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Market Analysis With Chris Manson

Chris joins Merlin on set in Irvine California where he talks about several trade setups that he and his students were working in class today. These trades were taken from several sources, including XLT, Mastermind grid, and class analysis. Later, Merlin and Chris talk about the current levels on the S&P 500 and offer insights into where they see it heading.

Filtering the Noise with Craig Weil

With 44 years of trading experience, much of that on the floor of the CME, Craig Weil knows a little bit about trading! Craig shares his thoughts on how he filters through all the market noise emitted daily in the mainstream media. He focuses on a different set of data points that he shares with listeners. He also talks about one of the characteristics that can really lead to successful trading!

PTR Weekend Edition: the Inflation/Deflation Debate

Merlin and John talk about the inflation/deflation debate and offer their thought as to where we are on the cycle. They also look at the rates of return for a variety of asset classes, trying to identify fundamental changes in the markets. Finally, the FOMC actions & impacts are looked at.

Apples in India with Vishal Subandh

Live from Mumbai India, Vishal Subandh joins Merlin to talk about some great setups on local markets, as well as market relationships which may add to higher probability trades. The duo also look a listener question pertaining to the Apple expansion into India.

Against All Odds with Merlin Rothfeld

Alone in studio, Merlin takes a look at the inconceivable market rally which refuses to acknowledge a poor earnings season, and economic data. This transitions to a trade setup and analysis for the platinum futures, offering insight into risk management techniques.

Currency Markets with Tracy Hubbard

When Tracy was on Power Trading Radio last, he and Merlin made some great calls on the GBPNZD, and other currencies. This time around, the duo focuses on the impacts of Oil on the currency markets as well as insights on several different pairs.

Scott McCormick's B.E.C.C. Report

Scott Joins Merlin for his monthly market outlook, more commonly referred to as the B.E.C.C. report. Scott breaks down some of the current market correlations and what their implications may be for the market going forward.

Talking Commodities with Rick Rule

John and Merlin welcome the President of Sprott Global Resource Investments, Rick Rule to the show! The trio look at many aspects of the commodities market including gold, silver, copper, mining companies and much more!

Resources for Trading Success with Larry Jacobson

The Director for Student Services at Online Trading Academy, Larry Jacobson, joins Merlin on set to talk about some of the new resources in place to further accelerate information retention and trading success! Larry and Merlin also answer questions about today’s selloff, and offer suggestions as to the catalyst.

Market Highs with Michael Young

Master trader, Michael Young joins Merlin for a look at how traders should approach the upcoming market highs. He suggests doing what the markets least expect you to do!! What does that mean? Tune in and listen to Michael and Merlin explain!

Money Makes The World Go Round with Tim Pesut

Tim and Merlin talk about the significance of currency markets in all asset classes, and how they help as odds enhancers. The duo also look at the Euro, Pound, Yen, Dollar and many more currencies, looking for trading opportunities. They also answer many listener questions about the Brexit and interest rates.

The Making of a Great Trader with Scott Chrisan

Every trader has a journey to tell when it comes to trading! Scott Chrisan joins Merlin on set to talk about his path from Institutional trading to trading his own accounts over the past 16 years. He shares with listeners some of his biggest learning lessons, and what he did to overcome obstacles to ultimately be a professional trader.

Macroeconomics and Marijuana with Jeff Deist

John O’Donnell and Merlin Rothfeld welcome the President of The Mises Institute, Jeff Deist to Power Trading Radio for his 3rd visit! Jeff talks about the potential impacts of negative interest rates, as well as the moral hazards of a bad monetary policy. Later, the tri look at the booming industry of Marijuana in the US.

Filtering Trades with Josip Causic

Options trader, Josip Causic, joins Merlin Rothfeld to talk about how he uses scanners and filters to find trading opportunities for Options. This involves using a filter to help find not only trades, but trades that fit your particular trading objective using options! Josip also helps Merlin answer several listener questions!

Listener Questions with Merlin Rothfeld

With no guest on the show today, Merlin dedicates the entire episode to listener questions. From Macro Economics and market players, to JP Morgan and Earnings, Merlin has an answer for them all!

Listener Questions with Tillie Allison

With SO many questions rolling in to the studio, Merlin and Tillie decide to devote the entire show to addressing as many questions as they can. The duo take a look at Gold, Oil, The US Dollar, S&P 500, Starbucks and much more!

Magic Numbers with Jeff Manson

Merlin Rothfeld and Jeff Manson  “Nerd Out” to some interesting market numbers that Jeff has discovered over the years he has been trading. The duo map out how these figures may shape the markets over the next 34 days. Jeff also answers some listener questions regarding EPS and Dividend usage.

