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Weekend Edition with John O’Donnell

John and Merlin take a look at setting realistic expectations for traders as many believe that they will be getting ridiculously high market returns. Focus shifts to having a trading plan, discipline, and risk management. John also offers his insights into where the price of gold may be headed as well as tools to help spot market turns.

Pulling Back the Curtain with Gina Monetti

It took 5 years to happen, but we finally get Gina Monetti on the show! Gina is instrumental in student support, XLT, Mastermind, Clubhouse, ProPicks and much more at Online Trading Academy! Gina talks about her role and how it all revolves around student success. Later, Gina talks about her trading style and where she sees the market headed.

Trading Energy with John Rowland

17 year veteran at the NYMEX, John Rowland joins Merlin to talk about trading energy and natural resources. Having traded for the past 30 years, John gives some insights in to his evolution as a trader and his specialization in natural gas and oil.

Behind the Scenes with Joann Farley

Traveling around the US, living the life of a trader, Joann Farley joins Merlin to talk about her daily role with Online Trading Academy helping people around the world achieve their financial dreams. The duo covers the XLT program, ProPicks and other resources available to traders which will help them stay focused and disciplined. Joann also answers some listener questions live on air.

Talking Stocks with David Fong

Markets continued to new historic levels today, propelled by hopes that the Fed rate hikes would be pushed further down the line. Master Trader, David Fong joins Merlin on set to talk about a variety of listener stock questions. The do looks at Urban Outfitters, Home Depot, SkyWorks, Go Pro, Lululemon and much more! Tune in and see if they answered your questions!

Weekend Edition with John O’Donnell

“The Ambassador of Opportunity”, John O’Donnell shares with listeners several important pieces of economic data which support a recessionary environment. Will the markets crash? Who knows. But everyone should be a little skeptical of the all time highs the market is putting in! Take some profit and be ready!

Why We All Need Real Estate with John DeJulio & Diana Hill

Merlin welcomes real estate experts John DeJulio and Diana Hill to the program to talk about the various ways that real estate can be implemented into ones investment portfolio. A perfect storm of events has created an ideal time for investors to be looking at real estate to generate income, and growth for their portfolios. John also talks about his background in the mortgage industry and how the industry has evolved.

Tools of the Trade with Jeff Manson

Merlin welcomes Jeff Manson to the show to talk about decision support tools which traders use to help them with their trading. Jeff talks about how these supplemental tools can be good to help traders gain confidence about supply & demand levels on the chart. But stresses the need for a solid understanding of Market timing and supply and demand strategies first and foremost!

Timing the Markets with Bill Henner

Former Floor trader, Bill Henner, joins Merlin Rothfeld for a look at a topic which the industry tells investors that they cannot do: Time the Markets. With a strong trend in place, the duo talks about the risks for timing this market and offer their perspectives on how they are trading the historic highs.

Evolution of Trading Education with Roger Best

Fueled by a listener question, Merlin welcomes Roger Best to talk about how trading education has changed  since Online Trading Academy’s inception back in 1997. The duo share their experiences as Students-turned-Teachers from back in the early days! Then they talk about order handling and how markets are manipulated.

Weekend Edition with John Tamny

Editor at Forbes and, John Tamny joins Merlin Rothfeld and John O’Donnell to talk about regulations, taxes, money, trade and his new book “Popular Economics: What the Rolling Stones, Downton Abbey, and LeBron James Can Teach You about Economics.

The Secret to a Free 458 Ferrari Italia with Paul Orme

Investor Paul Orme joins Merlin to show the math behind how financial firms make their money. With proper education and understanding of the markets, investors can save immediately in their retirement accounts, which compounding over time could add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars and maybe that new Ferrari!

Trading Options with Steve Moses

Merlin welcomes, Steve Moses to Power Trading Radio to talk about how to use options as a portfolio protection in light of Janet Yellen’s comments about the market being at extended levels. Are your portfolio’s protected?

Money Makes the World Go Round with Tim Pesut

Indexes were back to their negative ways today, shedding a couple days worth of gains. Greece is back in the spotlight, and bad economic data weigh on the US Markets. Master trader, Tim Pesut joins Merlin for a look at what he sees happening in the FX markets, and offer traders insight into his preferred trading pairs.

Is the Super Cycle Ending? with Scott McCormick

Market guru, Bill Gross, forecasts the next 35 years as lacking big market gains, and the end of a super cycle in the market. Master trader, Scott McCormick joins Merlin to see if it is truly a super cycle, and what impact that might have on traders going forward. The duo also talk about current market levels and trends.

Get Ready for the Weekend with John O'Donnell

15 years worth of stimulus to get our economy back on track, and all that we have is equity markets at all time highs. Did the stimulus go to the economy or to banks and the stock market?!? Tune in to hear John and Merlin debate the effectiveness of years of wasted money, and what road blocks lie just ahead.

Personal Finance with Larry Jacobson

Armed with some alarming statistics, Larry Jacobson joins Merlin for a look at the root of “Financial Obesity” in America. The duo looks at the how most people learn personal fiancé incorrectly and how they can change their situation with simple steps.

