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Money and Oil with Tim Pesut

While some currencies have not had a great sense of direction recently, Master Trader Tim Pesut talks about other areas he looks to for trading opportunities. Merlin and Tim differ on their outlook for oil going forward, which will ultimately find one of them right! Tim also offers some insights into the Canadian and Australian Dollars.

Set & Forget with Ryan Watkins

Equity markets continued their rapid ascent Monday, ending the day near supply levels which could prove challenging for tomorrows upside push. Master Trader, Ryan Watkins, joins Merlin in studio to answer some listener questions on topics ranging from set & forget orders to tactics for dealing with volatile markets.

A Case for Raising Rates with Paul Buzby

Paul Buzby, Senior Consultant at RCW financial joins Merlin Rothfeld for a look at why he not only thinks the fed should raise rates, but why it will be a good thing for America! The duo also look at a variety of alternative investment vehicles for protection from volatile markets.

Is QE4 Coming?

While most of the financial world is bracing for raising interest rates sometime this year, trader Scott Greer feels that they will Not raise, and will eventually bring another round of QE! Merlin and Scott look at this possibility as well as some great technical analysis of the Aussie and the Euro/Pound.

Trader Taxation with Michael Atias

Is there a way to keep more of the money that you earn from working and trading? Absolutely! Michael Atias of OTA Tax Pros joins Merlin to talk about how everyone can benefit from having a custom tax strategy. Whether you are a trader or not, there are many ways to keep more of what you make, and ways to write off expenses for your day to day activities.

Making The Most of MasterMind with Jeff Manson!

There are a Zillion HORRIBLE resources out there for the average trader, and very few Great ones! Jeff Manson joins Merlin to talk about how the MasterMind levels are in a class all by themselves. These levels identify high probability turning points in the market on any time frame you choose. On this particular day, 7 out of 8 levels hit, making for a great trading day! The duo also analyze the S&P 500 for potential clues as to market direction.

Market Psychology with Craig Weil

Master Trader, Craig Weil joins Merlin in studio to talk about current market levels, and also answers several listener questions pertaining to trade plans & psychology. Last time Craig was on, he was decisively bearish, where does he stand now? Tune in and find out!

Weekend Edition with John O’Donnell

John O’Donnell joins Merlin Rothfeld in studio to talk about major market themes. John takes a look at the automotive industry which has been beaten up recently. He points out several factors which may make him a buyer at some upcoming demand levels. The duo also looks at the recent moves by Janet Yellen for additional market moves, and how currencies might be affected.

How Moving Are Moving Averages?

Earlier this week, Irfan Patel showed how he likes to incorporate Moving averages into his trading. Apparently this sparked many others to send in questions about them! Merlin adds his personal thoughts and addresses more questions on moving averages, from a long term investing perspective.

Managing Option Risk with Matt Gildea

Many traders rush into trading, taking on far more risk than needed, and often blowing their account because they simply didn’t know the asset class they were trading. Matt Gildea joins Merlin live on set to talk about some problems that listeners sent in regarding options trading. Matt outlines safer ways to achieve trading goals using options.

Tools Of The Trade with Irfan Patel

Master trader, Irfan Patel joins Merlin in studio to talk about the current forex market, and trading opportunities. Irfan answers several listener questions about using technical indicators when he trades, as well as analysis of the Euro, and US dollar setups.

The B.E.C.C. Report with Scott McCormick

Like the human body, the markets have many ways to tell us whether we are healthy or ill. Master Trader Scott McCormick shares with listeners his latest market observations using his B.E.C.C. report, which breaks down many market segments and tries to identify potential trend changes.

Weekend Edition with John O’Donnell

The Ambassador of Opportunity joins Merlin Rothfeld for a look at the big headlines of the week! Of course the major one being the fed’s decision to keep rates the same. The dynamic duo also look at the impacts of Chinas massive consumption of natural resources and how their slowdown might hit global markets even harder.