A Look at the Commodity Markets

Merlin and John take a look at the commodity markets, offering analysis on market relationships as well as rates of return. Gold, Zinc, Oil, Gold and much more are looked at, and some trading opportunities discovered!

The Tax Crash with Mike McMahon

Veteran trader, Mike McMahon joins Merlin Rothfeld to talk about his forecast for a brief market correction around tax time. Mike offers insights into why he sees the market going south, and offers another date that should have a much bigger market sell off down the road! Want to know the date? Tune in and find out!

25 Year Floor Trading Veteran Loren Newman

It’s not every day that you get a 25 year veteran from the CBOE to talk about how he trades, and how they got into trading! Lucky for Merlin, that’s exactly what happened today! Loren shares his stories of how he got into the trading world in Chicago, and his personal approach to trading.

How Forex Trading Works with David Warner

For many, the exact workings of a Forex trade are shrouded in mystery! Veteran Currency trader, David Warner, joins Merlin to share his experiences working behind the scenes at a major FX broker, and what traders should know with regards to order flow. David also shares his thoughts on the US Dollar, Japanese Yen, New Zealand dollar and much more!

6th Year Anniversary Show with Scot Stokes

With over 1500 live shows, and 4 million downloads, Power Trading Radio celebrates its 6th anniversary with stock trader Scot Stokes! Scot shares some insights into stocks like Apple, Tesla, and the S&P 500.

Current Jobs Numbers

John and Merlin dive into the current jobs numbers for an interesting look at where the creation is coming from! They also look at the Baltic Dry Index for clues to global growth, or lack thereof!

Reading the Warning Signs with Russ Allen

Russ Allen shares his thoughts about the rapid rise in the markets, and offers some suggestions to those holding long term positions. Russ stresses the rules of ProActive investing, and what he looks for when analyzing the markets from the larger time frame perspective.

Futures Wednesday with Tillie Allison

Tillie Allison breaks down several markets including the S&P 500 and Gold, then turns to some rules that have helped shaped her trading career. She shares with listeners her trading results for the month of March, which is something she analyzes to help make her trading better. Judging by the results, its working!!!

The Fed & The Dollar with Jody Wong

Janet Yellen stirred the market today with a somewhat predictable speech today, and stocks rallied! Jody Wong joins Merlin to look at the impacts of today’s move on the US Dollar, the Pound, Euro, and the Yen.

Social Mood and Trading with Mike McMahon

One of the original instructors at Online Trading Academy, Mike McMahon, Joins Merlin Rothfeld to talk about how current events have been leading to somewhat predictable trading markets! Mike looks at how social mood has been steering buyers and sellers, and where they are likely to go! The duo also look at the current situation for Oil.

The 4th Industrial Revolution

Revolutions have a way of creating amazing opportunities, both long and short! On today’s show, John O’Donnell and Merlin Rothfeld take a look at the 4th Industrial Revolution, which we are currently in. The duo discuss the potential impacts of this revolution and where trading opportunities may be found!

Indian Markets with Vishal Subandh

Vishal joins Merlin to offer his monthly insight into several Indian markets including The Nifty and Banknifty Indexes, as well as the USDINR currency pair. Vishal shares several charts to help traders understand the concept of multiple time frame analysis, as well as confluence.

Commodity Mayhem with Don Dawson

Commodity markets have been dishing out some amazing trading opportunities recently! Don Dawson joins Merlin to analyze several popular commodity charts and offer insight into some facts you might not be aware of!

Charting Forex with Sam Evans

Merlin Welcomes back Sam Evans to answer listener questions on several currency pairs including: the New Zealand Dollar, Canadian Dollar, British Pound, Euro, Yen and much more!

Mapping The Trade with Roger Best

Roger joins Merlin, live in studio with his ProTrader class in Irvine California! Roger walks through some trade setups, as well as the importance of looking at different time frames to help dial in trades. They also answer a live question on how to determine when a gap is going to occur, and how big!

Weekend Edition with John O’Donnell

Merlin and John break down the important factors regarding inflation. Several listeners have asked for more clarity on the topic, so the boys help out! The focus is on a mix of different instruments to help gauge inflation, not just the industry promoted & manipulated CPY & PPI!

Market Timing with Sam Seiden

Industry “Experts” will tell you that you cannot time the markets, nor should you try! Sam and Merlin look at this fallacy and offer their take. Sam shares with listeners his perspective on projecting market tops & bottoms as well as discussing some of his best & worst trades he has taken.

Mapping Out Oil with John Rowland

Long time energy floor trader, John Rowland, joins Merlin Rothfeld on set to talk about the current Oil & Natural Gas picture. The duo look at multiple contracts to help determine underlying strength & weakness in the energy products, as well as breaking down the commitment of traders report for more odds enhancers!

