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What makes a great teacher? At Online Trading Academy, reviews from our students suggest it's a combination of real world experience (most instructors are also traders themselves, and many have worked professionally as floor traders or brokers), an ability to communicate clearly, and a personal connection to their students.

Do Online Trading Academy instructors possess a mastery of trading and the markets? Are they open to questions, and making sure you understand the material? Do they make the classroom a win-win environment for all? Read these reviews to find out.

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Brock Pierce

Brock Pierce

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“Friendly with a good sense of humor and more patience than Job.”

, June 2016

“I love Brock's approach, style and demeanor in teaching this course. I simply try to emulate how he trades... how he evaluates; and he's very open with that process.”

, June 2016

“He was great. He was not afraid to share his wounds and mistakes.”

, April 2016

“OTA is worth every PIP! Brock is amazing! He is very patient and gives great examples to make it much easier to grasp the material!”

, April 2016

“Brock Pierce presented a clear, no BS explanation of trading plans, rules, and strategies.”

, March 2016

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