Financial Matters with Ara Bayindiryan

The Fed held its course, with no raise in rates. This caused significant gyrations in the market, ending the day on a mostly negative note. Financial Matters master, Ara Bayindiryan joins Merlin to help shed some light on some of the growing issues facing retirees. They look at the complexities of Life Insurance products, and creating your own income stream using bond products.

Life On The Exchanges with Wayne Citron

Many will never even set foot on the floor of a real trading floor! Wayne Citron has spent over 40 years on them! From the Midwest Exchange, Chicago Board of Trade and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, he has traded them all! Wayne shares with Merlin how he became a trader on the floor and some of the major learning lessons he faced along the way. Merlin and Wayne also take a look at Natural Gas,  S&P 500 and the all important fed announcement coming out tomorrow!

Shooting For the Moon with Mike McMahon

In January, Mike McMahon made some lofty forecasts for the S&P 500, and the market has sold off a bit. On this show, he makes a slight revision, but still declares his market bullishness with a revised forecast. The duo also take a look at the Aussie dollar, Euro Pound, Oil and Exxon Mobile.

Stock Q & A with Merlin Rothfeld

Alone in studio, Merlin answers many listener questions starting with the all important question: Will the Fed raise rates on Thursday?! He also covers buying opportunities with the fall in gas prices, trading biotech stocks, Lululemon, and the potential for a reversal in the Chinese markets.

Weekend Edition with John O’Donnell

You would think that trillions of dollars would get you something for your money! John and Merlin take a look at how the past decade has panned out from an employment perspective and what the charts tell us about the health of our economy. John and Merlin also look at the Health of the financial markets, which appear to be doing FAR better. But will it last?

Planning For The Unknown with Tillie Allison

Many investors are wondering, “What’s Next?” with regards to the financial markets. Merlin and Tillie talk about some of the steps necessary to remain vigilant in these volatile market times. One listener in particular is 100% long the S&P 500, and worried about further slides in the market… and she should be worried. Tillie and Merlin offer suggestions as to how to protect the portfolio, and possibly diversify.

Trading Improvements with Joann Farley

Many traders struggle to find their way, but don't get the help they need to make it to the promised land. Joann Farley joins Merlin to talk about many of the amazing resources available to traders at Online Trading Academy looking for help, and solutions to what ails them. She points out specific areas in the Mastermind and Clubhouse programs where struggling traders can hone the fundamental skills needed to move up the rungs of professional trading.

Inside Your Head with Dr. Woody Johnson

Merlin sits down with author, trader, psychologist, Dr. Woody Johnson. He answers a variety of listener questions ranging from the common fear of pulling the trigger on a trade, implementation of a trade psychology review, and taking psychology tests to help determine your strengths and weaknesses in your trading.

Weekend Edition with John O'Donnell

John O'Donnell Sits in for Merlin. He discusses the global credit purge cycle within the Online Trading Academy core strategy. Learn how to prosper in the months and years ahead in the global capital markets deflationary trends.

A Look Inside Indian Markets with Vishal Subandh

With 5 years under its belt, Online Trading Academy India has experienced tremendous success and growth. Master instructor Vishal Subandh joins Merlin from Mumbai India, to share his recent classroom experiences and several trade setups he sees for the Indian markets.

New Highs or Deeper Lows with Craig Weil

As the markets continue with significant gyrations, many are wondering what it will take to make new highs in the market. Former floor trader, Craig Weil, joins Merlin to offer his perspective on where we are headed based on market seasonality and emotion.

The Selloff Continues with Merlin Rothfeld

After a brief market rally, sellers came back in force today pushing the broad markets down over 2% across the board. Merlin takes a look at the major movers before answering several listener questions on a wide variety of currency related topics.

The Pre-B.E.C.C. Report with Scott McCormick

Veteran market technician, Scott McCormick, joins Merlin to discuss the driving forces in our volatile market. Scott starts off by looking at the current market pattern displayed in the S&P 500, and what it might mean for future price action. Focus then shifts to the bond market and an interesting relative strength comparison of several bond products and the S&P 500.

