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Real Estate Investor (3 day)

Identifying market turns and moves before they happen with a very high degree of accuracy in the Real Estate Market.


Commodity Futures

Oil, copper, gold, corn and other commodities have significantly increased in volatility in recent years—creating an opportunity for sector traders as well as a hedge for investors who want to offset the effect of unfavorable events in the global economy. This commodity trading course will teach you the ins-and-outs of the commodities futures marketplace—and how to make your futures trading vastly more powerful and convenient through the use of electronically traded commodities indexes.


Market Timing

The key to producing short term income and long term wealth is having a strategy that anticipates market moves. Would you like to learn how to identify where a market is going to turn, before it turns. And, where market prices are going to go, before they go there with a very high degree of accuracy? Would you like to learn a simple rule based strategy that offers you low risk, high reward, and high probability trading and investing opportunities in any and all markets and time frames? If your answer is yes to these two questions then this three day course is for you.


Mastering the Mental Game

This 2-day course will help you get control of your emotions to break bad habits and self-sabotaging behavior.


OLC-Core Strategy Online

Online Course available in 10- 3-hour session (session times may vary).


OLC-Core Tax Strategies Online

The objective of the class is to provide you with tax information which will assist in identifying multiple tax strategies that can effectively minimize tax exposure and at the same time complement your trading style and trading plan objectives.


OLC-Cryptocurrencies Online

Online Course available in 4, 3-hour sessions.