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“Futures April 2017 was a retake for me. I continue getting new and more complete insight into trading and feel I am making progress. The instructors at OTA are superior. There doesn't seem to be any question they can't answer, and always with patience and understanding. They truly want you to learn. OTA has great resources. For trader training, this is the place to be.”

“With zero trading experience, I feel OTA offered the perfect guidance and trading strategies. My knowledge and confidence trading has steadily increased over my time here.”

“I LOVED IT. OTA knows how to educate the uneducated.”

“I would describe the team of people involved with the OTA as professional, friendly, honest and excellent in their various jobs. I had some doubts before coming here but by lunchtime all my doubts had evaporated.”

“OTA is at the top of their game and I would recommend everyone interested with bettering their life and lifestyle to take their offer of a free opportunity to find out how! Their centers are more than anyone could image them to be.”

“Now I know I can trade forex in a short time chart. Love the way Jody taught us how to intraday the forex market. Like always, a very nice atmosphere to learn how to trade. By the way, Angela is the best when it comes to the performance and amenities of this place.”

“After a week of basic training, I really feel ready to begin identifying trading opportunities in stocks. I have a very positive experience at the Ridgefield Pk center. Keep up the good work! Angela, the administrator, and Scott, the instructor, are really awesome.”


“Online Trading Academy is a great school. The staff and instructors really care about your understanding and your well-being as a student. The facility is superb, creating a great learning environment.”

“I knew NOTHING about the markets prior to OTA so I had a lot of questions for my instructor. All which were met with patience and thorough knowledge. I gained a very clear understanding of how the market works and how very possible it is to predict its moves. I am happy and looking forward to learning from such great teachers. The Pro Trader class certainly opened my eyes to the opportunities at my fingertips.”

“The ability to learn the trade secrets that set the masses apart is truly wonderful. I will always feel that OTA and its students are on the same side of the trade. Your guiding hand and drive will continue to inspire all of us throughout our years. Thank you so much.”

“Jeff and the other instructors are making the journey very enjoyable. A lot of information that is given for our use and all of the folks at OTA are extremely helpful.”

“The center is in a good location off the major highways and it is very convenient to get to. The parking facility is a great and easy to get to. Everyone at the facility is very kind and helpful; you can tell that they really care. The Pro Trader Futures class was excellent. I learned so much information on how to truly apply the lessons to my personal trading.”

“My OTA experience was delivered with professionalism and congeniality in every sense. Online Trading Academy never fails to deliver excellence. I notice improvements and advances in each time I take or retake classes as my participation is rather frequent.”

“I have never understood (or believed in) the merits of technical stock trading. Consider me a convert! OTA's classes in equities, and in options, which I have taken, were informative, filled with useful information and very user friendly--both on the part of the instructors and on the part of my fellow students.”

“With so many out there who have their own interest in mind & how they can get one over on you, it's refreshing to have the academy who will instruct you very well & develop trust that will give you confidence for the marketplace.”

“Hello everyone, Online Trading Academy to me is a life changing opportunity. I love the fact that anyone can learn how to trade in many markets. They give so much support and treat everyone like family. You get lifetime support. What else could anyone ask for to become successful? Thank you.”

“Online Trading Academy has the best professional and experienced traders in the industry. Professional, educational, clean facilities and friendly staff. Someone in class referred to it as the online eating academy. As a former trainer, I noticed that they use professionally prepared course training materials and videos; they were clear and easy to understand.”

“I appreciated the genuine concern for our general financial welfare in training us to keep our trading conservative while we are just gaining experience. I also appreciated the emphasis on just the basics to successful trading. Bill was very patient and encouraging as he guided our thinking through the trading processes.”

“Online Trading Academy is truly a great way to learn something new that you will not learn in college, coming from a college student. A huge plus is that you can retake the class and not have to pay for it for the second of third time you may take it. One thing I enjoyed was the food for lunch time. I would highly recommend it for anyone that wants to learn about stocks and how they work and how to make money on them. Luis Moreno”

“The class was loaded with information! We now have the tools to start a new means of income. Every person at OTA is a professional; Chris, Angela, Dennis, as well as all the rest are a great team to know are in my corner in the new adventure of trading.”

“I've spent the last 8 years or so buying books and teaching myself how to trade... running into walls, not getting in at a certain price and a ton of frustration. After the first day in class it was like taking the blue pill from the Matrix. I understood everything that I was doing wrong and I was excited to begin learning a better process. And I have thanks to OTA.”