Weekend Edition with John O'Donnell & David Morgan

John O'Donnell interviews silver expert David Morgan. They discuss metals, credit purge and the inflation vs deflation debate.

Market Timing with Sam Seiden

The architect of Online Trading Academy’s Patented Supply and Demand Methodology, Sam Seiden joins Merlin Rothfeld to talk about some recent trades which capitalized on the extreme market volatility. Sam stresses the importance of identifying zones where price is most likely to turn, then use other supporting information if needed to make the trade. Sam also talks about his new Lessons From the Pros article.

Pointing The Finger with Roger Best

Extreme volatility continues to slap the market with trading opportunities. Many are looking for the culprit, and a popular target for the TV pundits has been High Frequency Trading. Roger Best joins Merlin to give a real explanation to HFT’s involvement in the selloff, and why he feels investors have been misled.

Follow the Money with Alex Perna

Another wave of selling pummeled the markets today, causing several currencies to rally in to strong supply and demand zones. Online Trading Academy instructor, Alex Perna joins Merlin to talk about his evolution as a trader and share some of his bigger learning lessons. Alex and Merlin look at the weakness in the Dollar and opportunities in other currencies like the Pound, Yen, Canadian dollar, and much more!

The Meltdown Continues with Tillie Allison

Markets extended last week’s losses with steep declines on Monday. Tillie Allison joins Merlin for a look at how she is handling the market declines, and what she sees happening in the near future. The duo answer several listener questions, most in dismay on the market declines and the selloff in nearly everything!

Weekend Edition with John O’Donnell

The numbers don’t’ lie, and they show that we are in the midst of “Crash Season”! What does that mean for you and your portfolio? John and Merlin show some startling market stats, as well as compelling facts on global debt which both present possible investing and trading opportunities going forward!

The Bend at the End With Larry Jacobson

Markets took a shot in the jaw on Thursday, leading many to jump to the conclusion that the crash is about to begin. Larry Jacobson joins Merlin to put it in perspective and offer solutions if the market does continue to the downside. He also looks at some options tactics that will help traders and investors ride out any market.

Moneyball Trading with Steve Moses

Options master, Steve Moses joins Merlin for a look at the probability side of trading all asset classes. Just like Billy Martin of the Oakland A’s pioneered a pure statistical probability approach to baseball, Steve uses a similar approach to his trading. He does not “swing for the fences”, but is just concerned with small winning trades, which may ultimately turn into big winners with proper money management. However, all of that would be for not if risk management was not an important part of his trades.

Spot On with Irfan Patel

London trading veteran, Irfan Patel, calls in to join Merlin to talk about the “doldrums” of currency trading in the summer months. Irfan answers many listener questions on a wide range of currencies including the Pound, Kiwi, Canadian & US Dollar. Some of these are displaying great trading opportunities going forward.

North Of The Border with Paul Orme

Trader/Investor Paul Orme is currently at the brand new Online Trading Academy facility in Toronto teaching a ProActive investing class. He joins Merlin via phone to talk about some of the major pitfalls individuals nearing retirement should take into consideration.  The duo also talk about fees and income generation methodologies. Paul also shares how he is currently using options to generate income for his long term accounts.

Weekend Edition with John O’Donnell

John and Merlin break down the week's biggest news headlines from the currency devaluation from China, to the sale of coal mines by Goldman Sachs. They also take a look at the decision by the EU to bail out Greece once again. How long will it last? Finally, commodities continue to be crushed providing potential buying opportunities for those ok with more risk!

ProActive Investing with Tillie Allison

Tillie and Merlin talk about how she is investing and generating income in this sideways market which has lasted for over 7 months! She also talks about a current position which she is in that is designed to take advantage of the market consolidation. Later the duo talked about fees and how one should self manage all their accounts to help avoid fees and unforeseen costs.

