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The Weekly Weigh In with John O’Donnell

The dynamic duo of John and Merlin break down the current weakness in the equity markets and offer insights on where it may be headed. Later they take a look at HFT and how it is transforming the financial landscape, all while being a necessary element of market functionality. Finally, Merlin implements the Beach Body Challenge for John! For the next 21 days, he will be on a strict diet and exercise routine, in an attempt to get back to his ideal weight and fitness level! Are you ready for the challenge?!?

Diving into the Dark Pool!

Over the last 24 hours, many questions have come in regarding the Hiam Bodek interview and the impact of HFT and Dark Pools. Merlin offers his insights into how the landscape of the markets may change due to legislation and litigation, and where he sees the bigger problems in our markets. He also touches on why the Russell 2000 is a crucial index for identifying when markets are showing strength or weakness, and the sings its giving us right now!

HFT with Haim Bodek

Haim Bodek, former CEO of Trading Machines, a Prominent High Frequency Trading firm based in Connecticut, joins Merlin for a look into what has been happening in the HFT world. Haim takes a look at some of the significant changes which may ultimately change the landscape of the financial markets just like litigation did back in 1996! The duo also talk about Haim’s new class on HFT and system trading.

Trading Support with Brandon Tristan

Every trader seeks out other traders, yet most only find bad advice and shenanigans. Brandon Tristan is part of a world class team that works with groups of traders from around the world every day. This trading environment, XLT (Extended Learning Track), was designed to help traders share ideas, understand trading concepts and apply Online Trading Academy’s patented trading methodology in a live market environment all led by master instructors. Brandon shares some of his highlights before going onto analyze several listener questions regarding the currency market.

Market Relationships with Scott McCormick

Scott takes us inside his classroom for a look at how he prepares students for day to day action in the markets. He starts with a  top down approach which looks at relative strength and weakness across a broad variety of markets and sectors. From there, it’s about identifying the leaders and laggards for trading opportunities. Scott also talks about the BECK report, which is key in helping him understand money flow across asset classes.

Weekend Edition with Jim Puplava

President and CEO of Puplava Financial Services, Jim Puplava, joins Merlin to talk about how advancements in technology have changed our communications and financial landscape. The duo also look at some of the factors that are driving the markets to lofty levels, and the potential obstacles which may push us back into recession.

4 Years after Dodd-Frank with Paul Orme

After several years, Dodd-Frank has fallen short of its intended goal, leaving big firms to continue to reap big rewards off the average investor. Master instructor Paul Orme, joins the show to look at the plans shortcomings and what investors should be doing to secure their financial future. The duo also take a look at 401k rollovers and what to look out for.

Trading Options with Steve Moses

After teaching a great options class in Irvine, Steve Moses swings by the studio to join Merlin on set for a look what’s happening in the options world. Steve starts off with a quick look at what happened in his class and offers some basic learning steps for new traders. Later the duo talk about some of the newer innovations with Option expirations, and some technical analysis of securities.

Forex with Scott Greer

Teaching on the road in NC, Scott Greer takes time out of his schedule to join Merlin for a look at the significant currency movers. Scott shares his thoughts on the US Dollar indexes and how they should be adding more thrust for future market moves, until ultimately hitting a wall! Scott and Merlin take listener questions as well, shedding some light on the current trajectory of the Cable, and Loonie.

Beginning of the Correction with Mike McMahon

Master instructor, Mike McMahon, joins Merlin for a look at why he believes the Top for the year is in for the equity markets. He points to several factors which should start a nice, and much needed, correction! Later the duo take a look at Gold, Texas Instruments, Apple, and several other stocks. While he sees a good correction coming, he also is quick to point out that he is bullish on the markets going forward!

Weekend Edition with Mark Thornton

DR. Mark Thornton joins John O'Donnell and Merlin Rothfeld for a look at the resurgence of Detroit, and how many Austrian Economic principles are key in the resurrection. The trio also talks about drug policy and how political acceptance is impacting drug cartels around the world. This acceptance provides significant opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors alike! John also talks about his new weight loss challenge!

Inside your Brain with Dr. Woody Johnson

Author of “From pain to profit: Secrets of the peak performance trader”. Dr. Woody Johnson joins Merlin for a look at the crippling impacts fear and greed has on ones trading success. The duo talk about how they both overcame their own personal inner demons before moving on to better trading results.

Trading Futures with Tillie Allison

As markets continue to power to new highs, Tillie Allison offers insights as to how to protect profits and reduce risk exposure. She also talks about how she has transitioned  into other futures products like Oil to capitalize on volatility. Tillie also discusses her learning path and how she tries to give back by hosting special events at the Online Trading Academy centers when she is teaching.

