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March Liftoff with Scott McCormick

In this equity filled show, Merlin Rothfeld and master trader Scott McCormick take a look at several listener questions pertaining to large companies which may be impacting our current markets. They then focus on market relationships and Scott’s BECK report to find clues as to markets direction going forward.

Weekend Edition with John O’Donnell

They Dynamic Duo of John O’Donnell and Merlin Rothfeld take a look at many of the current issues facing our trading markets including, the historic highs in the major indexes, Net neutrality, Oil, Gold and much more! Several topics are motivated by listeners questions which were sent in live during the show.

Finding Great Trading Opportunities with Gabe Velazquez

Over the past week, many listeners have expressed frustration with no quality supply levels on the major market indexes. Gabe Velazquez joins Merlin to look at alternatives to trading the indexes, and talks about how he is trading these markets. The duo also look at the surge in the US Dollar and how it is impacting and creating trading opportunities with currency futures.

Options & All Time Highs with Steve Moses

Hot from his options class in Milwaukee, Steve Moses joins Merlin for a look at how he and his students are dealing with markets with seemingly no supply levels to trade. Steve and Merlin also talk about daytrading options and adapting to what the markets give you as well as their preferred options strategies.

Oil, Money & Dividends with Mike McMahon

Mike and Merlin start things off by analyzing the Aussie Dollar and potential trade opportunities going forward. Focus then shifts to one of the larger Forex brokers stock as a listener is holding thousands of shares! Finally, Mike talks about how to capitalize on the current oil price by looking for strong dividend plays.

Trading Highs with Tillie Allison

Markets continued their stellar bullish run on Monday, even with a couple of the major indices failing to make new highs. Begging the question, How to trade all time highs? Tillie Allison joins us from Seattle to help answer this question and many more, on this edition of Power Trading Radio.

Weekend Edition with John O’Donnell

4 months… that’s how far the can has been kicked down the road by the EU finance ministers! John and Merlin weigh in on the impact of Friday’s decision and offer insights into where they see the Euro headed. The duo also look at housing markets, real estate, and gold in this edition of Power Trading Radio.

Personal Finance with Larry Jacobson

One of the new courses being taught at Online Trading Academy focuses on day to day elements of living and personal finance. Studies show that most Americans do not track what they are spending their money on, and thus, spending more than they should. Larry talks about the steps which will offer individuals more clarity on where there money is going, how to save more, and spend less! Merlin and Larry also look at a couple of listener questions regarding 401k programs and Roth IRA’s.

Uncharted Territory with Craig Weil

S&P 500, Dow and Russell 2000 hit all time highs, leaving many traders asking, “How do you trade this?!?!” Master trader Craig Weil joins Merlin to offer his insights into how to approach trades with No overhead supply! The duo also take a look at Natural gas, Nasdaq supply levels and contract specifications.

As Europe Turns with Tim Pesut

The European soap opera continues with the new Greece bailout deal! Is it a good thing, or just another Band-Aid on a much bigger problem? Master trader Tim Pesut joins Merlin to take a look at the Euro, Canadian Dollar, Pound, and Aussie dollar. Tim and Merlin analyze the charts and offer their thoughts on currency levels and direction.

Say's Law with Mark Thornton

John O’Donnell is joined by Dr. Mark Thornton of Mises Institute and they discuss JM Keynes vs Jean Bapiste Say methods to create wealth and the role of Say’s Law. Mark and John also discuss 2015 capital market forecasts, and why QE is not working in Japan, Europe, and the USA. They also get into James Grant's new bestselling book The Forgotten Depression and how it outlines the solution to cure recessions and depressions without QE and other money printing schemes.

Little Effort & Better Returns with Paul Orme

Like termites that tear away at wood, there are many factors that can tear into your rate of return and long term capital growth. Paul Orme joins Merlin Rothfeld for a look at simple things everyone can do to save significant amounts of money. It all starts with a good understanding of how fund managers and financial advisors get paid!

