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Aggressive Trading with Bob Dunn

Long time floor trader at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Bob Dunn, joins Merlin to talk about a new class he is teaching which applies Mr. Dunn’s aggressive, short term trading approach to Online Trading Academy’s patented Supply & Demand methodology. The duo also look at a listeners trade on the British Pound – Japanese Yen currency pair.

Double Bullish with Josip Causic

Josip joins Merlin in studio to talk about a recent trading strategy he has been using to capitalize on short term pops in market volatility, he calls it Double Bullish! The also talk about the impact and tweaking of strategies around major market announcements.

Monetary Policy In 2017

Merlin Rothfeld and John O’Donnell take a look at 5 major items that will be the storyline for monetary policy in 2017. From debt to market corrections, European Union to Trump: today’s show has a little something for everyone!

Being Proactive with Paul Orme

Paul joins Merlin to talk about the current status of the 401k and IRA industry. The duo look at multiple was to increase everyone’s rate of return through simple ProActive steps.

Juggling Volatility with Gabe Velazquez

Wednesdays trading session was marred with significant swings due to Trump speaking. Is this the new normal?! Master trader Gabe Velazquez joins Merlin to talk about how the current market volatility and rangebound market are making it challenging for some traders. Gabe also looks at the Vix and offers some suggestions to traders on how to use it in conjunction with supply and demand levels for higher probability trades.

3 Great Trading Opportunities with Tracy Hubbard

As the new year gets underway, Tracey Hubbard and Merlin look at 3 different currencies for trading opportunities. These 3 have the benefit if very strong trends and some quality supply and demand levels, which make for higher probability trades.

Mastering the Short Term with Roger Best

Roger Best may seem like a long term investor at first glance, however, once you get talking to him, you will quickly realize his Short term trading skills! Merlin and Roger talk about what it takes to to be a short term income trader, and what are some of the adjustments will need to be made for those who are focusing on long term wealth creation.

Base Metals and Other Commodities

Merlin and John Take a look at the stellar performance of base metals and other commodities in 2016 and offer insights as to their direction in 2017. They also talk about the strongest currency from 2016, Bitcoin!

Mapping Out 2017 with Sam Seiden

The architect of Online Trading Academy’s patented supply and demand methodology, Sam Seiden, joins Merlin to talk about some new initiative put in place to further enhance student success, and offer us his insights into what to expect for 2017.

Watching The Data with Merlin Rothfeld

Merlin dives into 2017 with a look at how traders and investors should be looking at economic data put out by various agencies. He also offers some insights into the commonly used “overbought & Oversold” words thrown around by traders.

2017 Kickoff with Bill Henner

Veteran CME floor trader, Bill Henner joins Merlin to talk about major obstacles and opportunities in 2017. From all-time highs, soaring dollar and volatile commodities… 2017 will have something for everyone!

Out With the Old, In With the New with John O’Donnell

Merlin and John take a look at their major take aways from 2016, and offer insights into the new year.


Rebalancing with Tillie Allison

Tillie shares some insights into how she evaluates her investment portfolios at year end to optimize her overall returns. This often involves rebalancing of instruments to achieve the greatest impact. She also talks about using options as a portfolio catalyst.


Making a Living as a Trader with Sam Seiden

Having worked with thousands of traders and students from around the worlds, Sam Seiden has seen it all! His experiences has shown him what it takes to be successful as a trader, and what causes people to fail. He shares these insights with Merlin, then looks at the recent moves in the bond markets for trading opportunities.


Mass Market Manipulation

Merlin takes a look at the amazing rally in the Chip making space, and comments on a wave of recent upgrades by major financial firms. He also offers some suggestions for traders looking for pointers on year end account review.

The Tax Plan with Michael Atias

As the end of year approaches and everyone is fixated on how Trump pays no taxes, Merlin welcomes Michael of OTA Tax Pros. The duo takes a look at how people pay no taxes and how everyone can build a tax plan. Merlin also looks at the benefactors to the new trump tech summit.

Everybody's Working for the Weekend with John O'Donnell

For the first time, investors and traders across the nation will be able to get live perspective on the market from experienced professional traders. "Power Trading Radio" is aimed at an audience that wants to improve its edge through active participation whether the market is moving up, down or sideways. In addition to stocks, topics will include foreign exchange, options and wealth management.

