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Talking Trading with Jeff Manson

Jeff Manson joins Merlin to talk about some of his money management learning lessons and perspectives on the US dollar. Several listeners are struggling with rules and money management, so Jeff and Merlin help them out.

The Big Bounce with Mike McMahon

Fresh off teaching a Forex class online, Mike McMahon joins Merlin and shares his feelings on this big 9 day bounce! Many global events are pushing the move, and Mike discusses why he feels it is the next leg of the Bull Rally! Mike and Merlin also take a look at some other currency pairs, including the all powerful Dollar!

The BECK Report with Scott McCormick

Scott McCormick joins Merlin to help listeners understand what the BECK report is and how it helps in his trading. Scott shows several examples of relative strength and market relationships which lead to higher probability trading and investing opportunities for him. He also offers his insights into where we may be headed now based off of his analysis.

Weekend Edition with Prof. Patrick Barron

Merlin Rothfeld, John O’Donnell and Patrick Barron talk about several key issues facing our markets including fractional reserve banking and the European Union. Professor Barron points to his article about the demise of the euro, and discusses how the breakup could lead to a new world reserve currency.

Catching Up with Jose Blasco

Online Trading Academy’s  rock star instructor, Jose Blasco sits down with Merlin for a look at some market timing elements and great recent calls! Jose explains what elements caused him to spot the market turn on October 6th, and why he sees much more downside movement.

Wild Wednesday with Steve Moses

Markets had one of the more volatile days in a LONG time! Huge move down and then right back up! Options Master Steve Moses joins Merlin to break down how to handle this skyrocketing volatility! Steve also walks listeners through a current trade he opened this afternoon, which capitalizes on this volatility and will expire in 48 hours! The duo also answer several listener questions, did they answer yours? Tune in and find out!

Forex Tuesday with Tim Pesut

Oil was crushed and more market instability is spreading. Master Trader Tim Pesut joins Merlin to talk about some pressing issues facing global currencies. Including: The US Dollar, the Euro, Putin, China, Oil and much more!

Monday Meltdown with Roger Best

Markets continued their downside momentum Monday, even in lieu of positive comments that the fed will not raise rates for longer than expected. Part of the selloff was due to fear in the market place, and focus on Ebola. Master Instructor, Roger Best, joins Merlin for a look at how these major news headlines spread fear and create market moves as well as trading opportunities. Roger also shares his thoughts on market levels and where he sees things headed.

Weekend Edition with John O’Donnell

John O’Donnell calls in from Vancouver where he is teaching a free class on market timing. Merlin and John talk about some of the market evolution that has happened in Canada. Other topic include oil, precious metals, global currencies and much more!

ProActive Investing with Eric Ochotnicki

Master trader and instructor, Eric Ochotnicki talks to Merlin about the current “Risk-Off” environment and what it means for long term investors. The duo take a look at why the ProActive investor XLT program uses 3 different portfolios and why it’s important you choose the correct one! Eric also offers his thoughts on some key levels where buying into the market might make sense.

International Markets with Vishal Subandh

Over the past few days, the entire Online Trading Academy family gathered in Southern California, working on ways to make the customer experience even better. This included expansion in to many international markets, including India. Vishal Subandh began trading on the institutional level before studying trading at Online Trading Academy. He uses his extensive knowledge of global markets and assets to deliver exceptional education to students in his home country of India. Merlin and Vishal discuss market relationships, and Vishals path to success.

Live from the Online Trading Academy International Conference 2014

A trio of top instructors join Merlin from the Online Trading Academy International Conference. Darek Zelek, Brandon Wendell and Ara Bayindiryan share their thoughts of the conference, markets and brand new courses being built at Online Trading Academy.

Long Term Perspective with Tillie Allison

Today’s listeners were treated to a great show with Tillie Allison and also received a copy of her DVD: “How To Retire With More Money Than You Need” , just for calling in. Tillie talks about how investors should be looking at the current market selloff, and what it means to the long term picture. Merlin and Tillie also talk about increasing rates of return, which is a key topic in Tillie’s DVD.

