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The BECC Report with Scott McCormick

Markets surged on good earnings and easing by china. Will the momentum continue? Scott McCormick joins Merlin for a look at what Bonds, Equities, Commodities & Currencies have to say about our markets. The duo looks at earnings season and answer some questions about how to trade earnings and news related events.

Weekend Edition with John O’Donnell

4 days worth of market gains erased with one single day! What caused it? Europe? China? Earnings? John O’Donnell joins Merlin Rothfeld for a look at how they perceived this week’s trading opportunities. The duo looks at Gold, equity markets, the new rule changes in China, and the serious issues facing retirees in America!

Looking Down the Road with Mike McMahon

Famous for making great calls on Power Trading Radio, master trader, Mike McMahon joins Merlin Rothfeld for a look at current market levels and what may fuel them to go higher. The duo take a look at dividend yields and offer insights into how to filter through companies to find the safest income generating stocks. Mike also revisits his lofty forecast for the markets for 2015! How  high does he see them going? Tune in and find out!

Across the World with Vishal Subandh

Merlin welcomes trader & educator, Vishal Subandh to the show to discuss how the Indian markets have been fairing over the past few months. The duo talk about the preferred trading vehicles, and the subtle differences between the US and India. Vishal also offers his insights into the direction of the Nifty index, Crude Oil, US dollar and much more.

Traveling The World with Brandon Wendell

The Road Warrior, Brandon Wendell joins Merlin for a look at his recent classes, travels, and more importantly. Trading! Merlin and Brandon answer several questions that relating to the Euro and specific trade setups on the Euro, Swiss Franc, and US Dollar. Brandon also talks about his All Asset Class Mastery XLT as well.

Changing the Guard with Roger Best

Markets and technology have changed significantly over the past 20 years! This change has slowly killed physical trading floors around the world. Master trader Roger Best joins Merlin for a look at how these changes have change the market landscape, and how it has impacted their trading careers.

Weekend Edition with John O’Donnell

Financial illiteracy is a major factor in America’s significant shortfall with retirement savings and much more. John and Merlin talk about how this illiteracy is spreading, and what we should do to help improve financial understanding. The duo also take a look at paper profits most investors hold, and how they should protect those gains in the face of a potential market correction.

Buy or Hold?! Housing Markets with Diana Hill

The residential market is heating up, leading to some bidding wars in various parts of the country. This has led many to inquire about selling their homes too! Is it the right choice? Tune in and listen to real estate expert, Diana Hill offer her thoughts on inventories, interest rates, and market data.

How To Capitalize On A Market Drop with Josip Causic

Spurred by a listener question about how to short the S&P 500, Merlin Rothfeld and Josip Causic break down the various methods to achieve the same goal. The duo breaks down the pros and cons of 4 different approaches to making money should the markets drop. They also talk about current market conditions and volatility.

Yuan Taking Over as Reserve Currency?

The US dollar shot up today, but is still struggling to make new highs. Many are questioning if the dollar is losing its footing as the global reserve currency as the AIIB is forming and pushing the Yuan to replace the dollar. Tim Pesut joins Merlin for a look at how this would impact markets, as well as breaking down the recent Aussie and Fed moves.

5th Anniversary Show!

With 1,239 episodes in the can, Merlin is greeted with a few guests to celebrate this historic anniversary show. Over 4 million downloads and views later, the Power Trading Radio team is happy to look at the past 5 years achievements, and embrace the next 5!

Weekend Edition with John & Merlin

In a change of pace from the normal Power Trading Radio format, Merlin and John take a look the 7 Habits of the World’s Richest People, and offer their own personal commentary on what it takes to be a successful trader.

European Downfall with Patrick Barron

Long time banking professor and Austrian economist, Patrick Barron joins Merlin Rothfeld and John O’Donnell for a look at the deterioration situation going on in Europe. Professor Barron sees some radical changes facing the EU, some which he is all but guaranteeing will happen over time! What does this mean for your long term holdings? Tune in and find out.