Establishing YOUR Rules with Merlin Rothfeld

Alone in studio, Merlin addresses listener questions pertaining to trading psychology & personality types. He walks listeners through his 10 Laws of Trading in an attempt to show viewers how his rules were built to help address personal weaknesses.


A Sit-down with Eyal Shahar

20 years ago, Online Trading Academy began in a small office in Irvine California, the brainchild of Eyal Shahar. Today, it is the global leader in financial education, with 40 campuses around the world! Merlin and Eyal talk about how the business has grown, and what are Eyals driving forces to make it even bigger & better!

Report from the North with Scott McCormick

For the first time, investors and traders across the nation will be able to get live perspective on the market from experienced professional traders. "Power Trading Radio" is aimed at an audience that wants to improve its edge through active participation whether the market is moving up, down or sideways. In addition to stocks, topics will include foreign exchange, options and wealth management.

Bizarro World with John O’Donnell

As president elect Donald Trump rolls out his appointments for prominent positions, Merlin and John discuss the impact that some of these bizarre choices will have on our markets. They also take a look at the recent shift in employment data, and the transitioning of jobs to robotics.

The Week of Central Banks With Tim Pesut

Thursday capped off the 3rd major central bank rate announcement this week! While all 3 were in line with expectations, it’s the wording by Central bank officials that is causing concern. Tim Pesut joins Merlin Rothfeld to talk about the impacts of today’s news, as well as analyze the charts of the Euro, Pound and US Dollar.

The Inner Zen with Justin Krebs

Having received multiple compliments on his teaching style and uber calm demeanor, Power Trading Radio welcomes back Just in Krebs to the Show. Justin and Merlin look at the current market rally, US Dollar, Euro and Gold for some past trade and current trade analysis.

Always Learning With Jeff Manson

Jeff joins Merlin to talk about a new asset class that he is trading: Options ON Futures. While not new, it has not been a very popular vehicle with main street. Jeff shares some of his learning experiences with them, then talks about some of the risks. Later, the duo look at Gold and Silver for trading levels.

The Dot Bong Era?

Traders and Investors are scrambling to get on the next trading phenomenon: Pot Stocks. Merlin talks a look at some of the risks involved as countless companies join the fray. He also takes a look at routines and methods of finding trading opportunities in the market.

Easing Into the Weekend with John O'Donnell

Merlin and John look into compelling data as to why the majority of Americans are NOT participating in the current market gains, and then focus on why the top 16 banks are correct less than half of the time when recommending investments to clients.

ProActive Investing with Jose Blasco

Master Trader, Jose Blasco joins Merlin to talk about some of the recent updates to the ProActive Investing course taught at Online Trading Academy. The duo also take a look at the different dollar indexes and offer their insights on the current dollar trend.

Bond Markets with Tillie Allison

Bond markets have been propped up by the Fed for the past few years, creating a dangerous environment for those wishing to enter the market. Tillie Allison joins Merlin via phone to talk about what is currently going on in the bond and futures markets.

All Hail the US Dollar with David Warner

With more rate increases looming, the US Dollar has been enjoying a serious rally the past few weeks. Master trader & fed aficionado, David Warner joins Merlin on set to talk about what rate increases mean for currencies, and how it impacts the carry trade. David and Merlin also look at gold and relative strength  per listener request.

Manic Monday with Mike McMahon

Master trader, Mike McMahon, joins Merlin in studio to talk about the impacts of the December fed meeting, sighting the possibility of no rate hike and how the markets will react. Later, Merlin and Mike look at Amazon, and the potential for this company which has been beaten up as of late.


Thanksgiving Show with John O’Donnell

John joins Merlin Rothfeld on set to talk about the black Friday impact on the markets and what it means to our economy. They also look at Gold and the current “Trump” effect on the global markets.


More Q&A with Merlin Rothfeld

Merlin answers more listener questions on trading and Investing. Topics ranged from Gold vs. Silver investing for the long term portfolio, to how to deal with stop loss violations. Merlin also shares some insights into how orders are handled by the exchanges.


Merlin Is All Alone

Alone in studio, Merlin dives into the mail bag to answer several listener question. First he bashes a trader for trading dangerous penny stocks, then talks about much of the intellectual discipline needed to succeed as a trader.

