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John O'Donnell & George Reisman

"The philosophy of 'Buy and Hold' may not be dead, but it's in a coma," states co-host Merlin Rothfeld. "Our listeners demand timely, actionable information that can help them move their money where they find the greatest potential." Rothfeld is joined in an interactive panel format by Mike McMahon, Tilly Allison and John O'Donnell, all seasoned traders who are also professional instructors. The show also features a live and interactive feature called a POWER BLAST, where listeners can get evaluation of their trades or state their own viewpoints, LIVE and in real time during the show.

John O'Donnell & Mark Thornton

For the first time, investors and traders across the nation will be able to get live perspective on the market from experienced professional traders. "Power Trading Radio" is aimed at an audience that wants to improve its edge through active participation whether the market is moving up, down or sideways. In addition to stocks, topics will include foreign exchange, options and wealth management.

Weekend Edition with John O’Donnell

John and Merlin take a look at the top stories facing the markets including the curious decision of the NYSE and Nasdaq to stop accepting stop loss orders! The duo also address the differences between Mutual Funds and Hedge Funds and why many Hedge Funds are shutting down.

Talking Gas with John Rowland

Commodities have had a tough time as of late, but there may be some hope on the horizon. Former floor trader, John Rowland joins Merlin to talk about some of the unique tools he uses to anticipate natural gas and other commodities. More Odds enhancers for you!

Trading Indian Markets with Vishal Subandh

Merlin welcomes Vishal to the program to talk about how the Indian financial markets have been fairing since his last visit. From the looks of the charts, there are more opportunities for downside movement!! Vishal and Merlin talk about the Nifty, Bank Nifty and the Rupee!

Capitalizing on Fear & Greed

Michelle Joins Merlin to talk about how her Futures trading class in Atlanta this week got a great lesson in trading fear! The terrible events in Paris and Beirut last week caused investors to panic, sending the markets sharply lower when futures opened on Sunday night. This presented a great buying opportunity for the class!. Michelle and Merlin discuss how to utilize herd mentality to your advantage.

Stops & Options with Josip Causic

Many options traders do not use stop losses, and when they do, it is usually done incorrectly. Trader Josip Causic joins Merlin in studio to talk about the right way to place stop losses, and considerations traders must use when determining placement! Josip also talks a little about his trading style as well as answer some listener questions.


Weekend Edition with William J Boyes

Getting rid of public schools seems crazy, until you take a look at the mechanics and results of public schools! Emeritus Professor of Economics at Arizona State University, William J Boyes, joins John O'Donnell and Merlin Rothfeld to share his insights on why getting rid of public schools will create smarter, more driven students.


The Mike McMahon Award

Merlin welcomes one of the Original Online Trading Academy instructors, Mike McMahon to the show to talk about the award with his name on it! Mike talks about the standards needed to be a top tier instructor, and win the award. Later, the duo talks about commodities and the current trends they are experiencing. This may present some great trading opportunities for you!!

Trading Futures with Craig Weil

Former floor trader from Chicago, Craig Weil, joins Merlin to talk about how he has been trading these markets and the specific opportunities he traded today! Craig also talks about some of the statistics he recently discovered about his own trading, as well as how a normal trading day flows for him. They also talk about some great moments from the trading floors in Chicago.

Forex Analysis with Stephen Hanahoe

Merlin welcomes currency trader Stephen Hanahoe to the Power Trading Radio studio to talk about the most current moves in the FX markets. The duo answer listener questions about the Euro, Aussie, Cross Pairs, Carry Trades, and much more!

The 2015 Mike McMahon Award Winner: Jeff Manson

Having gone above and beyond as an Online Trading Academy instructor, Jeff Manson’s consistent efforts to help students succeed as professional traders was rewarded with the coveted Mike McMahon Achievement award. Jeff talks to Merlin about his current class in Irvine California, some of the great trades they made, and the utility of the MasterMind grid levels. Jeff Also talks about his thoughts on this current market at such lofty levels.

