”

, March 2019

“Thanks a lot to the instructor i.e. Cherian Mathew. His command on the subject is stunning and he explained the topics and cleared all the doubts in a very professional, excellent and patient manner.”

, February 2019

“Core Strategy was a great class but in my experience the instructor made the huge difference. Cherian explained the whole course clearly and simply. He understood the fact that we are new to all this and took us step by step to increase our understanding.”

, November 2018

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