Trading Currencies with Sunil Mangwani

Every trader has to start somewhere! Sunil Mangwani shares, with Merlin, his rocky road from book learning, to understanding the fundamentals of Supply and Demand. Sunil also takes a look into how commodities influence currency action and can be used as an odds enhancer. The duo also look at a variety of yen pairs including AUDUSD, USDJPY and GBPJPY.

Back in California with Craig Weil

Having traded for nearly 40 years, Craig Weil talks about his love for giving back through teaching, and the steps it takes to be successful. IT all begins with a plan for the day, which Craig gives an example of on the show. Later, Merlin and Craig offer analysis on Whole Foods and ComCast.

Live From FreedomFest 2014 - Day 3

President of the Ayn Rand Institute, Yaron Brook joins Merlin on set for an in-depth look at what Ayn Rands influence on the markets has had. He also voices his disgust for our current political structure and offers solutions as to how to improve it. John O’Donnell also joins Merlin for a look into his highlights from this year’s FreedomFest.

Live From FreedomFest 2014 - Day 1

John O’Donnell and Merlin Rothfeld Settle into the Las Vegas FreedomFest, broadcasting Live from the convention hall. The duo give an overview of what is happening at the conference, and set expectations for the coming days interviews!

Answers To Your Questions Part 2!

For the second day in a row, Merlin is alone in studio and takes the time to answer several listener questions. Using visual examples, he takes a look at how yesterday’s short bearish harami setup on the QQQs panned out, and the logic behind the setup. He also continues his discussion of using scanners on currency pairs, not just equities. Finally, he reviews the performance of the automated trading system account he opened up last month.

Sifting Through The Markets

With so many stocks to look at, many traders resort to scans and filters to help whittle down their selection to a select group which meets their specific criteria. Merlin answers a listener question on this and shows how he uses the filter to not only reduce the number of securities he is looking at, but also find trading opportunities. Merlin also talks about how to trade the Harami formation on the Nasdaq 100 and offers a nice trade setup on Texas Instruments.

Wealth Management with Tillie Allison

Tillie joins the show to talk about current market situations and give listeners a free copy of her DVD: How To Retire With More Money Than You Need. Tillie and Merlin take a look at the current record levels of the Dow, and offer suggestions for those who may have missed the run! They then talk about the bond markets and offer suggestions for using options to generate increased rates of return. Finally, Tillie briefly discusses taking profits and asset allocation concepts for present levels.

Trading Options with Larry Jacobson

With volatility dropping and markets showing compression, using different tactics and asset classes may be necessary. Master instructor and author, Larry Jacobson joins Merlin for a look at market timing principles using options. He shares a couple stories from his class this week which show the importance of having a thorough understanding of how to use options. They offer tremendous flexibility and income properties, but used incorrectly, they can be disastrous! The duo also takes a look at Larry’s book “Demystifying Success” and how it applies to all aspects of trading and day to day life.

Global Currency Markets

Big market moves to the upside, pushing some indexes to all time highs today! Exuberance or Justified? Merlin takes a look at today’s moves in the major indexes then shifts focus to the Dollar indexes (yes, both DXY and USDOLLAR). Negativity plagued the dollar while sending other currencies higher. This has broader implications for currency markets and Merlin sifts through this using charts of each currency. He also shares his thoughts on how economic announcements should be played.

Manic Monday with Mike McMahon

Over the past couple years this trader has made some outstanding market calls based off of technical and fundamental information. Last December he was calling for a market turn on the 23rd of January, and was spot on (check the archives!), he also called for a huge rally back in August 2011. Now he has another important date to look for coming up in July! Mike and Merlin talk about online education as well as go over a couple listener questions pertaining to specific stocks.

Weekend Edition with Tyler Reesor

Using precious metals and rare coins to ones portfolio can help diversify and protect from volatile market moves. Tyler Reesor of RCW Financial joins Merlin for a look at how to mix rare coins into ones financial portfolio. Tyler also shares with listeners some of the significant advantages as well as tax benefits rare coins provide. Tyler also shares with listeners a coin from 1793 valued at nearly $200,000! The duo also take a look at some of the current macro economic data and how it might shape markets going forward.

Take Control of the Long Term Investments!

For months, Merlin has been encouraging listeners to look at their long term investment accounts to get a greater understanding of how they are positioned in these uncertain times. On this show, several listeners seek further suggestions on just how to accomplish this. Merlin walks them through the steps to identify what the fees are with their long term investments and how to improve their personal financial situation.

The Upcoming Black Swan with Steve Bobbitt

The market is showing some signs of disconnect, broken relationships, and compression. This has master trader Steve Bobbitt worried about some unknown event hitting the markets in the near future. Steve also talks about how he was using the dollar as an odds enhancer with his futures trading students today in Irvine California. Merlin also talks about using economic data while trading forex and the ipo of GoPro tomorrow.

