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Trading Announcements With Matt Gildea

Master options trader, Matt Gildea, joins Merlin to talk about how he approaches major announcements such as Brexit, earnings and much more! The duo also take a look at the concept of relative strength and how they use it to find trading opportunities.

Weekend Edition Brexit Panel

Merlin welcomes John O’Donnell, Larry Jacobson and David Warner to discuss the major events that happened last night with the UK Referendum vote. They look at this as the first domino of many to potentially fall now that the UK has decided to leave the Euro. What does this mean for the markets going forward? Tune in and find out!

The Final Hours with Tracy Hubbard

In just a few hours, a MAJOR uncertainty will be removed from the market, the Brexit. Regardless of the outcome, the markets will have a chance to move past this hurdle and either seek out new lows, or vault to new highs. Currency trader, Tracy Hubbard offers his insights to how he and his students at Online Trading Academy will be trading the event, as well as analysis of the dollar index.

Trader Taxation with Michael Atias

Michael Atias of OTA Tax Pros joins Merlin to elaborate on topics from a previous show. How can you get Uncle Sam to contribute to your vacations? How can you make sure that you are not going to run in to problems with regard to trader status? Tune in and find out!

Building Pressure with Tim Pesut

Tim was the first to break the Brexit topic on Power Trading Radio back in 2015, and it has been snowballing every since! This week we will get a final decision on the UK departure and the resettling of global markets. Will the new normal be a EU without Britain?! Tim and Merlin discuss this as well as some of the currency pairs which will be experiencing much higher volatility over the next few days!

June B.E.C.C. Report with Scott McCormick

Scott and Merlin start off with a look at the Fed, and the possibility of upcoming events such as, rate hikes, or potentially another round of quantitative easing! Then focus shifts to the B.E.C.C. report, a monthly market outlook Scott performs to help shed light on any market changes which could present trading and investment opportunities.

Weekend Edition

“The Ambassador of Opportunity”, John O’Donnell joins Merlin to talk about the lack of action by the fed with regard to interest rates, and the potential impacts it may have going forward. They also look at the current status of the Brexit vote, and how it will impact US markets.

How Institutions Are Taking Your Money!

Most financial advisors will tell you that you need to earn a 6-8% rate of return to achieve your retirement goals. Sadly, they do not tell you that they are charging you up to 10% just to be in the investments they advise! And you’re going to pay that fee regardless of market performance! Merlin Rothfeld looks at how the industry is systematically taking what is rightfully yours in exchange for Nothing at all! He looks at ways to get around some of the big fees and put that money back in your pocket. Above all, it’s about education and knowing what to look for! Do you know what to look for?

The Brexit is Coming with David Warner

Today’s unsurprising announcement from Janet Yellen didn’t do much to the markets here in the US, however, all eyes are focused on the nest weeks news. Forex Trader, David Warner joins Merlin on set to talk about some of the finer details of today’s fed announcement, and how it’s shaping up next Thursdays bomb!

The Brexit with Bill Henner

The next couple have some major announcements for all financial markets! Next week, the Fed will make its rate statement, and on June 23rd, the UK will vote on leaving the EU! Veteran floor trader, Bill Henner, joins Merlin to talk about these issue as well as break down some charts from the technical perspective!

Buyouts with Merlin Rothfeld

A massive buyout of LinkedIn had many questioning the action and how it might play out. Merlin offers his 2 cents on the subject and also addresses listener questions on insider transactions and dividends.

Weekend Edition with John O’Donnell

Merlin and John look at the impact of company buyback programs and the CEO effectiveness at timing the markets with buybacks. They also look at the current debt picture in the US, and the eerily similar picture to 2007! Finally, they look at the most recent economic data and offer their insights into next week’s rate hikes.

The Story Behind the Patent with Sam Seiden

Traveling around the world to teach & trade is the life of Sam Seiden! Power Trading Radio managed to get a few minutes with Sam to talk about Online Trading Academy’s patented trading methodology, as well as a little market insight. Merlin and Sam discuss the importance of knowing which side your on: Novice or Professional. Which side are you on?

Trading Plans & Currencies with Jody Wong

Jody is live on set to talk about the importance of planning your trades as well as identifying personal strengths and weakness in trading. If you don’t do it, the market certainly will. Later, they look at some listener questions on spot pairs including, the Canadian dollar, crude oil, British pound and Yen.

Global Currencies with Reginald Ringgold

Interest rates and the global currency war have flooded Power Trading Radio with currency related questions! Veteran trader Reginald Ringgold joins Merlin Rothfeld in studio to answer several of these questions including: the Euro, British pound, Australian dollar, us dollar and much more!

Stock Analysis with Scot Stokes

Fresh out of a ProTrader class in Irvine California, Scot Stokes joins Merlin Rothfeld on set to discuss some recent listener questions regarding Semiconductor stocks, candlestick patterns, and the once all mighty Apple!