Spotting the Patterns with Bill Henner

Economic data and the fed proved to be the major market movers on Wednesday, yet special guest Bill Henner spotted something different. With 25 years of floor trading experience in Chicago, Mr. Henner is no stranger to market patterns. The duo discuss the current market condition as well as what Bill has gleaned from the charts.

Financial Matters with Ara Bayindiryan

Merlin sits down with the Architect of Online Trading Academy’s new Financial matters program. They discuss aspects of everyone’s life which are impacted by money related decisions, and offer insights on how to make better, more informed decisions. Thus preserving capital, decreasing risk, and achieving financial goals.

Trading Questions with Merlin

Alone in studio, Merlin answers many listener questions on a wide variety of trading topics. Merlin looks at trading patterns, order routing, stock tips and much more! Tune in and see if your questions were answered!

Weekend Edition with John O’Donnell

Historic levels for the Nasdaq usher in a wave of skepticism amongst the hosts of Power Trading radio! Merlin and John offer their perspectives on what it means to have the market at these levels and what traders should be looking at. Listeners also ask questions on zero interest rates, market crashes, and inverse market Leaps.

Mind Games with Dr. Woody Johnson

Nearly every seasoned trader will attest to trading being predominantly rooted in Psychology. Yet most traders do not take the time to learn how to improve themselves, Dr. Woody Johnson joins Merlin Rothfeld for a look at the formula for success, not just in trading, but in life. The duo also answer several listener question about trading problems.

Trading Commodities with Don Dawson

Online Trading Academy’s top Commodities trader joins Merlin for a look at what’s hot in the commodity space! Don shows viewers some resources to help identify correlation (or lack of…), then shows how the Commitment of traders report can help influence trading decisions. The duo also look at the US dollar, Corn, Copper and much more!

Changing of the Guard with David Warner

Recent actions by China have many wondering if they are pushing to be the reserve currency of the world. Master trader, David Warner, joins Merlin to offer his thoughts on how China has been progressing, and the viability of the Yuan being the dominant global currency. Merlin and David also break down the current actions in Europe and discuss the possibility of a Euro breakup.

The BECC Report with Scott McCormick

Markets surged on good earnings and easing by china. Will the momentum continue? Scott McCormick joins Merlin for a look at what Bonds, Equities, Commodities & Currencies have to say about our markets. The duo looks at earnings season and answer some questions about how to trade earnings and news related events.

Weekend Edition with John O’Donnell

4 days worth of market gains erased with one single day! What caused it? Europe? China? Earnings? John O’Donnell joins Merlin Rothfeld for a look at how they perceived this week’s trading opportunities. The duo looks at Gold, equity markets, the new rule changes in China, and the serious issues facing retirees in America!

Looking Down the Road with Mike McMahon

Famous for making great calls on Power Trading Radio, master trader, Mike McMahon joins Merlin Rothfeld for a look at current market levels and what may fuel them to go higher. The duo take a look at dividend yields and offer insights into how to filter through companies to find the safest income generating stocks. Mike also revisits his lofty forecast for the markets for 2015! How  high does he see them going? Tune in and find out!

Across the World with Vishal Subandh

Merlin welcomes trader & educator, Vishal Subandh to the show to discuss how the Indian markets have been fairing over the past few months. The duo talk about the preferred trading vehicles, and the subtle differences between the US and India. Vishal also offers his insights into the direction of the Nifty index, Crude Oil, US dollar and much more.

Traveling The World with Brandon Wendell

The Road Warrior, Brandon Wendell joins Merlin for a look at his recent classes, travels, and more importantly. Trading! Merlin and Brandon answer several questions that relating to the Euro and specific trade setups on the Euro, Swiss Franc, and US Dollar. Brandon also talks about his All Asset Class Mastery XLT as well.

Changing the Guard with Roger Best

Markets and technology have changed significantly over the past 20 years! This change has slowly killed physical trading floors around the world. Master trader Roger Best joins Merlin for a look at how these changes have change the market landscape, and how it has impacted their trading careers.

Weekend Edition with John O’Donnell

Financial illiteracy is a major factor in America’s significant shortfall with retirement savings and much more. John and Merlin talk about how this illiteracy is spreading, and what we should do to help improve financial understanding. The duo also take a look at paper profits most investors hold, and how they should protect those gains in the face of a potential market correction.

Buy or Hold?! Housing Markets with Diana Hill

The residential market is heating up, leading to some bidding wars in various parts of the country. This has led many to inquire about selling their homes too! Is it the right choice? Tune in and listen to real estate expert, Diana Hill offer her thoughts on inventories, interest rates, and market data.

How To Capitalize On A Market Drop with Josip Causic

Spurred by a listener question about how to short the S&P 500, Merlin Rothfeld and Josip Causic break down the various methods to achieve the same goal. The duo breaks down the pros and cons of 4 different approaches to making money should the markets drop. They also talk about current market conditions and volatility.

Yuan Taking Over as Reserve Currency?