Following The Money with Tim Pesut!

After some great market calls his maiden voyage on PTR in March, Tim returns for his second Appearance. Merlin and Tim take a look at the carry trade prospects with the Kiwi and the negative Euro! Later, the duo take a look at some listener inspired Pound charts against both the dollar and Swiss Franc. And finally a look at interest rates which appear to be climbing for the Kiwi and Pound. 

Volatility and Sectors with Scott McCormick

Monday was a relatively flat trading session but the broader picture may be pointing to much more volatility ahead! Scott and Merlin look at the vix for clues to future price action and Scott points out something that has changed recently with regards to historical sector rotation models and leadership. Analysis is performed on coffee futures, Starbucks, FMC, Blackberry and more.

Weekend Edition with David Stockman

Former U.S. Politician, businessman and author, David A. Stockman joins Merlin and John for a look at the fed and the damage they are doing to our economy.  Mr. Stockman offers solutions, which surprisingly do not necessitate a return to the gold standard. Crony capitalism also takes center stage as the root of many of the currently issues facing our country. With so much macro market moving data out there, these markets create tremendous trading opportunities for educated investors and traders.

Housing Markets with Diana Hill

So many questions about the current housing market from Renting, buying and flipping, Merlin just had to bring on Online Trading Academy master instructor Diana Hill! Diana helps listeners understand the ins and outs of applying Market Timing principles to the housing markets regardless of what your goals are. She emphasizes the importance of having a plan and using calculators to make sure the deal makes financial sense.

Matt Gildea and Students in Studio!

Matt Gildea brings his Online Trading Academy class of ProTrader students into the studio for a show focusing on stocks. Matt and Merlin share their years of market wisdom with listeners, offering solid advise for those trading economic announcements and other significant market moving data. Matt and Merlin also talk about how they scan and filter the market for trading opportunities in the equity markets. Then finally, they analyze a couple of listener questions regarding specific stocks.

The Calm Before the Storm

In less than 24 hours, the FOMC meets to release many potentially significant market moving announcements. Merlin takes a look at the releases and offers words of advice on how to trade them. He also takes a look at the Dollar, Euro, Pound and other currencies which will be impacted by the announcements.

Getting to Know Joel Greenberg

Originally a student at Online Trading Academy, Joel Greenberg has applied what he has learned and gone on to be a successful trader and instructor. He shares his experiences with Merlin, and walks listeners though his progression as a trader. Joe also shares how his technical background helped him with his discipline. Later, the duo breakdown a couple trades from a stock and options perspective.

The New Depression with Richard Duncan

Economist and author of several books, Richard Duncan joins John O’Donnell and Merlin Rothfeld for a look at what he feels is the New Depression. A cycle of debt expansion that is leading to a nearly inevitable collapse, that not even a gold standard can safe. The trio discuss this and several other topics while Mr. Duncan offers a radical solution to it all. A solution that would put America back on top, and get us out from all this debt. Mr. Duncan also offers listeners 50% off the subscription to his video newsletter at

DVD Giveaway with Tillie Allison

Gifted trader and instructor Tillie Allison joins Merlin to discuss the long term aspects of investing and give away copies of her new DVD to all callers. Simply call 888-304-8723 to get a free copy! Tillie offer some insights into the differences between your traditional IRA and company sponsored 401k program. The duo stress the importance of getting started as early as possible in order to capitalize on compounding interest over time.

Futures Under the Microscope with Gabe Velazquez

Many trader make the mistake of looking at the wrong market data without even knowing it! Master trader, Gabe Velazquez joins Merlin to break down specific details of futures contracts including, rollover, forward contracts and the various types of contracts. This is crucial when planning trades, as using the wrong data, will lead to using the wrong levels!. The duo also look at the Canadian Dollar currency futures.

A Sit Down with Steve Forbes

President of Forbes inc. and former Presidential candidate, Steve Forbes joins Merlin Rothfeld and John O’Donnell for a look at several major factors which may lead to a second Great Depression. The trio discuss the concept of Flat Tax and how it might impact the markets and transition into Mr. Forbes new book about the devaluation of the US Dollar. Mr. Forbes voices his support for a gold standard to help add stability to the financial system and economy as a whole. Finally, Mr. Forbes talks about his upcoming Keynote speech at in July.

Talking Stocks with Darek Zelek

Master Trader and Instructor, Darek Zelek joins Merlin to analyze several listener questions pertaining to specific Stocks. They begin by looking at a seemingly innocent chart of Ebay, with many hidden problems! Later The financial sector looks great, yet a shorting opportunity looks even better with Goldman Sachs. Other market segments include Natural Gas and Apple.