Trading Options with Craig Weil

Former Chicago floor trader, Craig Weil joins Merlin for a look at a listener question about using Options strike prices to determining where the  underlying stocks may be headed. Craig shares some stories about other strange trading ideas he has seen over the years, then offers insights into Natural Gas and the overall market.

Currency Roundup with Ilya Spivak currency strategist, Ilya Spivak joins Merlin for a look at what’s moving the global currency markets, and where they may be headed. The duo takes a look at the Fed, Euro, Dollar, Oil and much more.

Looking Forward with Scott McCormick

Dollar and equity markets rally with little in the way to stop them! Master trader Scott McCormick joins Merlin for a look at many macro factors which may continue to boost the markets going forward, yet hinder commodities. The duo analyze several currency pairs and the US Dollar, as well as several listener requested stocks.

Weekend Edition with John Tamny!

Political Economy editor at Forbes, John Tamny joins John O’Donnell and Merlin Rothfeld for a look at how the government is slowing Economic Growth, and wasting our money. The trio discuss government spending, the dollar and the healthy justification for recessions.

Mapping the future with Darek Zelek

The Federal Reserve is on the verge of raising rates for the first time in 9 years! What will the impacts be, and how can you position your portfolio to reap the biggest rewards? Tune in to find out how long term investors should embrace these upcoming market changes. Darek and Merlin also look at listener questions regarding gap protection and employee sponsored 401k programs.

The Undefendable with Walter Block and John O’Donnell

Prof. Walter Block joins Merlin and John for a look at a flawed way of thinking has guided our country down the wrong path! The trio discuss Austrian & Keynsian economics and the impacts they are having on our lives. They also talk about Prof. Block’s book “Defending the Undefendable”.

Fed, Money & Commodities with Scott Greer

Merlin and Scott scour the markets for trading opportunities which are abundant given the recent fed meeting! The duo takes a look at the essence of the feds actions as well as how it has impacted the US Dollar and the global commodity markets.

Stock Market Monday with Merlin Rothfeld

Alone in studio, Merlin answers  as many listener questions as he can! This show features lots of chart analysis and current market commentary, and insights into the way the financial markets really work. Tune in and see what stocks listeners want to talk about!

Weekend Edition with Merlin Rothfeld

Merlin breaks down the major events of the week and adds color commentary to our current market situation. He also takes a look at the European markets for trading opportunities as the dollar continues to rally, providing great international plays.

Market Timing with Debbie Hague

While Power Trading Radio generally focuses on trading of the major markets, financial intelligence stretches much broader across our lives. Trader and Author, Debbie Hague joins Merlin to help listeners understand the impact of financial decisions on their lives. Most learn about financial matters from those who stand to profit the most from you buying what they sell. Things like Annuities, 401k’s, Cars, student loans etc. With a little understanding of how it all fits together, the average person can make these important decisions by themselves, saving huge amounts of money!

Goodbye “Patience” with Tillie Allison

Wednesday started off looking like a typical down day, nice gap down, nice trend down.. then the 5’3” sorceress of the markets, Janet Yellen decided to remove the word “Patience” from her comments and the markets went NUTS! Tillie and Merlin take a look at how this impacts the markets going forward, including bonds, equity markets, currencies and more.

Here Comes The Debt Ceiling…. Again!

This week is filled with major market mover! Wednesday’s Fed meeting promises to bring high levels of volatility, then the looming debt ceiling crisis will build, adding more volatility! Merlin Rothfeld breaks these market elements down as well as answers several listener questions pertaining to the currency & equity markets.

