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Bob Dunn is the only Online Trading Academy Instructor who was formerly a professional race car driver. He attended college on a hockey scholarship and has built high performance engines for a living. But when it comes to trading, this need for speed translates to a healthy respect for a disciplined approach to reading the markets.

Bob has been trading interest rate futures since 1980 and this is still one of his favorite market plays. Online Trading Academy’s supply and demand strategy allows him to find low-risk, high-potential trades regardless of what the overall market is doing.

Bob is an active member of Power Trader Nation, where he often shares his trading ideas. Students in his classes can expect an instructor who will let them go as fast as they want, yet isn’t afraid to put on the brakes and remind them of the core strategy that helps ensure their trading success.

  • Power Trader Nation


  • Graduated from Northeastern University 
  • Trading since 1980 
  • Member, Business Conduct Committee, CME 
  • Member, Floor Practices Committee, CME


  • US Markets


  • Futures


  • Former holder of Series 3 license 
  • CNBC contributor and speaker 
  • Wrote MarketGuru newsletter for 10 years


Illinois, USA

What Students Are Saying

“Bob Dunn is an excellent instructor, very knowledgeable and easy to follow. I would highly recommend if you are considering taking a Futures XLT course.”

, May 2018

“Robert Dunn (Bob) is an amazing instructor. OTA training content is great. Bob also shared extensive trade experience with live examples throughout the course making it easy for us to learn. I feel like I am ready to rock the market and trade like a cheetah. Thanks, Bob, for sharing your insight and trading skills in real market dynamics.”

, April 2018

“Bob Dunn teaching the Professional Futures Trader class was fantastic: knowledgeable, informative, fun, packed with tremendous pragmatic information along with tons of skills and awesome stories.”

, April 2018

“If you want to learn how to trade aggressively, Bob Dunn is your instructor!”

, April 2018

“Bob Dunn was great at explaining how to see gap and embracing candle opportunities and "listening to the charts", I can't wait to apply his techniques to my trading.”

, April 2018

“I'm so impressed with Bob Dunn's knowledge and experience. He shared with us how the hedge fund managers trade and their secrets. He showed us how to maximize our profit and minimize the loss.”

, February 2018

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