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Alex Perna became interested in trading as an economics student in college. After finding Online Trading Academy, he knew what he wanted to do and how he was going to do it. With the knowledge he gained as an Online Trading Academy student, Alex started to trade the Forex market using strictly the core methodology of Supply and Demand.

He was taught the importance of risk management, position sizing and psychology early in his trading career, so when he teaches a class he stresses the importance of these disciplines. Psychology of trading is taught every day in Alex's class, along with drills and techniques to keep the trader disciplined and consistent.

Alex is proud to be an Instructor for Online Trading Academy because of its dedication to students. He says, "I love the community OTA creates to help support it's students. With the love and passion each instructor brings to this community, learning is fun and the drive to accomplish very strong."

  • Center's Choice Award
  • Instructor of the Year Award for Forex


  • US Markets


  • Forex
  • Graduate Programs
  • Wealth Management


  • Online Trading Academy Graduate
  • Crossfit


Florida, USA

What Students Are Saying

“Alex was very inspiring. We learned a lot from his class!”

, March 2018

“Alex Perna is absolutely awesome!!! I am honored to learn from such a professional, disciplined instructor.”

, February 2018

“Alex Perna is an excellent instructor and really takes the time to answer questions. I learned a lot, but I am sure I missed a lot too. I look forward to being able to retake the class again... hopefully with Alex.”

, January 2018

“Alex was very methodical with the examples he used on the charts, at the end the puzzle came fitting all together.”

, December 2017

“This class has been an amazing experience for me. I cannot recommend it highly enough. If I ever need/want to retake it, I hope that Alex will be teaching at that time. The class was not only incredibly informative and will be useful for me in trading Spot Forex, which is my asset class of choice, but Alex's teaching style and method are incredible. Thank you, Alex!”

, November 2017

“Very good class. Alex is a born teacher.”

, October 2017

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