Weekend Edition with John O’Donnell

Jobs data has the market buzzing, but nobody can tell whether that is a good or bad thing! John O’Donnell joins Merlin Rothfeld to talk about the jobs report, real employment numbers and the impact on the Fed decision in December. The dynamic duo also look at household income data and commodity prices. Definitely some trading opportunities there!

Investing for the Long Haul with Tillie Allison

Merlin and Tillie take a look at how to invest capital now, with the intent of the continued bullish market trend. Tillie also talks about some of the strategies they implement in the ProActive Investor class at Online Trading Academy. Merlin also offers some helpful advice for traders who hit the dreaded “Downward Spiral”.

Daytrading Options with Steve Moses

With several listeners asking about daytrading options, veteran options trader Steve Moses joins Merlin to help break this trading technique down. Steve and Merlin point out some of the major challenges to consider when trading options for the short term. They also look at another listener question pertaining to stocks at all time highs, and techniques for using covered calls.

Looking at the Big Picture

The director of Student Support at Online Trading Academy joins Merlin in studio to talk about his perspective on this rallying market. Larry also answers some listener questions about finding trading opportunities, patience, the Euro and much more!

Instructor of the Year: Kelly Boycks

Winner of this year’s coveted Online Trading Academy Instructor of the Year award, Kelly Boycks joins Merlin in studio to talk about his evolution as a trader. From Airline pilot, to stock broker, to the top instructor at Online Trading Academy, Mr. Boycks has personified discipline and structure. Merlin and Kelly talk about how rule based systems have helped him excel at his professions, and helped his students grasp market complexities.

Weekend Edition with John O'Donnell

John O'Donnell's guest on this edition of Power Trading Radio is Dr. Pierre Desrochers of the University of Toronto Mississauga.  Pierre and John discuss the centuries old concept of the population bomb, as well as the gloom and doom economic scarcity myths of Malthus & Paul Erlich that was a hoax.  They also discuss the deception by both scholars to promote a permanent bullish bias of natural resources, as presented in Julian Simon's book "The Ultimate Resource", used to dispel the myths with factual data and logic.  Commodity prices will continue to decline per hour of labor across the world by end users as measured by the CRB Index, as mankind's ability to reason, collaborate, and innovate via the division of labor. Conclusion: we need more people, not less.

Excellence From the Top Down

Merlin welcomes Chief Operating Officer of Online Trading Academy Gene Longobardi. The duo discuss the progression of trader and ivesting education over the past 18 years, highlighting the steps Online Trading Academy has taken to create the best possible learning experience for students. This includes content, community and support systems to help students achieve their financial and personal goals.

Treating Real Estate Like a Bank with Diana Hill

For the past few days, Online Trading Academy has been hosting its annual international conference in Irvine California. This year, one of the highlights has been the amazing new Real Estate products and services! Master instructor, Diana Hill joins Merlin to talk about these new tools and why they have historically been available only to large financial firms! Diana also talks about different ways to become involved in real estate which call for very little capital investment.

Weekend Edition with John O’Donnell

Wage income inequality in the US is a major issue facing Americans. John O’Donnell and Merlin Rothfeld take a look at some shocking statistics which reinforce the issue before offering solutions. Ultimately, wealth is about awareness, education and action!

Trend or Countertrend With Michael Young

Many listeners sent in comments about their struggle with trend or countertrend trading. Michael Young and Merlin Rothfeld offer their takes on how they trade both market conditions, and what others should be on the lookout for! Michael also offers some insights into the Pound as well as the S&P 500 futures.

Switch Hitting with Steve Moses

Trading what the market gives you is one of the motto’s of Power Trading Radio, and Steve Moses joins Merlin to talk about how August was one of his best trading months ever, and it was using a totally different style! Steve tailored his trading strategy in August to accommodate for extreme volatility and was handsomely rewarded! Merlin and Steve discuss the importance of adaptation for successful traders.

The 2 Keys to Successful Trading with Sunil Mangwani

Currency trader Sunil Mangwani joins Merlin to talk about his years of trading experience and the 2 fundamental keys that are found in all successful traders. The duo later focus on listener questions ranging from the Aussie, Loony and the US Dollar.