Sensory Deprivation with Matt Gildea

Every trader has routines and tricks to help keep them focused on their trades. Long time options trader, Matt Gildea joins Merlin to talk about how he uses a Sensory deprivation chamber to clear his mind and focus on his trading. Matt also helps listeners listener with questions pertaining to market volatility and using options to trade oil.

As the Currency Markets Turn with Justin Krebs

Justin Krebs joins Merlin for a thorough look at many different listener questions. The duo takes a look at the Aussie Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Japanese Yen, Suisse Franc, Dollar index, Fibonacci and much more!

Ratios & Spreads with Scott McCormick

Merlin kicks things off by offering some suggestions to traders who are struggling with whipsaw price action and volatility these past few months. Master trader Scott McCormick joins Merlin to offer his perspective on scanning the markets for trading opportunities, and relative strength comparisons. The duo also looks at the energy sector and the potential for buying at these levels.

Weekend Edition with John O’Donnell

The week ended with indices clawing into positive territory for the year, and a major bounce in crude oil. John and Merlin take a look at many different aspects of the markets including oil, gold, risk management and the first “Donkey of the Day” for 2015!

Financial Matters with Sam Seiden

The mastermind behind the Online Trading Academy Patented trading methodology, Sam Seiden joins Merlin to take a look at the new financial education program being rolled out. Sam points out why there is such a need for mass education in many areas of our lives, areas where big corporations have been teaching us to do the wrong thing! The duo also takes a look at Crude Oil and market timing principles.

Facing the Future with Steve Bobbitt

Oil continued its roller coaster ride Wednesday, giving back much of its gains from the last 3 trading sessions. Trader, Steve Bobbitt joins Merlin to offer his insights into why this extreme volatility is happening and why it will persist. Steve also offers a forecast for the bottom in oil! The duo also look at the Euro, and the US equity market position going forward.

Oil Takes off with Mike McMahon

Teaching a Forex class this week, Mike McMahon joins Merlin for a look at what he and his students have been analyzing. Mike and merlin look at The Euro, Dollar, Swiss Franc, Oil, Gold and much more. Mike also offers his outlook on Oil, which he called to bounce on last week’s show. 24% bounce in 6 days isn’t bad! Where is it going next? Tune in and find out!

Trading Stocks with Tillie Allison

Master trader, Tillie Allison joins Merlin Rothfeld to go over listener questions and discuss the hot topics of the day. The duo takes a look at several different stocks and offers insights in to supply and demand levels in the market.

Weekend Edition with John O’Donnell

The “Ambassador of Opportunity” joins Merlin to help break down the terrible start to 2014. The duo take a look at the growing problems in Europe, the glimmer of hope for gold, The gibberish being spewed by the Fed, and much more!

Currencies vs. Forex with Bob Dunn

Former CME floor trader Bob Dunn joins Merlin for a show revolving around trading Currencies through the futures market. Bob stresses the difference between the terms “Currencies and Forex”, citing significant differences. Bob also shares with listeners some stories from the trading floor days.

Enter the Grid with Jasmine Wang

The inner workings of the markets mystify many, but not Jasmine Wang. Jasmine and her team pick key Supply and Demand zones every day on 20+ trading instruments, and even rate those zones. Many hit spot on and turn in the opposite direction. Jasmine shares with us some of the recent trades which have happened this week, as well as her thoughts on crude oil and other instruments.

Currency Perspectives with Reggie Ringgold

The Euro showed a little strength, while the dollar took a breather! Reggie Ringgold joins Power Trading Radio to offer his thoughts on the trend for both of these currencies and much more. The duo take a look at  how the recent Greek elections may impact the Euro going forward and possibly global currencies.

The Great Mike McMahon!

Long time trader and instructor at Online Trading Academy joins Merlin for a look at the European situation and much more! Mike and Merlin discuss the Greek problems, and recent ECB action and how that might impact the Euro and other global currencies. The duo also take a look at the US markets which Mike feels are doing very good right now and will continue to vault upward!