Global Traders with Jeff Manson

Having spent many months traveling the world teaching people about Market Timing principles, Jeff Manson stops by the studio to talk about what he has learned. The duo starts off with a look at global exchanges similarities and differences and how the differ. Jeff points out that there is one overwhelming problem that he observes regularly which leads to trading failure. Jeff also offers his insights into our current market situation.

Oil and Gold with Rick Rule

Chairman of Sprott US holdings joins John O’Donnell and Merlin Rothfeld for a look at the booming natural resources market here in the US, and how it plays into the global events. Mr. Rule lays out may factors which support continuation of strength here in the states, not only for oil, but natural gas as well. Then focus turns to Gold and its current fall from grace!


Stock Market Monday with Scott McCormick

Market Veteran Scott McCormick joins Merlin Rothfeld for a look at the markets from a sector strength perspective. The duo look at several comparison charts which illustrate how sector rotation may be giving us clues as to internal strength and weakness. Scott also addresses the BECK report and how it influences his trading & investment decisions. Market filters are also discussed.

Weekend Edition with Dr. Richard Ebeling

John O’Donnell and Merlin Rothfeld are Joined by Dr. Richard Ebeling who takes a look at the current economic situation and its bubble like appearance. The trio take a look at several factors contributing to the problem, as well as several solutions.

Achieving Retirement with Larry Jacobson

A new film called Broken Eggs, paints a very grim outlook for the vast majority of Americans. Bestselling author, trader, teacher; Larry Jacobson joins Merlin to confirm what the film portrays, but reassures listeners that achieving retirement with ample money is a very attainable goal. Larry and Merlin talk about some of the key items needed to increase rates of return, and how the average person can do better than their broker with a little education on strategy & markets.

Listener Wednesday with Merlin

With a guest vacancy today, Merlin takes the time to answer many listener questions with topics ranging from the new Alibaba IPO to How to eliminate gap risks in stocks, Diversification to modification of trading platforms and price charts.

Changing of the Guard with Dr. Randall Holcombe

With nearly every university teaching the Keynesian approach to the markets, it has Merlin and John wondering if any manor university is teaching the Austrian approach! Dr. Randall Holcombe of Florida State University joins the show to talk about his new book, Advanced Introduction to the Austrian School of Economics, which he is using in his classes. Dr. Holcombe talks  about the significant differentiators between Keynesian and Austrian economics.

Trading Stocks with Scot Stokes

Intrigued by the electronic evolution of the stock exchanges, Scot Stoked immersed himself in trading back in the mid 90’s. He learned the hard way that the markets are unforgiving to those who don’t understand how they work! He went to teach trading and this improved his trading, and ultimately allowing him to trade for a living. Scot talks about some his major learning obstacles as well as some trade analysis he performed in his class today.

Weekend Edition with Yaron Brook

Director of the Ayn Rand Institute, Yaron Brook joins John O’Donnell and Merlin Rothfeld for a look at Objectivism and how its principles allow everyone to have the happiest and successful life possible. The trio take a look at what the major obstacles are to happiness in the world, and how big government and education have been at the forefront of the problem.

What in the World!?! With Steve Bobbitt

Taking a week off from teaching to focus on his trading, master trader Steve Bobbitt, joins Merlin for a look at the global picture and its market impacts. This show takes a look at the impacts of Scotland becoming its own country, Wars and conflict, Oil and crude prices and the Euro and its steep drop. Merlin and Steve analyze many charts and offer opinions on listener trade questions.

As The World Turns with Don Dawson

On past shows, Master trader Don Dawson has give many examples of how commodity trends give us insights to global trends and help us anticipate market moves. On today’s show, Don takes a look at how upcoming interest rate increases can be anticipated by looking at specific futures contracts. This allows him to pinpoint, with a high probability when the fed will begin raising rates. The duo also take a look at the grain markets and talk about production bottoms which may be key in determining buy points for commodities like, corn, soybeans, wheat etc.

Currencies with David Warner

A former Broker at FXCM, David Warner is now teaching Forex classes for Online Trading Academy. Coming from a traditional investment background, David shares some of the major things he has learned over the years with Power Trading Radio listeners. Later Merlin and David take a look at a couple currency pairs for potential trading opportunities and suggestions on how to trade economic data releases.