Talking Stocks with Gabe Velazquez

Master trader and coach, Gabe Velazques joins Merlin in studio to talk about his current Pro Trader class at Online Trading Academy. The duo talk about how the markets have evolved and created the need for understanding multiple asset classes to help trading performance. They also stress the importance of a trading plan and journaling. Stocks covered in this show: QQQ, SPY, DIA, IWM, NFLX, USO

Weekend Edition with John O’Donnell

A wild week for the markets found most of the major indexes lower and commodities much lower! John O’Donnell and Merlin Rothfeld take a look at the driving forces behind these moves, including a breakdown of the US Dollar, interest rates and the potential fed moves. They also breakdown the CRB index and why investors need to be diligent in looking at exactly how those CRB index ETF’s are allocated.

Staying the Course with Russ Allen

Markets raced back near all time highs on Wednesday, erasing two days worth of losses. Long term investor Russ Allen joins Merlin to discuss how he and his ProActive investing students are trading the current rally. Russ talks about asset allocation and using multiple asset classes to not only generate income, but to protect your portfolio should there be a big correction.

Rate Spotting with Don Dawson

With so many speculating on when the fed will ultimately raise interst rates, Master trader Don Dawson prefers to follow the money! Back in September of 2014, the money said the big boys were betting on June for a hike, and things have changed! Don walks through his method for spotting what the institutions are doing, and also offers some insights into popular commodity futures such as grains and interest rate products.

Global Currency Markets with Scott Greer

The rising dollar continues to have an impact on the commodity markets creating some interesting trading opportunities! Merlin and Scott look at Gold and crude oil for key levels and how the dollar is impacting them! Scott also shares with listeners a trade that he is currently in on the EURNZD, as well as analysis if the Swiss Franc.

Equity Options with Marty Dim

With 22 years of trading experience on the floor of the Chicago Board of Options Exchange, and 39 years total trading experience, Marty Dim shares his thoughts on the equity markets and how he would trade at such extended levels. He also answers several listener questions pertaining to individual stocks like Apple and Facebook.

Weekend Edition with Dr. Joseph Salerno

John O’Donnell and Merlin Rothfeld welcome Dr. Joseph Salerno to Power Trading Radio for a look at Sound & Unsound Money, as well as the technological changes which may render fractional reserve banking obsolete.

A Mixed Bag with Michael Young

Mr. Young has spent many years on the floors of exchanges in Chicago, and had to adapt to may market conditions. On this episode of Power Trading Radio, the duo talk about Options, Futures, Currencies, market volatility and much more! Mr. Young also talks about his current trades on Natural gas, and explains the logic behind the trades.

Skyscrapers & Cyber security with Dr. Mark Thornton

Traders look at many strange things to get an idea of where markets are headed, and Dr. Mark Thornton brings a good one to Power Trading Radio! The Skyscraper index has worked remarkably well at picking economic crisis around the world. What is it telling us now? The trio of John O’Donnell, Dr. Thornton and Merlin Rothfeld look at this as well as the issues of net neutrality and cyber security.

Currency Markets with David Warner

The dollar flexes its muscle, rocking to its highs, causing many other currencies to sell off. Currency expert, David Warner joins Merlin to help analyze the dollar and many other currencies including, Aussie Dollar, New Zealand Dollar, Japanese Yen, British Pound and much more!

March Liftoff with Scott McCormick

In this equity filled show, Merlin Rothfeld and master trader Scott McCormick take a look at several listener questions pertaining to large companies which may be impacting our current markets. They then focus on market relationships and Scott’s BECK report to find clues as to markets direction going forward.

Weekend Edition with John O’Donnell

They Dynamic Duo of John O’Donnell and Merlin Rothfeld take a look at many of the current issues facing our trading markets including, the historic highs in the major indexes, Net neutrality, Oil, Gold and much more! Several topics are motivated by listeners questions which were sent in live during the show.

Finding Great Trading Opportunities with Gabe Velazquez

Over the past week, many listeners have expressed frustration with no quality supply levels on the major market indexes. Gabe Velazquez joins Merlin to look at alternatives to trading the indexes, and talks about how he is trading these markets. The duo also look at the surge in the US Dollar and how it is impacting and creating trading opportunities with currency futures.