Weekend Edition with Dr. George Reisman

Environmentalism takes center stage to start the show! John O’Donnell, Merlin Rothfeld and Dr. George Reisman take a look at an article by Dr. Reisman titled “The Toxicity of Environmentalism”, and how industry in the US has paid the price due to environmentalists. John and Merlin also discuss the Euro and the impact on the US Dolalr.

Thinking Globally with Jose Blasco

Master trader and instructor, Jose Blasco joins Merlin for a look at the big ECB announcement today and helps listeners understand how he approaches currency hedging. He also talks about his use of options and the various techniques used in the ProActive Investor program at Online Trading Academy. The duo take a look at some very key levels quickly approaching on the Euro and the US Dollar.

The Magical World of Options

Live from Irvine California, Merlin sits down with Joel Greenberg to talk about the multidimensional aspects of trading options. From long term wealth creation to short term profit machines, Options can do it all. Joel talks to Merlin about why he loves trading extremely high volatility stocks just before earnings using his own unique strategy. Joel also takes a look at the “Greeks” and how they impact his trading.

Trading Currencies with Merlin Rothfeld

Alone in studio, Merlin looks to answer several listener questions covering a wide variety of currencies and commodities. Merlin focuses on the Euro, and offers some insights as to what to expect from the ECB press conference on Thursday. He also looks at gold and the potential to jump on the momentum.

Sitting Down with Roger Best

Roger and Merlin’s friendship dates back to 1998 when they both traded on the floor at Block trading in Irvine California. The duo talks about the old days from the trading floor and things they learned along the way. They then turn to the evolution of Online Trading Academy’s course content and how it has drastically improved over the years.

Weekend Edition with John O’Donnell

John and Merlin go over many significant market moving topics including: FXCM, Swiss National Bank, Global Currencies, Crude Oil, Bitcoin, Fiat Currencies, Bonds and Much more! Tune in and get your fix!

Inside Your Head with Dr. Woody Johnson

For most, the biggest battle is not the market, but what goes on in their head. Dr. Woody Johnson joins Merlin via phone to talk about some of the major challenges traders face, and how to overcome those issues. Several listeners send in questions which Merlin and Dr. Johnson address live on air.

Commodities & Futures with Don Dawson

Commodities have had a rough time of late! Oil is getting crushed, copper falling like a rock, and others languishing with a strong dollar and potential global recession. Master trader, Don Dawson joins Merlin Rothfeld for a look at the driving forces behind these commodities and offers insights into where they may be headed next. The duo also answer several listener questions which are also in line with the Futures theme.

Global Recession with Tim Pesut

Tim Pesut joins Merlin from Kansas City where he is teaching a Forex class at Online Trading Academy. Time takes a look at the Aussie dollar and its upcoming problems. Weakness in Asia and a global recession could crush the Aussie, to levels which Tim feels would be below Governor Stevens stated targets. The duo also talk about the Euro, the Yen and several other listeners trading questions.

Talking Stocks with Scott McCormick

Master instructor Scott McCormick joins Merlin  live from Florida, to talk about the current trends in the Equity & Currency markets. Scott offers some insights into how mud managers are fairing with the increased volatility, and stresses modifying time frames to better adapt to price fluctuations.

Weekend Edition with John O’Donnell

The Ambassador of Opportunity John O'Donnell joins Merlin for a look at the recent surge in share buyback programs by most major corporations. Does this signal a buying opportunity? The duo also take a look at the recent unemployment data release, exposing some serious flaws.

Simple Steps to Save Big with Paul Orme

Markets continued their vicious bounce to the upside, almost erasing all losses for 2015! This recent bounce has also triggered some new trades for Paul Orme, who follows a strict, rule bases approached to the markets. This methodology, called ProActive investing, applies the patented Online Trading Academy core methodology. Paul also addresses several key flaws investors are most likely making which is slowly sucking profits out of their account, regardless of market direction.