“OTA has a unique approach to trading with its core strategy. By itself however, the strategy is not enough for a new student. I believe that the experience, knowledge and most importantly, the teaching ability of an instructor is paramount to learning for students. OTA instructors are a clear differentiator for me along with the "family" atmosphere that the academy promotes. Thank You!”

“I did enjoy the program; lots of information to absorb in a short time, but very helpful in getting started on your lifestyle of trading. I have a better understanding of trading than when I first walked through the doors of OTA. It's also comforting knowing you have the support necessary you help you achieve.”

“Probably the only place to learn trading by actually trading during market hours with real money. This is the best course for anyone wanting to learn trading from real life experts with experience. Very practical. Very intense practical trading session with right amount of presentation.”

“OTA is an excellent trading school. The classes provide valuable information, the booklets and handouts are extremely helpful. The instructors are on top of their game; staff is helpful and courteous. OTA provides learning tools for life, and their online education videos help us learn and review the information whenever we want. Thank you OTA, so happy we found you!”

“I absolutely love the program; everybody is wonderful, Chris, Bill, Bob, Angela, Paul, Denis, Scott, Jose and the rest of the family. You Guys and Gals are so AWESOME.”

“I'm trading (successfully) for more than 30 years, making some additional income aside of my full day activity. OTA opened me up to a completely new world of trading. I'm expecting to become much more successful doing trading and have more fun doing it as a team interacting with my student colleagues and instructors.”

“"My somewhat unexpected encounter with the Online Trading Academy has led to a major paradigm shift in my life. The high quality teaching and training at the Academy, and the in-depth knowledge of every OTA instructor whom I have had class with since then have far passed my expectations. I am glad to have become a member of the OTA community, and I'm looking forward to keep learning and trading.”

“The Online Trading Academy is not just a course. It is a true academy with an excellent website hosting, support material and access to experienced traders and instructors beyond the classroom time.”

“The faculty at OTA is extremely experienced and knowledgeable. They are totally student oriented and very supportive. There doesn't seem to be any question they can't answer.”

“Scot Stokes is a superb instructor. I cannot believe there could be any better instructor here. Kevin Valentine is tops - for coaching and many thanks to Chris for all his help.”

“Very comprehensive and structured program. The instructor was very clear and took time to go over anything that was questioned. Very comfortable learning environment that emulates a feeling of success. I am confident that my decision to attend OTA is one of the best decisions I have made.”

“This program excels at instilling confidence and insight within a proactive community while working toward a common goal.”

“Online Trading Academy provides real life examples. The staff is very engaging. The class is taught in real time trading examples. You will be given a wealth of information.”

“If you're truly interested in finally learning how to make your money work for you, JOIN THIS SCHOOL!”

“Well, I personally found the material to be highly relevant to my needs, and my instructor's knowledge and willingness to help me realize my goals to be exceptional.”

“OTA is the best.”

“The Online Trading Academy provides the resources and education to make me a smarter investor. I have the independence that I do not have to depend on a Financial Planner to invest my money. It gives me the opportunity to learn how to control my own financial wealth.”

“I had my doubts when I was first introduced to OTA. However, after trading in class on the simulator I now know that OTA training works and that it will work for me.”


“This school, its staff and all of its instructors are nothing short of AMAZING!”

“If someone wants to augment their income or change employment, this is probably the best way to achieve this goal while still earning an income.. I would highly recommend this route.”

“The staff who work at OTA are all very helpful and friendly. They are truly concerned about your success and making money from the class. The course you're signing up for is lifetime, you can always come back to review the course if you have any question.”

“If stocks are a preferred choice for making money, then there is no better option on the planet for making this happen. And in this fast changing, volatile economic environment, financial security is a basic starting point for anyone. OTA has found an answer to ensuring financial stability.”

“The education given in the trading academy is not something I can go to the highly thought Universities and obtain by paying high premiums. This is a special education.”

“It was a great experience where I learned tons. Thank you for it.”

“The new facilities at Ridgefield Park, NJ are wonderful with good connectivity to the internet and are very conducive to training.”

“An excellent opportunity to increase investing knowledge and protect wealth. Skills learned at the academy are unavailable elsewhere and are taught in a unique, logical way.”

“The course and instructor were superb and I highly recommend the OTA to anyone who would like to take control of their financial future. Perhaps the most important factor in the likelihood of a student's long-term success is the ability to continue interaction with faculty and other students who have taken the courses through a wide variety of excellent platforms.”

“The entire staff at Online Trading Academy is friendly, outgoing and supportive. The knowledge displayed by the instructors is incredible. There doesn't seem to be any question they can't answer. My confidence and knowledge continue to increase.”

“Without question the OTA staff and program has given me the skill, confidence and knowledge to manage my investments.”