Weekend Edition with Bert Dohmen & John O’Donnell

With over 40 years of trading experience under his belt, President of Dohmen Capital Research, Bert Dohmen joins Merlin and John for a look at the current status of the markets. After creating a distinction between the market and the economy, Mr. Dohmen addresses several issues plaguing both and raising concern for another large correction in the near future. The trio talk about jobs, “Prelude to a Meltdown”,  future market moves, FreedomFest and much more.

The Social Media Show with Zenobia!!

The gatekeeper for all things social media at Online Trading Academy, Zenobia, joins Merlin for a show dedicated to our community. The show centers around risk management, providing some listener answers to posted questions, and Merlin also adds in his commentary as well. The duo also talk about the biggest risks they have ever taken in trading.

Options Trading with Steve Moses

Merlin and Steve help listeners understand the basics of options trading, including at look at how to make sense of an options chain. Later the progress into more complex topics such as spread trading, implied volatility as well as how to trade weekly options. Steve and Merlin also critique a listeners options trade on Apple.

Forex Markets with Brandon Wendell

Back from a long motorcycle ride to teach in Kansas City, Brandon Wendell joins Merlin for a look at the global currency markets and listener questions! To start, Merlin looks at listener questions regarding Quicksilver and United Airlines, offering technical analysis for video viewers. Brandon takes a look at the US Dollar and its impact on the equity and commodity markets. This leads to a discussion of the Euro and its relative strength to a variety of other currencies. Finally, the duo offer suggestions on how to read volatility in the forex markets.

Listener Question Monday

Merlin takes this opportunity to dedicate a show solely to listener questions. Questions range from Supply and Demand strategies for Mutual funds to Market Timing of precious metals, Coal stocks to internet media giants. Merlin also illustrates many examples with extensive use of charts and technical analysis.

Weekend Edition with John O’Donnell

May ended on a sweet note with all 4 major market indexes finishing up for the month. Will that continue in June? John O’Donnell joins Merlin for a big announcement about an upcoming event where Power Trading Radio will be broadcasting live with a ton of great speakers! John and Merlin also discuss the importance of metals and where the trading opportunities may lie.

Retirement Obstacles with Paul Orme

Master Instructor and investor, Paul Orme, joins Merlin for a continuation conversation about the problems with 401k providers and their sneaky ways. Paul talks about the relationship between companies and the 401k providers and how there is a disconnect in fiduciary responsibility for the employees money. To compound this even further, Paul talks about how the Mutual Fund industry worked their way into the mix. The duo also talks about Social Security and some of the considerations individuals nearing retirement should focus on.

Trading Options with Russ Allen

Coming off a whirlwind teaching tour, Master trader Russ Allen sits down with Merlin to talk about the new technology which allows him to teach traders online while watching each of their trading screens. This allows him to correct mistakes, and show proper trading techniques to traders who are in the comfort of their own homes, around the world. Later, Russ handles a couple listener questions about Implied volatility, and shows a couple tools to measure it. More importantly, he shares with listeners what IV means to a professional trader and why we should pay special attention to it. Merlin and Russ also discusses his upcoming Hour with the Pros, where he will be covering OCO and Bracket orders.

Mastering the Mental Game with Dr. Woody Johnson

The Doctor is in the house for an episode dedicated to helping listeners overcome some of their trading challenges. Dr. Woody Johnson and Merlin offer solutions to several listener problems, including: fear of trading live, how to identify trading problems, inability to take losses and much more. Are you having trading issues? Tune in and find out if their solutions help you get past those obstacles. If not, send in your issues and they will discuss them on the next show.

Weekend Edition with John Mauldin and John O'Donnell

New York Times best selling author and financial expert, John Mauldin joins Merlin and John for a look at the current drivers of innovation and change in our country. Topics range from Debt to Jobs, Technology to Energy. Previously on the show, Mr. Mauldin has talked about the fact that Jobs WILL come, just not sure where from. In this episode of Power Trading Radio, he sheds some light onto where job growth may come from, providing some trading and investing opportunities for listeners. John also talks about his book "Code Red" which is available now at Amazon.Com

Options and Investing with Jose Blasco

Instructor of the year at Online Trading Academy, Jose Blasco, joins Merlin for a look at using different investment vehicles to help investors achieve their long term goals. The duo talk about some of the key steps to determining what Rate of Return one needs for retirement. This involves a bit of work, and some sophisticated calculators! Jose also looks at the different ways to use options to achieve the same objective as well as how to use them in retirement accounts.

The Helping Hand of Jeff Manson

Many instructors do their best to help traders progress and achieve their financial dreams. Some take it one step beyond! Jeff Manson not only teaches physical classes and trades, but he takes any spare time to help in the Mastermind Community, honing trader skills. Jeff shares with listeners some of the high points of his day as well as offer suggestions to new traders looking to make it. Merlin and Jeff also talk about how the market impacts specific stocks and sectors to help us find high probability, low risk trading opportunities.

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