Mastering Levels with Jeff Manson

Joining live from the brand new Online Trading Academy campus in New Jersey, Jeff Manson shares some of the current market levels that provided great trading opportunities for him and his students today. These levels were spot on with the MasterMind levels as well! Jeff shares with listeners a little about his Elliott wave experiences and how he couples that with Supply and Demand principles.

Currency Wars with Tim Pesut

China stirred up the global currency war today with a devaluation of their currency, which could be the first of many. Merlin welcomes Tim Pesut to the show to talk about the ramifications of China’s action and how it may create trading opportunities going forward. The duo also look at several listener questions regarding the EURJPY cross pair and specific trade setups.

Filtering for Opportunities with Damontre Owens

Finding the right stock to trade is always a difficult task! Online Trading Academy instructor, Damontre Owens joins Merlin to talk about a quick tool he uses to find trading opportunities for the upcoming week. This may scan hundreds of stocks and only yield a few great opportunities, but it saves a tremendous amount of research time! Tre also helps Merlin answer listener questions on several other stocks.

Weekend Edition with John O'Donnell

Without energy, most Americans would not be able to live the quality of life they currently enjoy! But where is your energy coming from?, and what are the trends for the future? The "Ambassador of Opportunity" John O'Donnell joins Merlin Rothfeld for a look at how the United States' energy markets break down. They look at current production/consumption levels and offer insights into what the future trends may be. With a solid understanding of Market Timing, there are plenty of opportunities throughout the energy sector!  Tune in and see where the next great opportunities are!

Mapping the Options Trade with Josip Causic

In a rare appearance on Power Trading Radio, master trader Josip Causic joins Merlin in-studio to talk about some current trades, share his journaling practices and answer listener questions. Josip walks viewers through a recent options trade he made and talks about how he approaches earnings. This is followed up with a great segment on how he tracks, plans and documents his trades!

In Studio with Mike McMahon

Teaching a rare class in Irvine, California, Mike McMahon joins Merlin in studio to talk about his current class and trading opportunities. Mike talks a bit about his futures trading preferences before he and Merlin answer several listener questions ranging from: index trading, indicator use, and commodities.

Currency Markets with Ilya Spivak

DailyFX currency strategist, Ilya Spivak joins Merlin for a look at the major currency market stories and live listener questions. The duo begin with the Aussie Dollar which had an explosive move up this morning, but will it last? Later they look at the Swiss Franc, British Pound, Euro and much more!

Multiple Asset Classes with Steve Misic

Trader and Author of weekly market commentary in Power Trading Nation, Steve Misic, joins Merlin for a look at mix of stocks, currencies and politics! Merlin and Steve analyze Apple stock, British Pound futures, Multiple time frame analysis of currencies, and the recent meltdown of commodities!

Weekend Edition with Jim Puplava

Money manager, Jim Puplava joins Merlin and John for a look at the current commodities space. The discussion revolves around the significant downside pressure on Gold, oil, copper, silver and other commodities, and the potentially  incredible buying opportunity quickly approaching!

Live from India with Vishal Subandh

Vishal joins Merlin via Skype for his monthly update on Indian markets and trade setups. His extreme attention to details and procedure allow him to plan out great trades! Vishal shares 2 setups with  viewers as well as how he looks at the market from a Relative Strength perspective. This allows him to find high probability trades in strong or weak markets.

Talking with Bill Henner

Former Chicago floor trader, Bill Henner, takes time out of his teaching day in Seattle Washington to join Merlin for a look at the hot topics of the day. Including the current fed announcement reaction, China’s woes, The decline in Gold, and technical tools pointing to possible trend changes in the Dow!

Currency Markets with Tim Pesut

On the heels of the Chinese government intervening to stabilize their stock market, international markets rallied! This also caused sharp moves in currencies as well as commodities. Master trader, Tim Pesut joins Merlin for a look at how he is trading these developments as well as offer his insights into the Australian Dollar, Gold, Copper and Much more!

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