“These classes are truly important and valuable for anybody who wants to be master of his financial future. Instead of giving money to financial advisers and fat banks, register to the classes and start making money. The knowledge you acquire is invaluable.”

“OTA provides the science, tools, skills and discipline that even advanced traders can benefit from. I enjoyed the session and hope to benefit from it soon.”

“I am truly amazed at the techniques and patterns I have learned from my classes. My original notion of trading went out the window as soon as I finished the Market Timing Class. And after my first two classes I am a different person with a different mindset. I am very excited to start and looking forward to a very profitable future and a new career.”

“After years of trading I had developed my own style of investing that exposed me to tremendous risk by not knowing where to get out of a stock. Now I have a plan to tackle these issues.”

“Before taking on OTA, I was a little skeptical due to the lack of reviews or social media reviews on the courses. AFTER TAKING the market timing seminar and Pro Trader, I can sincerely say that this was one of the best decisions I have made in a long time. The instructors, support managers, and education counselors are great! Material is very well explained and very well presented.”

“Learning from the OTA instructors is a very short way to success.”

“At first OTA seems very expensive, but it is well worth the monetary expense for anyone who is looking to increase their financial knowledge. If you sign up for the classes, which I recommend you do, and are willing to listen to the instructor, and implement what they teach you in the curriculum, you should have financial success with your investing portfolio. I wish I knew what they teach you at OTA at twenty, rather than sixty. If I had, I would be much wealthier today.”

“OTA has provided me an avenue to evaluate on an alternate career = trading. They have excellent instructors who come with practical experience and really care for their students to be successful.”


“Great support staff.”

“The OTA is the best school to learn about trading. What differentiates them is their scientific approach and consistent emphasis to follow the rules and be disciplined. They also have some of the great traders as instructors who speak and teach from their real-life experience and not just academics.”

“The Best thing about NJ is its Staff. They are awesome!! OTA is the Best Investment I ever made, this is for life.”

“I was a little skeptical on the course before starting, but going through the process that you have created and fine-tuned, and then putting it into practice, makes me feel for the first time that someone is looking out for me financially. Because at the end of the day we are the ones responsible for our actions, but we don't have the correct tools to make decisions so we listen to salesmen, media or friends on what to do. We have to get our own education and I know this is it!”

“Online Trading Academy is a great course. The instructors are great. They care and want you to learn. I would recommend this course to anyone.”

“My daughter and I have enjoyed our courses at the Secaucus, NJ location. The instructors were always professional. The staff is well organized and accommodating. I believe that this is a worthwhile way to learn to trade.”

“OTA has given me the foundation and confidence to begin trading. I never realized how much I needed to know to be successful, and I have enjoyed the different professional instructor's stories and viewpoints on trading.”

“I have traded before, but only to a small degree. I feel I understand the stock market much better now and could probably place a trade in real time. The lifetime retake is a great resource, of which there are many. The instructors are knowledgeable, friendly, outgoing, professional and committed to your learning.”

“Truly satisfied with the initial and ongoing education and support offered by Online Trading Academy. The doors have finally opened to a long desired education in proper trading methods.”

“After spending years of self studying and jumping from place to other looking for the right education, I finally got the best opportunity to educate myself and have the confidence that it will carry with me to trade as a Pro Trader.”

“As a brand new trader, Online Trading Academy has helped me from scratch to become a conversant trader that can now make money with good consistency on a daily basis - thank you, Online Trading Academy, for helping me.”

“The classes are great and everyone here is very helpful. Will work if you are disciplined.”

“The program provides solid background for intelligent approach to trading. The courses are specific and well organized presenting real and strong base for future steps in trading. My thanks to the staff.”

“As a current college student, I can honestly say that this is the best and most usable education I have ever received. I do not regret a single penny that I spent on an education at the Online Trading Academy. When you join Online Trading Academy you are not just paying for a class, you become part of a community, a community with experienced instructors that want you to succeed and are ready and willing to help you. This has undoubtedly increased my knowledge of the markets and, to anyone trading in the markets without an education, do yourself a favor, spend the money you are going to lose on an education here to prevent worse losses.”

“Ever since I acted upon an email from Online Trading Academy on a cold December 2013 Saturday morning, I have not looked back. As a brand new trader, I leveraged Online Trading Academy's class retakes and now trade ~60% of the time daily profitably with small losses at times. Thank You, Online Trading Academy for this opportunity.”

“For people who would like to know stocks, online trading is the first step to take.”

“The folks at the Online Trading Academy are genuine and have something good going. Their education for income supplementation is top of the line. I will come back here again and again. Chris, Serge, Kevin, Angela are cool people.”

