5 Tips for Seniors and Retirees Traveling on a Budget

If you’re like most retirees you want to travel the world, visit your friends and family, spend time with your grandkids, enjoy your hobbies, do some volunteer work and/or simply relax. However, most retirees have limited income and are running on a tight budget. This article will help seniors and retirees save money on travel by providing valuable tips to reduce your travel costs.

Seniors and retirees should take advantage of these 5 tips for traveling on a budget.

Tips for Traveling on a Budget

  • Travel in the Off-Season: Typically you can find discount travel prices on flights and hotels when everyone else is working or in school. So, the best times to travel for seniors is between the months of April - June and September - October.
  • Always Ask About Senior Discounts: Hotels typically have discounts for seniors depending on the property you’re staying at and your travel dates. You may also be eligible for senior discounts on transportation, group tours and other travel related costs, including the restaurants, business and other venues you visit during your stay. These discounts can be a few dollars or pretty significant and all you need to do is ask.
  • Leverage Travel Deal Websites: A great tool when travelling on a budget are websites such as kayak.com, airfarewatchdog.com and others; you can set them up to alert you when the best airline fares become available. Most of these sites are aggregators, meaning the sites will compare prices from multiple websites and airlines. So, rather than spending countless hours searching for deals, let the sites do the work for you and alert you when your criteria is met.
  • Be Open to a Flexible Travel Schedule: You can also find travel deals on last-minute hotel, vacation, flight and cruise prices by being flexible with your travel dates. Websites such as expedia.com and applevacations.com can help you find these last-minute hotel and vacation deals, securing you major travel discounts. This can help you save money or allow you to extend your travel plans.
  • Do a House Exchange or House Swap: When traveling on a budget, you can save money on accommodations by joining house exchange sites. Sites like HomeLink, Home Exchange and Intervac lead the industry. For example, if you wanted travel to Paris, you can exchange your home with someone from Paris who wants to come to your hometown. There is a small fee, but you’re able to secure your lodging expense for practically nothing.

For seniors and retiree who love to travel, you don’t have to break the bank to go on vacation. Be flexible, do your research and don’t be afraid to ask for senior discounts. You can utilize and further explore all of these discount travel tips to create an affordable travel itinerary.

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