The Price of Protection with Marty Dim

With 38 years of trading experience under his belt, former CBOE trader Marty Dim joins Merlin for a look at an often overlooked tactic to protect traders. We have insurance for almost everything else we don’t want to lose, yet most traders do NOT protect their investments. Marty quantifies how much it might cost to protect your portfolios if the markets do have a pull back, and how it might look on a chart. TJ the ChartMaster brings up several images to represent the levels.

Weekend Edition with Dr. Mark Thornton

The trio of Dr. Mark Thornton, John O’Donnell and Merlin Rothfeld take a look at the 7 Mega-Trends facing our economy and what it means looking forward. It all revolves around education and how to plan for the future using the current trend information. Dr. Thornton also talks about some great classes available at which will further improve your understanding of how this giant economic machine functions.

Proper Retirement Planning with Darek Zelek

Currently in Irvine California, teaching a ProActive Investor class at Online Trading Academy, Darek Zelek joins Merlin for a look at the current long term picture. Darek feels bullish, but also warns that investors must take steps to prepare themselves should a major market correction hit. This entails portfolio rebalancing, asset allocation and more selective diversification models to reduce risk exposure in volatile times.

Trading Commodities with Craig Weil

Markets rallied, recovering most of the losses from Tuesday’s trading session. This keeps the indexes in a fairly tight range, but not everything is trapped! Craig Weil joins Merlin for a look at some wildly volatile commodities which listeners have been asking about. The duo talks about trading these, and the trap of following CNBC advice.

The US Dollar Is Still The King!

The dollar continues to surge to the upside as central banks from around the world rush to crush their currencies. This is having obvious impacts on global markets, and tremendous trading opportunities!! Brandon Tristan spends much of his time in the XLT (Extended Learning Track) helping hundreds of traders hone their trading skills. Brandon shares his thoughts on what he sees happening with the US Dollar as well as other currencies. He also offers some insight into Tesoro.


Continual Education with Debbie Hague

Merlin finds Debbie Hague roaming the halls at the Irvine training campus and invites her on the show to talk about the role of continual education. Debbie has been taking classes, by choice, with a variety of Online Trading Academy instructors to improve her knowledge of the financial markets. This might seem odd for someone who trades for a living, but when you have access to top traders, may as well learn as much as you can! The duo also takes a look at the current market situation and where they feel it’s may be headed.

Weekend Edition with Todd “Bubba” Horwitz

32 year market trading veteran and regular guest on CNBC, Bloomberg & Fox, Todd “Bubba” Horwitz joins Merlin for a look at many of the pressing issues facing out markets. To begin with the duo looks at how technology has changed the trading floor from 1982 until today, and why Bubba feels it was better before! Later they focus on currencies and how Draghi’ s comments and actions will send currency market reeling. Finally, they look at the big picture for the financial markets and offer insight on where things may be headed next!

Treating Real Estate As Its Own Asset Class with Diana Hill

So many people are mystified by the Real Estate process, and know very little about it. Diana Hill joins Merlin to break down some of the misconceptions and enter into a discussion about using Real Estate as a multi faceted asset class, not just the typical “Buy your home” angle. The duo looks at using real estate for income generation as well as long term growth prospects. This brings up the eternal question of: to Buy or Rent?!?!? Merlin and Diana weigh in their thoughts and emphasize the importance of having a structured approach to Real Estate, treating it no different than you would trading stocks, commodities, or currencies. Know the rules, have a plan and follow it!

Market Adaptation with Gabe Velazquez

With most markets at historic levels, Gabe Velazquez shares his thought on why only the Russell 2000 has really good trading opportunities at current levels. This ties into market timing principles and the foundation of Supply & Demand theory. Gabe also answers several listener questions on subjects ranging from stocks to futures. The duo also take a look at the grain markets, which have been clobbered recently.

Dollar Domination with Steve Misic

Global uncertainty and political tension has caused a flood of buyers to the US Dollar. Master trader, Steve Misic joins Merlin for a look at this trend and how it may impact other currencies. Steve shares his thoughts on the Aussie Dollar, British Pound, Japanese Yen and much more!

Social Mood with Alan Hall

John O'Donnell and Bill Henner discuss social mood with Alan Hall on this installment of Power Trading Radio. John also does his weekly weigh in on his journey to health and physical fitness.

