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Bob Dunn is the only Online Trading Academy Instructor who was formerly a professional race car driver. He attended college on a hockey scholarship and has built high performance engines for a living. But when it comes to trading, this need for speed translates to a healthy respect for a disciplined approach to reading the markets.

Bob has been trading interest rate futures since 1980 and this is still one of his favorite market plays. Online Trading Academy’s supply and demand strategy allows him to find low-risk, high-potential trades regardless of what the overall market is doing.

Bob is an active member of Power Trader Nation, where he often shares his trading ideas. Students in his classes can expect an instructor who will let them go as fast as they want, yet isn’t afraid to put on the brakes and remind them of the core strategy that helps ensure their trading success.

  • Power Trader Nation


  • Graduated from Northeastern University 
  • Trading since 1980 
  • Member, Business Conduct Committee, CME 
  • Member, Floor Practices Committee, CME


  • US Markets


  • Futures


  • CNBC contributor and speaker 
  • Wrote MarketGuru newsletter for 10 years


Illinois, USA

What Students Are Saying

“Bob Dunn's Signature Class, "Riding the Wave", is a must catch. Real-time trades, setups for precise order entries, and position management scaling into your "winners" in the markets was magic. Like "The Lady in the Box" talking to you from your GPS Navigation System, it's brain dead simple knowing where you're wrong in a trade and managing it. Pit parables from the trading floor, some hard knocks loss lessons, and his insights into the trading psychology of the markets made Bob's class a great experience.”

, May 2019

“Bob Dunn did an excellent job teaching our Futures class. He is very informative, knowledgeable and has the gift of presenting a real world trade setting.”

, April 2019

“Besides great knowledge and experience, Mr. Dunn has a very warm, engaging personality. I truly enjoyed his lessons.”

, April 2019

“I'm blessed to have been able to pick the brain of perhaps one of the best traders in the business... or at least of the top 1%. I could not think of anything more I would ask for. The instruction was excellent, the inside information of how good trades are recognized along with a simply understood process made it very exciting to learn from Bob Dunn. He was very helpful and insightful. Thank you for more than money can buy.”

, April 2019

“Bob Dunn is an excellent Instructor and I am very happy I was able to get a slot to take one of his classes. The Signature Series sell out very quickly and I was lucky enough to get a seat in a class within driving distance from my house. If I did not get this slot, I was fully prepared to fly to any available class I could find with Bob teaching. I also need to thank Sydney Ralston for putting up with my almost daily phone calls to ask if a seat was available. I think she got me in the class just to make me stop calling. Thank you very much, Sydney! The process that Bob lays out for trading markets is very simple. It almost seems too simple, but once I heard it the process made total sense. Bob's trading plan is very rules based. The process is basically "if these conditions are met, do this" and I am a rules based person so I was looking for a rules based system. I like a process that is cut and dry and does not need a lot of interpretation. His process uses candlestick patterns and then a couple of indicators are used as an odds enhancer. He also explained how to use Fish's Rule, which tells you very simply at the open of each day which stock or futures contract to buy or sell and in which direction. I was very happy to learn this technique. I spent each night during the class, and the weekend after the class going through charts... Bob has many years as a Floor Trader in Chicago. His expertise really shows. He was also sharing stories from the trading floor. Some were pretty funny. Those are great life lessons from a time and place that no longer exists in the same capacity. I was thrilled to hear it right from a person that lived through it. I am very thankful that I was able to attend this class. The things I learned are a great addition to my current trading plays and I am sure will add greatly to my bottom line. If you get the opportunity to attend one of Bob's Signature Series classes, you really should do it. You can thank me later.”

, March 2019

“I will re-emphasize my appreciation for the strategies that Bob shared with the class and the time we took to explore and look at real-life examples of how to apply these strategies and how they worked or didn't. This emphasis was all about improving our probabilities... knowing exact points to try and enter our trades and when to get out when they are working against us. My only regret for this class was that it ended on a Friday and we had to wait all weekend before we could start incorporating them in our own Trade Plans. Bob was GREAT!”

, March 2019

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