Oil and Metals with Paul Buzby

The oil rally is up nearly 90% off its January lows, and there may be some obstacles in its current trajectory! Senior Consultant at RCW Financial, Paul Buzby, joins Merlin Rothfeld on set to talk about his outlook for oil, and to discuss the recent KPMG report on Rare Coin Wholesalers!

Build Wealth Using The Tax Code with Michael Atias

Director of Tax Services at OTA Tax Pro’s, Michael Atias joins Merlin Rothfeld on set to talk about how everyone, including traders should be utilizing the code to help keep more of the money that they make. Michael answers several listener questions regarding deductions for education, travel, and much more!

Global Currencies with Vishal Subandh

Live from Mumbai India, Vishal Subandh joins Merlin for a look at currencies many listeners have been asking for. Including: the Euro, Dollar Index, Aussie, and the Pound Rupee Cross. Vishal and Merlin also discuss the relationship between the US Dollar and Oil.

A Module of Capitalism

The Ambassador of Opportunity John O'Donnell takes on hosting duties while Merlin is on sabbatical.  He and special guest Mark Thornton discuss capitalism from many different angles and much more.

Trading Platforms with Damontre Owens

Many people new to the financial markets think it’s only about having a good trading strategy! Truth is, there are many variable which impact your chances for success! One of the biggies is a trading platform. Merlin welcomes trader Damontre Owens to the show to talk about some of the considerations traders & investors should take into consideration when searching for a trading application.

The World Reserve Currency War with Reginald Ringgold

For years we have been monitoring the growing global power of China and its pressure to take over the worlds reserve currency status. Trader & instructor, Reginald Ringgold joins Merlin to talk about some important changes to this global power struggle, which is starting to change its course! Who will win? Tune in and find out!

The B.E.C.C. Report with Scott McCormick

Last month, Scott revealed the findings of his monthly B.E.C.C. report, which showed a bearish bias for the markets based off of several key factors. In the 30 days since that show, the markets have dropped by more than 2%! What will the next 30 days hold? Tune in and find out!!

The Current State of the Commodity Market

To help quench Power Trading Radio’s listeners thirst for more information on Gold and other metals, CEO of US Global Investors, Frank Holmes joins John O’Donnell and Merlin Rothfeld to talk about the current state of the commodity market. The trio look at gold and gold stocks, as well as some new ETF’s in the airline and municipal bond space.

Q & A with Merlin

Merlin devotes this show to answering many unanswered listener questions from the past week. Topics range from Forex Setups, mortgage rates, arbitrage and even back testing.

Trading Options For A Living with Michael Young

With over 36 years of trading experience, and much of that on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Mr. Young holds a wealth of trading knowledge! Michael shares what he calls his “bread & butter” trades, and how he uses them to generate income. The duo also look at trend analysis, multiple time frames, and the use of major announcements like we had today.

Global Uncertainty Rules with Tim Pesut

Just weeks away from the potentially historic vote in the UK, markets are particularly volatile! Tim Pesut takes time after his class in Milwaukee Wisconsin to discuss the factors he sees moving these markets and where they may be headed! Tim and Merlin look at the Aussie, Euro, Dollar and much more!

Monday Rant with Roger Best

Anyone who has traded for a while knows that the media is the MASTER at distorting facts, twisting words and pointing the finger! Roger joins Merlin to talk about a video that was posted on CNBC which included a ridiculous viewpoints on HFT & Shorting between Steve Wynn and Jim Cramer. Roger shares his thoughts and offers clarity into how the markets truly operate!

Misperceptions of Capitalism & Social Inequality

Dr. Mark Thornton, John O’Donnell and Merlin Rothfeld look at the misperceptions of capitalism and social inequality. All this revolves around a theme of being more involved with your personal finances, and work on a plan to grow your net worth. Later, they look at how gold has held up with other asset classes, and as a store of value far better than fiat currency.

Loving the Fed with David Warner

The battle between technicians and fundamentalists rages on, but there is no battle here! David and Merlin both share how they use fundamental data to help plan out trades, and enhance their probability of success. They emphasize that the fundamentals are a secondary factor to the primary trade analysis on a supply and demand basis, regardless of trading time frame. David also shares some of the criteria he filters for when reviewing central bank statements from around the world.

The Mental Game with Dr. Woody Johnson

One of the toughest aspects to trading is Psychology! Merlin welcomes trading psychologist and coach, Dr. Woody Johnson to the show to help listeners seeking answers to their trading issues. The duo look at a variety of complex problems which all traders suffer through.

3 Assets, 1 Goal with Josip Causic

On a day that offered only food for the bulls, Josip and his students were treated to some great trades! He walks Power Trading Radio listeners through the selection process for his trades, which includes analyzing futures, indicies, index components, equities and ultimately options. With winning trades in hand, he performs one last trick at the end of the trading session.