Weekend Rollercoaster

Merlin welcomes John back to the show to catch up on a rollercoaster of a week! The due start off looking at the Baltic Dry index and its recent ascent, followed by a look at the current status of free trade in the US. Later, they look the future with household innovations designed to reduce our costs and emissions.

Question and Answer Time!

Alone in studio, Merlin takes time to answer many listener questions including: 401k fears, The importance of trade planning and journaling, and some chart analysis on Gold.

Super Dollar with Tim Pesut

Several factors are pointing to a continued dollar rally, which could pose some interesting challenges for the US economy. Tim Pesut and Merlin Rothfeld share their perspectives on the topic as well as the recent boom in shipping stocks and potential trades in the Aussie and Kiwi!

Trading the Highs with Gabe Velazquez

Master Trader and Award winning online educator, Gabe Velazquez joins Merlin on set to talk about the current election and market changes. The duo look at several listener questions including some price levels on Oil, and how to deal with markets at all time highs.

Structure & Discipline with Kelly Boycks

2015 Instructor of the Year, Kelly Boycks joins Merlin in studio to talk  about how he builds his students confidence through group trading exercises and routines. A former pilot, Mr. Boycks focuses on strict rules and discipline in order to achieve trading success.

10 Major Economic Headwinds

Merlin and John take a look at the 10 major economic headwinds that face our great country, and newly elected president Donald Trump.

The Anatomy of Recent Moves with Eric Ochotnicki

Master Options trader, Eric Ochotnicki, joins Merlin to talk about several key factors to Tuesday nights sharp selloff, and the logic behind the massive rally we have experienced since then! The duo also look at considerations for exiting trades and specific market demand levels.

A New Beginning with Bill Henner

The election results are in, and we will have a new president elect, as well as many new elected officials. Merlin and long time floor trader, Bill Henner team up to talk about how the price action today is giving clues as to further market direction, and how we should be playing it.

Election Day with Larry Jacobson

As America heads to the polls, Larry Jacobson and Merlin Rothfeld look at potential portfolios which will benefit from either candidate being elected. They also look at some other ballot measures which may usher in some great trading and investing opportunities.

Trading: The Ultimate Business with Tracy Hubbard

Having run several successful businesses, Tracy Hubbard knows how it works! Merlin and Tracy talk about why he transitioned to a full time trader/educator, and what lessons he brought from the business world to trading.

Canadian Housing Bubble, Eh

Merlin and John look at several disturbing trends in the market including the housing bubble in Canada and the evolution of print media publications. Of course, with less than a week till the presidential elections, they also take a look at several listener questions about politics and trading the elections.

Support Tools with Merlin Rothfeld

A listener recently asked what support Merlin has for his thoughts that we are headed down further. Merlin looks at a variety of run of the mill technical indicators from the perspective of decision support tools. With a foundation of Supply & Demand, he illustrates how these indicators can help clue us into market changes, and how he is using them in his current trade.

Emotional Rescue with Roger Best

One of the biggest problems for traders is controlling emotions! Roger Best and Merlin Rothfeld take a look at why emotions creep into our trading, offer suggestions as to how to control them, and walk you through some of their biggest emotional problems during their trading careers.


Market drop? Don’t Just Buy Puts with Josip Causic

The equity market experienced a decent sell off Tuesday, causing many traders to seek out the protection of put options. However, those options were significantly inflated! Master trader, Josip Causic, joins Merlin Rothfeld to look at other strategies for capitalizing on bearish or bullish market situations.


Freaky Friday with John O'Donnell

For the first time, investors and traders across the nation will be able to get live perspective on the market from experienced professional traders. "Power Trading Radio" is aimed at an audience that wants to improve its edge through active participation whether the market is moving up, down or sideways. In addition to stocks, topics will include foreign exchange, options and wealth management.

Expect The Unexpected with Michelle Volmering

Master trader, Michelle Volmering, joins Merlin to talk about how she is dealing with the current market chop, and upcoming election. It all boils down to being prepared for the bizarre market moves and having a plan.

Constant Innovation with Joann Farley

Trader & Instructor, Joann Farley joins Merlin on set to talk about some of the upcoming improvements in the XLT community. This trading environment has evolved significantly over the past 20 years, with a consistent focus on student wants and needs.

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