Bigger Waves Ahead with Steve Bobbitt

Trader Steve Bobbitt joins Merlin for a look at the upcoming volatility and how to handle it. Steve also talks about the Euro, the US Dollar, Natural Gas and much more.

Grexit?!? What’s next for currency markets with Rick Wright

Oil continues to plummet, and the dollar keeps motoring to the upside. Both of these factors are having significant effects on the global currency markets. Add to that the upcoming vote by Greece to leave the European Union, and you have the makings for some epic market moves! Master trader Rick Wright joins Merlin live in studio to talk about these issues and offer a crazy prediction for the Euro!!!

Rocking Start to 2015 with Bill Henner

The first official trading week of 2015 under way, major moves were going down! Oil down 5%, DOW down over 300… could this just be the beginning?!? Market veteran Bill Henner joins Merlin for a look at these instruments and more to get a clearer understanding of where and when to get into these volatile moves. Bill also offer us insights into where he sees things going in 2015.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Weekend Edition with John O'Donnell and Special Guest Peter Klein

For the first show of 2015, guest host John O'Donnell visits with special guest Peter Klein, Professor of Applied Social Sciences at the the University of Missouri, and Professor II at the the Norwegian School of Economics.  Insightful commentary ensues on a great many subjects.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Special Guest Patrick Barron

For the last show of 2014, guest host John O'Donnell visits with special guest Patrick Barron from the Mises Institue.  Insightful commentary ensues on a great many subjects.

Currency Markets with Brandon Tristen

An Integral Part of the XLT program, Brandon Tristan joins Merlin for a look back at 2014. The dou talk about Oil, the Dollar, Supply $ Demand, Market Timing and the importance of Risk Managment. They also discuss the Aussie Japanese Yen Currency Pair per a listener request. Brandon also offers some insights into what he will be doing different in 2015.

Memory Lane with Craig Weil

As the markets slow down for the holidays, Merlin sits down with long time floor trader, Craig Weil to look at some of the memorable moments from his trading floor days. The duo talk about current markets, risk management, Black Monday and Platform shoes!

Weekend Edition with Dr. Mark Thornton

Dr. Mark Thornton, John O’Donnell and Merlin Rothfeld talk about the “Chicago Plan” and how it might make our markets more stable by not permitting fractional reserve banking. The trio also discuss Oil, the US dollar, and the Austrian School of Economics.

The 4 Faces of Real Estate with Diana Hill

Merlin welcomes Diana Hill to the show to talk about the 4 new real estate classes she is creating for Online Trading Academy. Diana addresses some of the big misconceptions in the industry and precipitated by late night television.

Options Power with Larry Jacobson

The newly appointed Director of Student Services, Larry Jacobson joins Merlin to talk about his new role at Online Trading Academy, as well as what is happening in his Options class this week. Merlin and Larry look at the Greeks, and their utility in managing risk while trading options, as well as the when to use which options trading strategy.

Global Currencies with Steve Misic

Another massive move down for the Ruble creates more global tension! Steve Misic joins Merlin to add his thoughts on the topic and where the plays may be. Steve stresses the benefits for options trading to capitalize on over inflated premiums at present moment. He also offers some insight into the US Dollar, Japanese yen, Aussie Dollar, and the Kiwi.

The Ruble Pounding!

Russian central banks double interest rates from 8% to 17% in an attempt to bring support their crumbling currency.  This is also impacted by the release of the TIC long term purchase numbers which paint a dreary picture for demand of US Stocks and Bonds. Merlin addresses these issues as well as several other listener questions.

Weekend Edition with Dr George Reisman

Merlin Rothfeld and John O’Donnell are joined by Dr. George Reisman for a look at the global impact of the current decline in oil, presenting many interesting trading opportunities. The trio also take a look at the US dollar, gold, and other commodities for future analysis.

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