Retirement Planning

How would you like to create your own pension and find ways to keep more of what you make?

With pensions on the brink of extinction, the burden of retirement savings is on your shoulders. Today retirees are dealing with; a low interest rate environment, stock market risk, high 401(k) fees and the increasing tax environment.

In retirement planning, you’ll learn how to build tax efficient income streams so you keep more of your money, properly structure your portfolio to protect your savings from another stock market crash, and maximize your assets to generate additional income during your retirement years.

All of this and more will show you how to build your own personalized pension that will insure a guaranteed income stream for life.

Avoid High 401(K) Fees

When it comes to managing your 401(k), most people aren't aware of how much they are actually paying in fees. Over time, the loss of this revenue can amount to thousands of dollars. Read more...

Protect Your Investments From Losses

When we listen to Wall Street and other financial institutions, they all repeat the same old stories decade after decade. Common mantras like: "buy and hold, the market always comes back" or "you haven't lost until you sell," and "invest as much money as you can in the stock market as soon as you can." These are just a few examples of what you hear from the financial industry. Read more...

Smart Asset Allocation

How many times have you heard the following from Wall Street, the financial media, your CPA or your financial advisor, "Max out your 401(k)?" Almost every day there is another article on how and why you should "Max out your 401(k)." Read more...

10 Retirement Savings Tips

As pension plans have become almost nonexistent the burden of saving for retirement is on your shoulders. The average worker thinks that a simple savings plan in a company 401k will fit the bill as the primary means to achieve retirement goals. Read more...

How Much Do I Need to Retire

One of the most asked retirement questions I receive is, “How much do I need for retirement?” Is it one million dollars, five million dollars or some other number? What exactly is the magic number? Read more...

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