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Bill Nelson was principal spokesperson for a Fortune 30 company for 22 years, giving him a unique window into how businesses communicate their financials to the investor community. He got into trading as a sideline to protect his 401(k), and his experience since taking the Strategic Investor curriculum led him to become an Online Trading Academy instructor.

Bill encourages students to learn by doing, applying the principles of the OTA core strategy in multiple exercises that build on one another to hammer home the concepts. His goal is that, on the Monday following their class, students will be comfortable and confident in finding their own supply and demand zones.

Bill’s personal “why” is to remove the stress of wondering how his family will get by financially. He thrives on the chess game of trading and enjoys using the skills he has learned to see charts differently from investors who have not had the benefit of an OTA education.


  • BA double major in Political Science and Communications, American University
  • Juris Doctor, St. Louis University School of Law
  • Attorney and former prosecutor
  • Principal spokesperson and communications for 3M Corporation


  • Canadian Markets
  • US Markets


  • Stocks


  • Traveling with his wife
  • Visiting his adult children in Minnesota and New York


North Carolina, USA

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