Finding Your Niche with Roger Best

Master Trader Roger Best has spent years reading price action and creating his own unique approach to trading. Merlin and Roger talk about his style and how it utilizes key elements of supply and demand to enter high probability trades on a short term basis. Roger also bring up the discussion of Bracket or OCO/OSO orders.

Weekend Edition with Dr. Richard Ebeling

In a story reminiscent of Raiders of the Lost Ark, Dr. Richard Ebeling joins Merlin and John to share his story of finding the lost works of Ludwig Von Mises in KGB vaults in Russia. The trio talk about some of the impacts of monetary policy and how Mises viewed things like inflation, central banks, and negative interest rates!

Handling Market Volatility with Bill Henner

Many traders find it difficult to trade consistently when the market has elevated volatility. Seasoned floor trader, Bill Henner joins Merlin to help answer some listener questions pertaining to the topic of losing streaks. Bill also offers some insights into fundamental data, and where he sees the market heading in the near future.

Filtering Financial Salesmen with Paul Orme

The financial industry is chocked full of salesmen trying to get you to buy what their firms are selling. Merlin welcomes Paul Orme back to the show to talk about the blockage of legislation to help investors get a fair shake in the financial world. The only real solution is to have a solid understanding of how to ProActively manage your own money!

Helping Traders Succeed with Larry Jacobson

Trader Larry Jacobson joins Merlin to talk about his role with Online Trading Academy, developing and enhancing resources to help traders overcome obstacles and be part of a community. The duo talk a little about trading psychology before diving into chart analysis of Gold and the New Zealand Dollar.

Yields and Gold with Merlin

Alone in studio, Merlin fields several listener questions about some potential gold trades as well as a look at the importance of the yield curve. He brings up many charts to help explain the gold levels, as well as other stocks.

Weekend Edition with Christopher P. Casey

The Ambassador of Opportunity, John O’Donnell welcomes Christopher Casey of WindRock Wealth Management to the show to discuss the impacts, or lack of impact, from the velocity of money. The tri talk about monetary issues which may be leading to inflation and impacting supply & demand for the US Dollar.

Rising Star in Indian Markets with Rahul Ghose

Merlin talks to Online Trading Academy instructor Rahul Ghose who is teaching a trading class in Mumbai India. Rahul talks about learning lessons on his rise to becoming a professional trader, and how he learned these major lessons. He also gives some insight into the impact of a slowing Chinese economy, and the Nifty index.

Talking Commitment with Don Dawson

By Commitment, we mean the weekly report put out by the CFTC called the Commitment of Traders. Don talks about what he looks for and how to spot potential turning points in commodities.  The duo also look at a couple of commodities which are exhibiting too much volatility, and should be watched for now, not traded! It all boils down to risk analysis!

Money and Oil with Tim Pesut

While some currencies have not had a great sense of direction recently, Master Trader Tim Pesut talks about other areas he looks to for trading opportunities. Merlin and Tim differ on their outlook for oil going forward, which will ultimately find one of them right! Tim also offers some insights into the Canadian and Australian Dollars.

Set & Forget with Ryan Watkins

Equity markets continued their rapid ascent Monday, ending the day near supply levels which could prove challenging for tomorrows upside push. Master Trader, Ryan Watkins, joins Merlin in studio to answer some listener questions on topics ranging from set & forget orders to tactics for dealing with volatile markets.

A Case for Raising Rates with Paul Buzby

Paul Buzby, Senior Consultant at RCW financial joins Merlin Rothfeld for a look at why he not only thinks the fed should raise rates, but why it will be a good thing for America! The duo also look at a variety of alternative investment vehicles for protection from volatile markets.

Is QE4 Coming?

While most of the financial world is bracing for raising interest rates sometime this year, trader Scott Greer feels that they will Not raise, and will eventually bring another round of QE! Merlin and Scott look at this possibility as well as some great technical analysis of the Aussie and the Euro/Pound.