Looking forward with Scott McCormick

Several listeners have expresses confusion on how to begin saving for the future, so Merlin and Scott look at some of the key factors in determining investments. This encompasses looking at many personal factors, not just market specific. Scott also offers some insight into market correlation and market timing principles which also play a factor when it comes to investing for the long term.

Excellence in XLT with Jasmine Wang

Merlin and Jasmine talk about how traders should be using the grid, which details key supply and demand levels for 20 trading instruments. This tool is tremendous at shortening a traders learning curve and helping them apply the patented core strategy at Online Trading Academy. Jasmine and Merlin also look at the Canadian Dollar, Gold, and Crude Oil.

Global Currencies with Sam Evans

While stateside in Philadelphia, Sam Evans joins Merlin for a look at some of the major factors in the global currency markets. Sam shares his thoughts on current trends and rate hikes with the Pound, and how history has shown what patterns they will follow. The duo also talk about live coaching and how it has improved Sam’s trading. Finally, they take a look at the euro for key levels and set targets.

Trading with Sean Reed

As the S&P 500 tiptoes into record territory, many other interesting things are happening across multiple markets. Master Trader, Sean Reed shares with listeners his evolution as a trader and his personal trading style. The duo then look at what else is moving our markets and where they may be headed now that the milestones have been hit!!

Weekend Edition with Merlin Rothfeld

Merlin wraps up an eventful trading week with a look at 6 stages of trader development. This is in response to a listener from NYC who has been struggling for the past 6 months. Merlin shares his trading evolution steps and outlines what traders can expect along the way to success. He also takes a look at the broad markets as well as Ford and Microsoft.

Planning for the Future

Merlin takes several listener questions focusing on some long term instruments many are talking about. Merlin takes a look at the differences between Value and Growth investing, and why they have their challenges, unlike trading pure supply and demand. He also takes a look at Annuities and what investors should be aware of.

Options and Trading Security with Joel Greenberg

Master trader, Joel Greenberg shares with us why he has been loving these past few weeks of trading! Merlin and Joel also take a look at how simple steps can increase your rate of return, compounding into significant money over time. Finally, they look at some very simple steps you can take to protect yourself from getting hacked, or having your trading account integrity breached.

Where Will Your Money Take You?

With so much commentary on how to increase ones Rate of Return in order to retire in style, Merlin ponders the location you live in as a factor as well! Tillie Allison joins Merlin to look at how this, and other factors should be addressed in ones retirement planning. Tillie also offers some insights into where she sees Apple going as well as the broad markets.

The Beauty of Supply & Demand

John O'Donnell and special guest Jim Puplava discuss the beauty and simplicity of Online Trading Academy's patented supply and demand strategy. Jim also gives his views on the bond markets and shares a story about a silver trade he made with the help of Online Trading Academy.

Parallels Between Markets

John O'Donnell and special guest Peter Atwater discuss the similarities between the market from 1966-1974 and the market from 2000-today. From sociatal issues, politics, economics, business and culture there are very strong parallels.

Debunking Piketty's Capital

John O'Donnell and special guest George Reisman discuss Piketty's new book Capitol in the Twenty-First Century. They discuss Reisman's recent review of the book entitled Wrong Theory/Destructive Program. They also discuss education and its lack of substance in the U.S.

Up In Smoke with Mark Thornton

Guest host John O'Donnell chats with Mark Thornton about the legalization and decriminalization of marijuana. They discuss the importance of free will and dispell some of the myths put upon marijuana.

Currency Wars with Tim Pesut

With trading ranges getting smaller and smaller for most of the worlds currencies, Tim Pesut believes this is the calm before the storm. Global events and tensions may bring the storm quicker than expected as well! Tim and Merlin talk about the Euro, Dollar, cross pairs, adaptation and the need for patience in today’s markets. Merlin also shows the results of John O’Donnell’s weekly weigh in!

Volatility Spikes with Steve Moses

The past 2 weeks have spiked the VIX nearly 70%! For a trader this can be golden, especially for options traders looking to sell options and collect premium. Master trader, Steve Moses, joins Merlin for a look at how his trading has changed over the past 2 weeks due to the increase in volatility. Steve also takes a look at historical market data and what we should have learned from it!

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