“If you are serious about trading and want a positive foundation for trading, Online Trading Academy is a must have.”

“As I write this review I am sitting in the last day of the Market Training class. Michael Young is the instructor for this class and he has been absolutely amazing. I've learned so much from him and Tom these past three days. Definitely an eye opener. My education counselor, Trevor, has been really great also. No pressure from him to sign up for more classes, but always there to answer all of my questions. Great counselor. I've had such a great experience with this staff in Secaucus. For my own personal reasons I cannot sign up for their next class right now but will as soon as possible. I would encourage anyone who can to please do it. I definitely reccomend this school and this staff.”

“The instructor and supporting staff really made me feel that they were extremely interested in my success. I have become more and more comfortable at the school knowing that the staff's interest was in assuring my success.”

“Online Trading Academy is the best trading school for novice traders because it allows me to do hands on live trading and even to feel the situation of doing trading.”

“You will not be disappointed in taking the courses provided. You will receive the hands-on experience required to begin a career as a day trader. The course will focus on the techniques, strategies, positives and negatives of what to expect as a trader.”

“The Trading Academy course was truly an eye opening and worthwhile experience! Even though I have several years of trading experience, I still learned a whole lot more by taking this class. Additionally, I met several other students and we were able to share information that was helpful in my trading experience. Students were willing to help out whenever it was necessary. ”

“My name is Marc Goldstein and I was not comfortable in trading on my own. The education I received in this class has given me more confidence and knowledge for the future as a trader. I feel the instructors and school really care and want me to succeed. Thank you very much.”

“I love it, was a great experience. Gives confidence in trading, easy to make a living out of it.”

“When I first came to Online Trading Academy, I was completely new and knew nothing about trading at all. After one short week, I gained the ability to read charts and can recognize good trades to take (which worked out on the simulator, at least). Online Trading Academy also taught me how to be patient to find profitable trades, how to improve emotional control and also to properly use stops and protect profits, and many things about the mentality of what it takes to keep improving to eventually become a professional trader. The experience of the instructors here is an accumulation of lifetimes of professional experience and, as a professional poker player, I know the value of that; I only chose to start trading due to these courses.”

“Online Trading Academy has an extremely accessible approach that could work for anyone, and the staff and instructors are knowledgeable and patient to help everyone learn the material and build the confidence to trade on their own. I am not totally self-sufficient yet, but can see the path to being a successful trader and cannot wait to send and share my success emails with Online Trading Academy!”

“This is my second time taking the class, and while learning so much new material is a bit intimidating, everyone at the center is so helpful. Along with Matt, I would like to acknowledge what a terrific support system Serge has been.”

“Trading Academy has the very best qualify instructors.”


“The whole experience was great. Instructors excellent! Help available as you need it, questions are always addressed and answered. The atmosphere is friendly and comfortable. I look forward to coming back to enhance my learning.”

“It really, really helped me to learn, and make decisions on type of market I want. Committed to a long journey of learning, very satisfied in my first week of class, thanks a lot.”

“What an eye opening week for this novice/turning into a trader! It is comforting to know the folks at Online Trading Academy want and need you to succeed. Every staff member was there and very accessible during the entire duration of the sessions. I highly recommend Online Trading Academy and this very important investment in yourself. I look forward to a more profitable and secure future because of Online Trading Academy. Thanking you now and in advance.”

“Never a dull moment. Lots of information I didn't know about already and brushed up on my trading skills. Dan made it easy. He is the best.”

“I found the content and curriculum to be exquisite. As a long time trader, it helped to close the gap between my floor trading and electronic trading experiences. Anyone that has the discipline to use the techniques taught here will be able to consistently take profits from the market.”

“I thought all the instructors and staff I met at the Online Trading Academy were great. I wish I had become aware of the Academy's existence some 10 years earlier.”

“Opportunity to retake class as many times as needed is great. Each instructor provides new ways to look at the info based on their personal trading preferences, and that gives me more ways to look at my trading likes and dislikes.”

“If you are suffering losses from options trading or are eagerly looking for a helpful class to change you, please come to Online Trading Academy Secaucus campus to take the options class, you will get absolutely more than you have expected! Furthermore, you will be then able to help yourself to manage your own funds to build up your happy future!”

“The staff are very friendly and supportive, the lunches were great. The atmosphere is very comfortable.”

“I understand now that Online Trading Academy is a community whose members are concurrently learners and professionals. Online Trading Academy is not just a resource for novices, but a college that actively and carefully moves its members to ever higher levels of understanding and success.”

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