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Journey to India with Vishal Subandh

Joining us at the wee hours in the morning, Vishal calls in from Mumbai where he is currently teaching a trading class. Merlin and Vishal talk about some of the key levels in the Indian markets, Nifty and bank Nifty. They also look at the US dollar, Japanese Yen, Crude Oil and much more. Vishal give a lot of great insight into how the Indian markets look at data and global news.

Major Moves Ahead with Mike McMahon

Mike McMahon shares his insights into the current bullish dollar run and what It might mean for our markets going forward. Mike and Merlin also look at the New Zealand dollar, Halliburton, the Dixie, and much more. Mike also makes some unbelievable calls for the market going forward. Tune in and find out what they are!!

A Case of the Mondays With Brandon Wendell

Home for the holidays, Master instructor Brandon Wendell joins Merlin for a look at our extended markets. They begin by looking at continued surge of the US Dollar, and its implications for the markets going forward. Then focus shifts to individual securities including some holiday heavyweights like Best Buy, Apple, Barnes & Noble and more.

Weekend Edition with Jeff Deist

Having Optimism is always a good thing, but having Optimism that the State is going to fail is a totally different ballgame! President of, Jeff Deist joins Merlin Rothfeld and John O’Donnell for a look at how the current system is weakening and will eventually shut down. This failure will usher in a wave of change which will allow a better system to be built in its place. The trio talks about how that change will happen and what might be some of the opportunities with it!

Mastering Money Matters

Each day we are faced with decisions involving personal finances. If we make the wrong decision, it can have a significant on our ability to make other choices in life. On this show, Merlin takes a look at how decisions in our lives can be modified to increase income, and maximize output. Simple steps to grow wealth, build up capital to enjoy the life we always envisioned.

Burning the Midnight Oil with Craig Weil

Many traders shun the afterhours sessions, fearing the lack of liquidity and volatility. Craig Weil joins Merlin Rothfeld to tackle a few listener questions pertaining to the futures market. While there is reason to approach with caution, there are also instruments which trade wonderfully around the world while you may be sleeping! Craig also gives his thoughts on Crude oil as it continues its brutal decline.

Trading Currencies with Brandon Tristan

One of the ring leaders of the XLT trading community, Brandon Tristan, joins Merlin for a look at trading opportunities in the Forex markets. The duo takes a look at the British Pound, Japanese Yen, US Dollar and much more. Brandon shows listeners some interesting levels for potential trade setups as well.

The Macro Picture with Scott McCormick

China is slowing, Europe can’t get off the ground, Japan is in a recession, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Master Trader Scott  McCormick joins Merlin Rothfeld for a look at the pressing issues facing our economy and markets around the world. The duo breaks down the US Dollar and its impact on the equity markets as well as how the bond market risks are elevating with the future Fed action.

Freaky Friday with John O’Donnell

Many market experts are calling for a MUCH higher dollar, and this could have significant impacts for the markets. John O’Donnell joins Merlin Rothfeld for a breakdown of how this might impact: Oil, Gold, bonds, global currencies and much more.

How Prepared Are You?? with Joel Greenberg

Since the 1980’s, the retirement industry has transformed. Shifting the retirement investment responsibility from your employer to you. Most have no clue how to achieve the rate of return needed to retire comfortably, and make those funds last 20+ years! Joel Greenberg joins Merlin and breaks down some of the considerations investors should be looking to make when planning their retirement.

Step Into Class with Jerry Baldwin

With markets teetering at highs, Jerry Baldwin walks us through what he is covering with his students trading futures in Irvine California. He walks listeners through a few of the reasons they are trading the way they are this week and also offers some insights into the trade setups he is focusing on. Merlin and Jerry talk about money management as well as how the trading industry works.

Around the world with Tim Pesut

Global currency markets are providing some great trading opportunities, and economic issues are adding even more fuel to the fire! Master trader Tim Pesut joins Merlin for an in-depth look at a variety of topics facing the global markets. From the Swiss gold referendum to the US Dollar, Japanese Yen to Oil, and even Prostitution and Drugs! Definitely a full plate of topics!

Sitting Down with Michael Young

For 38 years Michael Young has been trading a variety of asset classes, and seen many things! He joins Merlin to talk about market pattens and what emphasis he places on thise, as well as what he sees as good trading opportunities going forward. The duo take a look at the dollar, oil, gold, silver and much more! They also talk about an end of year trade plan review which is designed to help traders learn and improve.

Catching Up With John O'Donnell in Vancouver

While teaching a class in Vancouver Canada, John O’Donnell calls in to talk to Merlin about the recent unemployment and jobs data. While things look rosy, John points out some red flags which paint a different picture. The duo also look at commodities and Gold for some trend analysis.

DVD Giveaway with Tillie Allison

Tillie Allison joins Merlin for a look at the Bond market situation and what we should be looking out for. Many feel bonds are the way to go, and that may not be the case. Tillie also offers some insights into market timing and how allocation models play a role on achieving a higher rate of return. All callers during the show will also receive a free copy of Tillie Allison’s DVD “How To Retire With More Money Than You Need”

Why Most Lose $$$ in Options

Fresh out of teaching an Options class in Irvine CA, Mr. Greenberg joins Merlin for a look at why most people lose money trading options, and the simple things they can do to stop losing! Joel talks about how he trades options using some XLT indicators and a rule based approach. This simple methodology lacks glitz, but gets consistent returns!

Catching up with Justin Krebs

After several months hard at work in the XLT community at Online Trading Academy, Justin Krebs joins Merlin for a look at the macro picture in Europe and how it may impact our markets going forward. Justin also points out several potential trades and explains a little about his trading process. This includes how he looks at all the asset classes to find trading opportunities.

Catching up with David Fong

On today’s show, we learn about one of the newest instructors at Online Trading Academy, David Fong.  David walks us though how he got into trading and what some of his biggest challenges were on his path to success. Later, David and Merlin talk a little bit about the current market picture and how he plans on trading these record setting markets.

John O'Donnell's Halloween Special with Richard Ebeling

John interviews Dr. Richard Ebeling , Professor of Austrian Economics at Citadel University and a leading economist in the Austrian tradition. They discuss the journey Richard led to discover the Ludwig von Mises personal papers and archive in 1991. Mises' papers were originally stolen by Hitler in the first world war.

The Phoenix Rising with Patrick Barron

Patrick Barron continues his discussion with John O’Donnell and Merlin Rothfeld about the fall of the Euro. This would also lead to the rise of the German Mark which Mr. Barron feels would become the world reserve currency. This is because of its lack of debt and industry. