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The Interest Rate Debate

Janet Yellen stoked the interest rate debate Friday morning, creating big waves in the markets. John and Merlin take a look at the current interest rate environment, and how it may be shaping up for the rest of the year. They also look at the fed’s role and how they have been dropping the ball with regards to their mandate.

Income Using Real Estate with Diana Hill

Real Estate expert, Diana Hill, joins Merlin to talk about different uses and goals for real estate. They look at a couple listener questions which focus on creating a solid income stream renting out multi-family homes and the flaws of the popular fix-n-flip TV shows!

Spot vs. Futures with Gabe Velazquez

Many are confused with the differences between spot and futures markets! Gabe Velazquez joins Merlin to help listeners determine which market is best for their trading and investing needs. The duo also take a look at the gold market for trading opportunities.

Eye on the Hole with Tim Pesut

Jackson Hole that is! Volatility and liquidity have been seeping out of the markets, leaving a listless low movement market. Time Pesut joins Merlin to talk about this market normality and why it’s all about to change! Janet Yellen and some of the most powerful bankers may make statements in the coming days which can create significant market moves!

Market Breakdown with Scott McCormick

Scott joins Merlin to talk about his most recent B.E.C.C. report, highlighting current market trends. They look at several market relationships which offer clues to current & future direction. They also look at several currency pairs for listeners.

Technology Innovations

Merlin and John usher in the weekend with a look at more technology innovations which are taking more jobs from the average worker. The look at the continuation of this trend as well as some trading opportunities created by it. John also answers some listener questions regarding bonds and bond investments.

Currency Markets With Reginald Ringgold

Reginald shares his thoughts on current market volatility, which has been much higher than your traditional summer doldrums! Merlin and Reginald look at the Eurusd, Usdjpy, the dollar index to evaluate correlation aspects and potential trading opportunities.

Developing Routines

For the first time, investors and traders across the nation will be able to get live perspective on the market from experienced professional traders. "Power Trading Radio" is aimed at an audience that wants to improve its edge through active participation whether the market is moving up, down or sideways. In addition to stocks, topics will include foreign exchange, options and wealth management.

Currency Wars with David Warner

Central banks around the world are slashing rates, and many are dipping into negative territory. David Warner joins Merlin to talk about the escalating currency war and what trading opportunities it is presenting. The duo looks at the Yen, Pound, US & New Zealand dollar to help answer listener questions.

Staying the Course with Tillie Allison

Merlin welcomes Tillie Allison to the show to talk about how investors should approach the bullish market, and the risks they should be willing to encounter. The duo also look at 401k questions from listeners, including early withdrawals and the utilization of margin.

Bond Yields Drop and Prices Rise

As bond yields drop, prices are on a solid uptrend! Is this the new normal? John O’Donnell joins Merlin Rothfeld for a look at many charts which might shed some clarity on this confusing topic! The duo also discuss factors which may further push up equity market prices! Finally, the look at a recent report illustrating that 50% of jobs in America will be lost to robots in the next 20 years! Scared? You should be!

Trading Day Roundup with Larry Jacobson

Online Trading Academy’s Director of Student Services, Larry Jacobson, joins Merlin for a look at several of the long term trades he has taken, and the logic behind them. Then he focuses on trades taken today and offers insight into how he sets these trades up.

Personalizing Forex with Sam Evans

Merlin and Sam answer many listener questions pertaining to the FX markets, including: Spot vs. Futures, New Zealand rate cut, trading time frames and much more! The duo also look at a listeners trade setup on the Aussie!

Surviving as a Trader with Merlin Rothfeld

Millions enter the fray of trading, yet only a handful make a living at it. Why is that? It all boils down to rules, strategy, and having a plan! Merlin walks listeners through some of the major learning lessons from his 20+ years of trading his own accounts.

Trading Systems with Roger Best

Over the years, many have asked about “Black Box” or trading systems. Do they work? Do we use them? Long time trader, Roger Best has spend a good amount of time working with developers and analyzing trading systems! He joins Merlin in studio, with a live audience, to talk about what he has learned over the years!

Jobs and Retirement

Jobs data helped vault the markets to all time highs on Friday, but was it justified? John and Merlin evaluate the data and break down some of the housing data to help paint a better picture of what is going on! The duo also look at Growing retirement problem in America and offer solutions to be better prepared.

Following the Plan with Sam Seiden

Sam Seiden, the Chief Education, Products, and Services Officer and Instructor at Online Trading Academy, joins Merlin to talk about the construction of a step-by-step approach to trading any market. The duo look at some of those steps, as well as evaluate some common pitfalls traders make, and how they can be avoided.

Looking At Different Angles With Josip Causic

Josip joins Merlin to discuss a listener question pertaining to buying call options, and how to go about it. The duo break down that particular approach, then go into different strategies which may help reduce risk on the trade overall.

Global Currencies with Brandon Tristan

Fresh out of an XLT session, Brandon Tristan joins Merlin to talk about the recent selloff in the US Dollar and how its impacting other currencies. The duo looks at the Yen, Euro and Dollar to identify potential trades setups suggested by listeners.

Feeling Gassy with John Rowland

Commodity markets have been going crazy recently with massive moves in Oil and Natural Gas! Floor trader John Rowland joins Merlin for a look at some of the fundamental drivers of these markets, and where he thinks they are headed.

Housing Market Hoedown

The housing market has played an instrumental role in the continual rally since 2009. Merlin and John look at a variety of charts to see if the strength is still there, and what impact it might have on our markets going forward. They also look at the trillions of dollars sitting in offshore accounts, and the impact it could have if brought back into the US.

Currency Wars with David Warner

Master trader, David Warner joins Merlin in studio to talk about the recent, and upcoming central bank announcements which have kept markets in uncertainty for the past couple years! David also offers some insights into the Japanese Yen currency pairs which face a major announcement later tonight!

Trade Planning with Vishal Subandh

From Mumbai India, Vishal Subandh joins Merlin to talk about some trades he has mapped on 3 specific markets. He details why the trades were chosen, and what the plan will be using multiple instruments. Later, Merlin and Vishal look at the Euro and Pound for potential trading opportunities.

Making the Call with Mike McMahon

Master trader, Mike McMahon is not afraid to make crazy market calls on the air with Merlin! In this session, Mike talks about his thoughts on his July 21st “Tech Crash” call, and offers insights into other market phenomenon which may be hitting out markets soon!

Bird Watching With Steve Bobbitt

Markets sit perched at all time highs, supported by a wealth of lackluster data. This has trader Steve Bobbitt feeling like a black swan event is nearing! Merlin and Steve look at what those events may look like and how they may impact the market. Later, they look at the upcoming fed meeting and the lack of market correlations!

Ascending Equity Markets

Equity markets continue their torrid ascent to all time highs, while the data for US growth has been showing weakness for the past year! Something is broken! Merlin and John look at the data and offer insights into why this is happening, as well as the potential time bomb facing financial firms around the world.

The Routine with Merlin Rothfeld

Merlin walks through some of the basic steps that he takes when making trades in all asset classes. It all begins with market analysis, then breaking down the specific assets which will present the best trading opportunities based on current  conditions. This brings in the odds enhancers, mastermind grid levels, and solid money management to help round out a great trade!

The Adaptation Game with Steve Moses

The market volatility has all but evaporated this past week, making it difficult for Options sellers to find trading opportunities. Master trader, Steve Moses joins Merlin to talk about what he is doing to accommodate these challenging times. Steve goes over his essentials of risk management,  and why he still prefers selling options to buying.

Uncharted Territory with Gabe Velazquez

With many markets at all time highs, many traders are looking for any opportunity to short! Master trader, Gabe Velazquez cautions against this strategy! Instead, focus on key levels and let the market tell you when to short, or go long! Gabe and Merlin look at several charts for insights as to where those upcoming levels may be.

A Case of the Mondays

For the first time, investors and traders across the nation will be able to get live perspective on the market from experienced professional traders. "Power Trading Radio" is aimed at an audience that wants to improve its edge through active participation whether the market is moving up, down or sideways. In addition to stocks, topics will include foreign exchange, options and wealth management.

Economic Apocalypse

Are you prepared for the next Economic Apocalypse?! Larry and David discuss Economist James Dale Davidson's prediction of a 50% correction in the stock market in 2016, as well as misconceptions and realities regarding retirement.

The Larry David Show

For the first time, investors and traders across the nation will be able to get live perspective on the market from experienced professional traders. "Power Trading Radio" is aimed at an audience that wants to improve its edge through active participation whether the market is moving up, down or sideways. In addition to stocks, topics will include foreign exchange, options and wealth management.

Weighing Your Options with Josip Causic

Several great questions pertaining to options came in over the past couple days, and Josip Causic joins Merlin in studio to go over them. The look at using the leverage provided with options to capitalize on market moves, as well as how to look at implied volatility to find trading opportunities.

All About The Levels With Scot Stokes

Merlin and Trader Scot Stokes talk about how they first focus on supply and demand levels before using any indicator or candlestick formations. They then answer a listener question on a shooting star found on the GE Daily chart.

Labor Participation, Credit and Global Stress

Jobs acted as the catalyst for the market surge on Friday’s trading session, but was it justified? John and Merlin look at several charts which shed a slightly different perspective than was reflected in the mainstream media! They also look at labor participation, credit, and the stress on global financial institutions.

Generating Income Using Options with Tillie Allison

Tillie Allison and Merlin Rothfeld take a look at a great listener question regarding an overzealous financial advisor. The duo point out some simple steps to help transfer money out of the financial advisors pockets and into yours! They also break down how being a seller of options can provide a lower risk approach to generating a consistent income stream.

Global Currencies with David Warner

More listeners than ever have been sending in questions about the Euro, Pound, the Fed and Quantitative Easing! Clearly a sign of uncertainty and confusion. Trader David Warner joins Merlin to talk about the continuing pressure on currency markets, and the great trading opportunities currently at hand!

Bangers & Mash with Larry Jacobson

Fresh back from a trip to London, Director of Student Services at Online Trading Academy, Larry Jacobson discusses his thoughts and observations regarding the Brexit and the potential trading opportunities. The duo also look at several historical charts for key levels and setups.

Brexit and Coal

As the dust settles on the Brexit vote, Merlin and John look at the impact the event has had on the global  markets, then break it down even further to identify a much bigger problem than the Brexit itself. The duo also look at the Coal industry and offer some insights per listener request!

Is Your 401k Safe? with Paul Orme

Another massive settlement hit the 401k industry today, this coming on the heels of any other firms being sued for gouging clients with fees. Trader Paul Orme joins Merlin to talk about what investors should be looking at to see if they are being gouged as well!

Been There, Done That with Craig Weil

With 43 years of trading experience under his belt, Craig is NO stranger to announcements like the Brexit vote. He offers his insights into how this impacted us so far, and what it might mean going forward. Craig also talks about risk management and scaling in and out of positions.

Market Analysis with Gabe Velazquez

The “Voice of Reason”, Gabe Velazquez joins Merlin to talk about how he has kept his XLT students calm and composed with all the market volatility caused by the Brexit. Gabe stresses rules and discipline as the major factors to success during periods of large market swings. The duo also go onto answer several listener questions pertaining to several currency pairs.

Trading Announcements With Matt Gildea

Master options trader, Matt Gildea, joins Merlin to talk about how he approaches major announcements such as Brexit, earnings and much more! The duo also take a look at the concept of relative strength and how they use it to find trading opportunities.

Weekend Edition Brexit Panel

Merlin welcomes John O’Donnell, Larry Jacobson and David Warner to discuss the major events that happened last night with the UK Referendum vote. They look at this as the first domino of many to potentially fall now that the UK has decided to leave the Euro. What does this mean for the markets going forward? Tune in and find out!

The Final Hours with Tracy Hubbard

In just a few hours, a MAJOR uncertainty will be removed from the market, the Brexit. Regardless of the outcome, the markets will have a chance to move past this hurdle and either seek out new lows, or vault to new highs. Currency trader, Tracy Hubbard offers his insights to how he and his students at Online Trading Academy will be trading the event, as well as analysis of the dollar index.

Trader Taxation with Michael Atias

Michael Atias of OTA Tax Pros joins Merlin to elaborate on topics from a previous show. How can you get Uncle Sam to contribute to your vacations? How can you make sure that you are not going to run in to problems with regard to trader status? Tune in and find out!

Building Pressure with Tim Pesut

Tim was the first to break the Brexit topic on Power Trading Radio back in 2015, and it has been snowballing every since! This week we will get a final decision on the UK departure and the resettling of global markets. Will the new normal be a EU without Britain?! Tim and Merlin discuss this as well as some of the currency pairs which will be experiencing much higher volatility over the next few days!

June B.E.C.C. Report with Scott McCormick

Scott and Merlin start off with a look at the Fed, and the possibility of upcoming events such as, rate hikes, or potentially another round of quantitative easing! Then focus shifts to the B.E.C.C. report, a monthly market outlook Scott performs to help shed light on any market changes which could present trading and investment opportunities.

Weekend Edition

“The Ambassador of Opportunity”, John O’Donnell joins Merlin to talk about the lack of action by the fed with regard to interest rates, and the potential impacts it may have going forward. They also look at the current status of the Brexit vote, and how it will impact US markets.

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