Catching Up With Larry Jacobson

In a short but entertaining segment, Larry Jacobson joins Merlin in studio to talk about a trade he opened recently on Amazon, which echoes the sentiment of a listener inquiring about shorting opportunities in the same stock. Merlin also answers several listener questions about markets and trading styles.

Weekend Edition with John O’Donnell

Given the number of questions about Silver and other commodities, John O’Donnell and Merlin Rothfeld devote the entire show to the mining industry. The duo looks at mining, royalties and global demand as potential factors for buying into silver, but both caution about buying at these levels!

Weekend Wrap with John O'Donnell

Given the number of questions about Silver and other commodities, John O’Donnell and Merlin Rothfeld devote the entire show to the mining industry. The duo looks at mining, royalties and global demand as potential factors for buying into silver, but both caution about buying at these levels!

Leading Indicators with Mike McMahon

Everyone wants the crystal ball to see the future, yet nobody has it. What we do have is a wide array of resources, each designed to help us understand where things may be headed! Mike McMahon joins Merlin to talk about an indicator he uses to help anticipate market trends, and right now, its way out of whack! The duo also talk about PE ratios and how they can be misleading in the markets.

Welcoming Back Tillie Allison

After a short vacation in France, Tillie is back in the monthly rotation on Power Trading Radio. Tillie and Merlin discuss several markets including the S&P 500, Gold and Oil. The duo look at key levels, as well as address some of the key relationships between these assets.

Market Analysis With Chris Manson

Chris joins Merlin on set in Irvine California where he talks about several trade setups that he and his students were working in class today. These trades were taken from several sources, including XLT, Mastermind grid, and class analysis. Later, Merlin and Chris talk about the current levels on the S&P 500 and offer insights into where they see it heading.

Filtering the Noise with Craig Weil

With 44 years of trading experience, much of that on the floor of the CME, Craig Weil knows a little bit about trading! Craig shares his thoughts on how he filters through all the market noise emitted daily in the mainstream media. He focuses on a different set of data points that he shares with listeners. He also talks about one of the characteristics that can really lead to successful trading!

PTR Weekend Edition: the Inflation/Deflation Debate

Merlin and John talk about the inflation/deflation debate and offer their thought as to where we are on the cycle. They also look at the rates of return for a variety of asset classes, trying to identify fundamental changes in the markets. Finally, the FOMC actions & impacts are looked at.

Apples in India with Vishal Subandh

Live from Mumbai India, Vishal Subandh joins Merlin to talk about some great setups on local markets, as well as market relationships which may add to higher probability trades. The duo also look a listener question pertaining to the Apple expansion into India.

Against All Odds with Merlin Rothfeld

Alone in studio, Merlin takes a look at the inconceivable market rally which refuses to acknowledge a poor earnings season, and economic data. This transitions to a trade setup and analysis for the platinum futures, offering insight into risk management techniques.

Currency Markets with Tracy Hubbard

When Tracy was on Power Trading Radio last, he and Merlin made some great calls on the GBPNZD, and other currencies. This time around, the duo focuses on the impacts of Oil on the currency markets as well as insights on several different pairs.

Scott McCormick's B.E.C.C. Report

Scott Joins Merlin for his monthly market outlook, more commonly referred to as the B.E.C.C. report. Scott breaks down some of the current market correlations and what their implications may be for the market going forward.

Talking Commodities with Rick Rule

John and Merlin welcome the President of Sprott Global Resource Investments, Rick Rule to the show! The trio look at many aspects of the commodities market including gold, silver, copper, mining companies and much more!

Resources for Trading Success with Larry Jacobson

The Director for Student Services at Online Trading Academy, Larry Jacobson, joins Merlin on set to talk about some of the new resources in place to further accelerate information retention and trading success! Larry and Merlin also answer questions about today’s selloff, and offer suggestions as to the catalyst.

Market Highs with Michael Young

Master trader, Michael Young joins Merlin for a look at how traders should approach the upcoming market highs. He suggests doing what the markets least expect you to do!! What does that mean? Tune in and listen to Michael and Merlin explain!

Money Makes The World Go Round with Tim Pesut

Tim and Merlin talk about the significance of currency markets in all asset classes, and how they help as odds enhancers. The duo also look at the Euro, Pound, Yen, Dollar and many more currencies, looking for trading opportunities. They also answer many listener questions about the Brexit and interest rates.

The Making of a Great Trader with Scott Chrisan

Every trader has a journey to tell when it comes to trading! Scott Chrisan joins Merlin on set to talk about his path from Institutional trading to trading his own accounts over the past 16 years. He shares with listeners some of his biggest learning lessons, and what he did to overcome obstacles to ultimately be a professional trader.

Macroeconomics and Marijuana with Jeff Deist

John O’Donnell and Merlin Rothfeld welcome the President of The Mises Institute, Jeff Deist to Power Trading Radio for his 3rd visit! Jeff talks about the potential impacts of negative interest rates, as well as the moral hazards of a bad monetary policy. Later, the tri look at the booming industry of Marijuana in the US.

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