Options & All Time Highs with Steve Moses

Hot from his options class in Milwaukee, Steve Moses joins Merlin for a look at how he and his students are dealing with markets with seemingly no supply levels to trade. Steve and Merlin also talk about daytrading options and adapting to what the markets give you as well as their preferred options strategies.

Oil, Money & Dividends with Mike McMahon

Mike and Merlin start things off by analyzing the Aussie Dollar and potential trade opportunities going forward. Focus then shifts to one of the larger Forex brokers stock as a listener is holding thousands of shares! Finally, Mike talks about how to capitalize on the current oil price by looking for strong dividend plays.

Trading Highs with Tillie Allison

Markets continued their stellar bullish run on Monday, even with a couple of the major indices failing to make new highs. Begging the question, How to trade all time highs? Tillie Allison joins us from Seattle to help answer this question and many more, on this edition of Power Trading Radio.

Weekend Edition with John O’Donnell

4 months… that’s how far the can has been kicked down the road by the EU finance ministers! John and Merlin weigh in on the impact of Friday’s decision and offer insights into where they see the Euro headed. The duo also look at housing markets, real estate, and gold in this edition of Power Trading Radio.

Personal Finance with Larry Jacobson

One of the new courses being taught at Online Trading Academy focuses on day to day elements of living and personal finance. Studies show that most Americans do not track what they are spending their money on, and thus, spending more than they should. Larry talks about the steps which will offer individuals more clarity on where there money is going, how to save more, and spend less! Merlin and Larry also look at a couple of listener questions regarding 401k programs and Roth IRA’s.

Uncharted Territory with Craig Weil

S&P 500, Dow and Russell 2000 hit all time highs, leaving many traders asking, “How do you trade this?!?!” Master trader Craig Weil joins Merlin to offer his insights into how to approach trades with No overhead supply! The duo also take a look at Natural gas, Nasdaq supply levels and contract specifications.

As Europe Turns with Tim Pesut

The European soap opera continues with the new Greece bailout deal! Is it a good thing, or just another Band-Aid on a much bigger problem? Master trader Tim Pesut joins Merlin to take a look at the Euro, Canadian Dollar, Pound, and Aussie dollar. Tim and Merlin analyze the charts and offer their thoughts on currency levels and direction.

Say's Law with Mark Thornton

John O’Donnell is joined by Dr. Mark Thornton of Mises Institute and they discuss JM Keynes vs Jean Bapiste Say methods to create wealth and the role of Say’s Law. Mark and John also discuss 2015 capital market forecasts, and why QE is not working in Japan, Europe, and the USA. They also get into James Grant's new bestselling book The Forgotten Depression and how it outlines the solution to cure recessions and depressions without QE and other money printing schemes.

Little Effort & Better Returns with Paul Orme

Like termites that tear away at wood, there are many factors that can tear into your rate of return and long term capital growth. Paul Orme joins Merlin Rothfeld for a look at simple things everyone can do to save significant amounts of money. It all starts with a good understanding of how fund managers and financial advisors get paid!

Sensory Deprivation with Matt Gildea

Every trader has routines and tricks to help keep them focused on their trades. Long time options trader, Matt Gildea joins Merlin to talk about how he uses a Sensory deprivation chamber to clear his mind and focus on his trading. Matt also helps listeners listener with questions pertaining to market volatility and using options to trade oil.

As the Currency Markets Turn with Justin Krebs

Justin Krebs joins Merlin for a thorough look at many different listener questions. The duo takes a look at the Aussie Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Japanese Yen, Suisse Franc, Dollar index, Fibonacci and much more!

Ratios & Spreads with Scott McCormick

Merlin kicks things off by offering some suggestions to traders who are struggling with whipsaw price action and volatility these past few months. Master trader Scott McCormick joins Merlin to offer his perspective on scanning the markets for trading opportunities, and relative strength comparisons. The duo also looks at the energy sector and the potential for buying at these levels.

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