The US dollar shot up today, but is still struggling to make new highs. Many are questioning if the dollar is losing its footing as the global reserve currency as the AIIB is forming and pushing the Yuan to replace the dollar. Tim Pesut joins Merlin for a look at how this would impact markets, as well as breaking down the recent Aussie and Fed moves.

5th Anniversary Show!

With 1,239 episodes in the can, Merlin is greeted with a few guests to celebrate this historic anniversary show. Over 4 million downloads and views later, the Power Trading Radio team is happy to look at the past 5 years achievements, and embrace the next 5!

Weekend Edition with John & Merlin

In a change of pace from the normal Power Trading Radio format, Merlin and John take a look the 7 Habits of the World’s Richest People, and offer their own personal commentary on what it takes to be a successful trader.

European Downfall with Patrick Barron

Long time banking professor and Austrian economist, Patrick Barron joins Merlin Rothfeld and John O’Donnell for a look at the deterioration situation going on in Europe. Professor Barron sees some radical changes facing the EU, some which he is all but guaranteeing will happen over time! What does this mean for your long term holdings? Tune in and find out.

Trading Options with Craig Weil

Former Chicago floor trader, Craig Weil joins Merlin for a look at a listener question about using Options strike prices to determining where the  underlying stocks may be headed. Craig shares some stories about other strange trading ideas he has seen over the years, then offers insights into Natural Gas and the overall market.

Currency Roundup with Ilya Spivak currency strategist, Ilya Spivak joins Merlin for a look at what’s moving the global currency markets, and where they may be headed. The duo takes a look at the Fed, Euro, Dollar, Oil and much more.

Looking Forward with Scott McCormick

Dollar and equity markets rally with little in the way to stop them! Master trader Scott McCormick joins Merlin for a look at many macro factors which may continue to boost the markets going forward, yet hinder commodities. The duo analyze several currency pairs and the US Dollar, as well as several listener requested stocks.

Weekend Edition with John Tamny!

Political Economy editor at Forbes, John Tamny joins John O’Donnell and Merlin Rothfeld for a look at how the government is slowing Economic Growth, and wasting our money. The trio discuss government spending, the dollar and the healthy justification for recessions.

Mapping the future with Darek Zelek

The Federal Reserve is on the verge of raising rates for the first time in 9 years! What will the impacts be, and how can you position your portfolio to reap the biggest rewards? Tune in to find out how long term investors should embrace these upcoming market changes. Darek and Merlin also look at listener questions regarding gap protection and employee sponsored 401k programs.

The Undefendable with Walter Block and John O’Donnell

Prof. Walter Block joins Merlin and John for a look at a flawed way of thinking has guided our country down the wrong path! The trio discuss Austrian & Keynsian economics and the impacts they are having on our lives. They also talk about Prof. Block’s book “Defending the Undefendable”.

Fed, Money & Commodities with Scott Greer

Merlin and Scott scour the markets for trading opportunities which are abundant given the recent fed meeting! The duo takes a look at the essence of the feds actions as well as how it has impacted the US Dollar and the global commodity markets.

Stock Market Monday with Merlin Rothfeld

Alone in studio, Merlin answers  as many listener questions as he can! This show features lots of chart analysis and current market commentary, and insights into the way the financial markets really work. Tune in and see what stocks listeners want to talk about!

Weekend Edition with Merlin Rothfeld

Merlin breaks down the major events of the week and adds color commentary to our current market situation. He also takes a look at the European markets for trading opportunities as the dollar continues to rally, providing great international plays.

Market Timing with Debbie Hague

While Power Trading Radio generally focuses on trading of the major markets, financial intelligence stretches much broader across our lives. Trader and Author, Debbie Hague joins Merlin to help listeners understand the impact of financial decisions on their lives. Most learn about financial matters from those who stand to profit the most from you buying what they sell. Things like Annuities, 401k’s, Cars, student loans etc. With a little understanding of how it all fits together, the average person can make these important decisions by themselves, saving huge amounts of money!

Goodbye “Patience” with Tillie Allison

Wednesday started off looking like a typical down day, nice gap down, nice trend down.. then the 5’3” sorceress of the markets, Janet Yellen decided to remove the word “Patience” from her comments and the markets went NUTS! Tillie and Merlin take a look at how this impacts the markets going forward, including bonds, equity markets, currencies and more.

Here Comes The Debt Ceiling…. Again!

This week is filled with major market mover! Wednesday’s Fed meeting promises to bring high levels of volatility, then the looming debt ceiling crisis will build, adding more volatility! Merlin Rothfeld breaks these market elements down as well as answers several listener questions pertaining to the currency & equity markets.

Talking Stocks with Gabe Velazquez

Master trader and coach, Gabe Velazques joins Merlin in studio to talk about his current Pro Trader class at Online Trading Academy. The duo talk about how the markets have evolved and created the need for understanding multiple asset classes to help trading performance. They also stress the importance of a trading plan and journaling. Stocks covered in this show: QQQ, SPY, DIA, IWM, NFLX, USO

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