Trading Time Zones with Sam Evans

Originally, Sam did most of his trading from London, enjoying the best of both worlds with regards to active currency markets! Now, Sam has moved to the US, and talks about how he deals with no longer being awake for the open of the London markets! Sam and Merlin also answer listener questions about time frames and risk management.

How To Trade Announcements with Gabe Velazquez

Following last week’s volatile markets and major ECB announcements, many listeners questioned how to trade these frequent events. Master trader, Gabe Velazquez, joins Merlin Rothfeld to talk about how he personally trades these events, and what you should look out for.

Weekend Edition with Deirdre McCloskey

Economist, professor and author Deirdre McCloskey joins John O’Donnell and Merlin Rothfeld to a look at economic History. Through an understanding of the past, we can focus on the events and tactics which led to great economic growth and much more!

Listener Question Day with Merlin Rothfeld

With no guest on the show today, Merlin focuses on catching up with a ton of listener questions! Topics range from adding gold & silver to retirement accounts, Continuous education and coaching, and specifics  like analysis of the NZDUSD and Crude Oil.

The Impact of Negative Rates with Tim Pesut

The Steep decline in oil prices have put a crimp on jobs around the country. Tim Pesut joins Merlin on the show to talk about his current Forex class in Houston Texas. In this class, many students were in the oil industry and worried about job security, which drove them to be proactive about their financial future. Time and Merlin talk about the impacts of negative interest rates for the US economy, then dive into some analysis on the New Zealand Dollar, British Pound and Australian Dollar.

High Probability Options Trades with Steve Moses

Many traders are looking for the Massive winners, and will boast about their trading. Today’s guest, Steve Moses, has no interest in boasting! He focuses on setting up extremely high probability trades which generate smaller profits. Mr. Moses talks about how he adapts his style to the current markets, and changes as needed. The duo also tackle a listener question on Credit Spreads and risk/reward ratios.

The Business Godfather: Chris Koomey

Trading is a business, Period! As traders, we must treat it like one. Merlin welcomes the President of the Online Trading Academy in Washington DC and Baltimore to the show to talk about his new book “The Business Godfather Treatment: The Streetsmart Handbook for Building Business Wealth.” Chris and Merlin look at some major factors to take your business and trading to the next level.


Weekend Edition with John O’Donnell

John O’Donnell and Merlin Rothfeld discuss the recent article by Niels Jensen: If Only We Could Blame China. The show revolves around commodities, interest rates, debt and global markets. Merlin and John both offer insight to the topic, and also how they plan on trading given the current market conditions.

Using All Available Resources with Larry Jacobson

2 weeks ago, Larry was on the show talking about a trade he recently opened in Pepsi. He mapped out the trade on air, and talked about the logic behind it. On this show, he shows us the results of the trade, and outlines how he is going to play it going forward. Larry and Merlin also talk about many of the resources available to traders, but free and paid for.

Should You Follow the Market Gurus?

Alone on set, Merlin takes a look at a couple major headlines including several listener questions regarding market  dynamics and trade setups. Merlin focuses on some trades he is still in, and the justification for the trades he closed out during today’s bullish commodities session! Listeners also question the validity of following market experts.

What It Takes To Make It with Jody Wong

Jody joins Merlin on set to talk about the realities of succeeding in trading. Merlin and Jody look at several key concepts which are paramount to success, regardless of trading style. Jody reinforces these with live examples of trades taken in his ProTrader class today in Irvine California.

ProActive Preparation with Russ Allen

Many investors build their portfolios based off a flawed model taught by the financial industry. Russ Allen joins Merlin to look at the correct way to design a portfolio as well as tools to help generate increased rates of return.

Weekend Edition with Dr. Richard Ebeling

Merlin and John welcome back Dr. Richard Ebeling to talk about his recent article about The Follies and Fallacies of Keynesian Economics. The trio also look at the current debt picture in the US and the potential for the “End Game”.

The 4 Slices of Real Estate with Diana Hill

Merlin and Diana break down many of the misconceptions that reality TV has put in our heads when it comes to real estate! Whether you’re talking Fix & Flip, Wholesaling, Multi-Family or commercial, there are things you must know and do in order to be successful. Diana talks about how the 4 programs at OTA Real Estate are set up, what the primary objective is, and what separates these 4 courses apart from others in the industry.

Nailing Levels with Bill Henner

It’s not often that you hit a significant Demand zone to the tick, then have it rally hard to the opposite Supply zone, to the TICK!! All during the same trading session! That’s exactly what Bill Henner and his students experienced during their trading class in New York City today. As well as anyone else following the levels on the MasterMind grid! Bill shares with us his thoughts on trade planning, as well as some answers to listener questions on the Euro, and getting stopped out!

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