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Bobbie Sheils is a retired NYPD detective and owner of a business specializing in financial investigation and compliance. As an Online Trading Academy Instructor, she trains her students to be chart detectives and find the evidence of upcoming price reversals and trading opportunities.

Having seen the dark side of human nature as a police detective, she appreciates the opportunity she had as an OTA student to achieve financial independence through active trading. She feels nothing is more satisfying than to pay it forward and empower others to repeat her own learning and success. In her classes, she imparts the importance of discipline, commitment and following the plan. She is skilled at taking complex financial concepts and making them easy to understand and apply.

What Bobbie likes most about trading is the freedom it gives her to spend time with her two young daughters. She hopes to teach them to trade so they can pursue their dreams, create financial freedom and have a lasting impact on the world.


  • BS in Accounting, Ramapo College of New Jersey
  • Detective, New York Police Department
  • Owner of financial investigation & compliance consulting company


  • US Markets


  • Stocks


  • Selected to present her Power of Why story at 2016 OTA International Conference
  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
  • Certified Financial Crime Specialist (CFCS)
  • Certified Anti Money-Laundering Specialist (CAMS)


New York, USA

What Students Are Saying

“The best part of the overall instruction is the positive and extraordinary way that Bobbie Shiels presents the class. She is unique. Excellent.”

, August 2019

“Very good instructor. She was great and very passionate in passing her knowledge and skills. She made it a point to teach us in a manner that we will remember the concepts and techniques even after the class is over. Thank you for everything!”

, August 2019

“Bobbie is a fantastic instructor who has a gift for breaking the course content down into understandable information that students can relate to real life experiences. Her style makes the class fun and it flows really well. Her passion for sharing her OTA experiences really comes through in her teaching style.”

, August 2019

“The instructor, Bobbie Sheils, was awesome. She constantly helped everyone understand what we were learning and doing. She was great at correcting our mistakes and helping us understand why it wasn't great and how we could have made it better. She also told us about the mistakes she made so we wouldn't make them ourselves. Bobbie truly wants us to be as successful as we can.”

, July 2019

“Bobbie was a former student, which I think is a great asset because she knows the experience of being a student. She will give us different ways of looking at an issue to ensure that all students learn the point she is making. She takes the time to answer everyone's questions. She doesn't give the impression that any question is a dumb question. She shared with us the learning mistakes she made when she was first learning how to trade. She shared with us her original trading plan. She is a very good motivator in taking my trading to the next level. I would take her again for any course.”

, July 2019

“Instructor has a very lively approach to subject topics and is willing to share her resources.”

, June 2019

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