Keep Investing In Retirement

One of the biggest fears for individuals nearing retirement or who are already retired is the fear of running out of money. The key is to make sure your money outlives you and not the other way around.

Conventional wisdom tells us to put money in a mix of stocks, bonds and cash. And others make it more complicated by adding a mix of commodities, real estate investment trust funds as well as International stocks and bonds. Wow, if it sounds complicated it probably is. After all, the more complicated the financial institutions make it, the more likely you are to rely on a professional to manage your money.

Retirement investments can make the difference between outliving your money and your money outliving you.

What Are the Best Retirement Investments?

So, what’s the right answer? What are the best investments in retirement? Well, the best retirement investment for you depends on your particular situation, goals and objectives.Tweet: The best retirement investment for you depends on your particular situation, goals and objectives. Your goal may be to generate as much income as possible from your retirement investments. Or you may have enough income and would like to preserve and grow your wealth and pass it on to your kids, grandkids or to a charity.

Generating Income

If your goal is to generate additional income during your retirement years, then you should consider income producing investments such as: creating a customized individual fixed income portfolio, specialized annuities based only on your specific needs, or specific limited risk income producing option strategies.

Preserving and Growing Wealth

On the other hand, if your objective is to preserve and grow your wealth to be able to pass onto your beneficiaries, you may want to consider; a legacy wealth transfer strategy or utilize a very low risk multi-prong methodology that captures predictable income payments which is then leveraged to enter directional stock or other market positions.

Leaving an Inheritance

Lastly, if you’re objective is pass your wealth to your beneficiaries, make sure you understand your death tax liability. I don’t mean the estate tax liability but the tax liability that your beneficiaries might have to pay on inheriting IRA’s and other tax deferred accounts.

These are some of the simple and safe investment strategies that are taught to our students.

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