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Alex Perna became interested in trading as an economics student in college. After finding Online Trading Academy, he knew what he wanted to do and how he was going to do it. With the knowledge he gained as an Online Trading Academy student, Alex started to trade the Forex market using strictly the core methodology of Supply and Demand.

He was taught the importance of risk management, position sizing and psychology early in his trading career, so when he teaches a class he stresses the importance of these disciplines. Psychology of trading is taught every day in Alex's class, along with drills and techniques to keep the trader disciplined and consistent.

Alex is proud to be an Instructor for Online Trading Academy because of its dedication to students. He says, "I love the community OTA creates to help support it's students. With the love and passion each instructor brings to this community, learning is fun and the drive to accomplish very strong."

  • Mastermind Instructor
  • Center's Choice Award
  • Instructor of the Year Award for Forex


  • US Markets


  • Forex
  • Mastermind Community
  • Stocks
  • Trading Platforms


  • Online Trading Academy Graduate
  • Crossfit


Florida, USA

What Students Are Saying

“Alex is such an enthusiastic and knowledgeable instructor. He is very approachable and interacts with students in a kind and friendly manner. He explains the most complex ideas by breaking down the concept and starting from basic principles. Six days of intensive Proactive Investor training just flew by; also thanks to his great jokes! It was a fantastic class and I learned so much!”

, February 2019

“Alex could be an electrician because he was able to get the lights turned on in my trading mind. He emphasized areas that I was either not applying correctly or had too low of a priority on. This has already made a difference in my trading!”

, January 2019

“Alex Perna was great! I learned a lot more than I expected even though it was a retake of the class. I was really able to dial in my trade plan with help from Alex and am coming out of the class very confident in my Trading.”

, January 2019

“Alex was great in his methodology of teaching Forex. Very patient & calm, very easy to understand, & was a great instructor. Great job, Alex, it really made me understand way better than core strategy.”

, November 2018

“Forex with Alex was well worth the time. His trading style helped me identify my approach using rules and tools. He is structured and precise. This is just my style as well. Thank you for the insight, advice and guidance.”

, October 2018

“It was awesome. I definitely leveled up here. Alex was an amazing instructor and really connects a lot of dots. ”

, October 2018

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