Trader Taxation with Michael Atias

Is there a way to keep more of the money that you earn from working and trading? Absolutely! Michael Atias of OTA Tax Pros joins Merlin to talk about how everyone can benefit from having a custom tax strategy. Whether you are a trader or not, there are many ways to keep more of what you make, and ways to write off expenses for your day to day activities.

Making The Most of MasterMind with Jeff Manson!

There are a Zillion HORRIBLE resources out there for the average trader, and very few Great ones! Jeff Manson joins Merlin to talk about how the MasterMind levels are in a class all by themselves. These levels identify high probability turning points in the market on any time frame you choose. On this particular day, 7 out of 8 levels hit, making for a great trading day! The duo also analyze the S&P 500 for potential clues as to market direction.

Market Psychology with Craig Weil

Master Trader, Craig Weil joins Merlin in studio to talk about current market levels, and also answers several listener questions pertaining to trade plans & psychology. Last time Craig was on, he was decisively bearish, where does he stand now? Tune in and find out!

Weekend Edition with John O’Donnell

John O’Donnell joins Merlin Rothfeld in studio to talk about major market themes. John takes a look at the automotive industry which has been beaten up recently. He points out several factors which may make him a buyer at some upcoming demand levels. The duo also looks at the recent moves by Janet Yellen for additional market moves, and how currencies might be affected.

How Moving Are Moving Averages?

Earlier this week, Irfan Patel showed how he likes to incorporate Moving averages into his trading. Apparently this sparked many others to send in questions about them! Merlin adds his personal thoughts and addresses more questions on moving averages, from a long term investing perspective.

Managing Option Risk with Matt Gildea

Many traders rush into trading, taking on far more risk than needed, and often blowing their account because they simply didn’t know the asset class they were trading. Matt Gildea joins Merlin live on set to talk about some problems that listeners sent in regarding options trading. Matt outlines safer ways to achieve trading goals using options.

Tools Of The Trade with Irfan Patel

Master trader, Irfan Patel joins Merlin in studio to talk about the current forex market, and trading opportunities. Irfan answers several listener questions about using technical indicators when he trades, as well as analysis of the Euro, and US dollar setups.

The B.E.C.C. Report with Scott McCormick

Like the human body, the markets have many ways to tell us whether we are healthy or ill. Master Trader Scott McCormick shares with listeners his latest market observations using his B.E.C.C. report, which breaks down many market segments and tries to identify potential trend changes.

Weekend Edition with John O’Donnell

The Ambassador of Opportunity joins Merlin Rothfeld for a look at the big headlines of the week! Of course the major one being the fed’s decision to keep rates the same. The dynamic duo also look at the impacts of Chinas massive consumption of natural resources and how their slowdown might hit global markets even harder.

Financial Matters with Ara Bayindiryan

The Fed held its course, with no raise in rates. This caused significant gyrations in the market, ending the day on a mostly negative note. Financial Matters master, Ara Bayindiryan joins Merlin to help shed some light on some of the growing issues facing retirees. They look at the complexities of Life Insurance products, and creating your own income stream using bond products.

Life On The Exchanges with Wayne Citron

Many will never even set foot on the floor of a real trading floor! Wayne Citron has spent over 40 years on them! From the Midwest Exchange, Chicago Board of Trade and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, he has traded them all! Wayne shares with Merlin how he became a trader on the floor and some of the major learning lessons he faced along the way. Merlin and Wayne also take a look at Natural Gas,  S&P 500 and the all important fed announcement coming out tomorrow!

Shooting For the Moon with Mike McMahon

In January, Mike McMahon made some lofty forecasts for the S&P 500, and the market has sold off a bit. On this show, he makes a slight revision, but still declares his market bullishness with a revised forecast. The duo also take a look at the Aussie dollar, Euro Pound, Oil and Exxon Mobile.

Stock Q & A with Merlin Rothfeld

Alone in studio, Merlin answers many listener questions starting with the all important question: Will the Fed raise rates on Thursday?! He also covers buying opportunities with the fall in gas prices, trading biotech stocks, Lululemon, and the potential for a reversal in the Chinese markets.

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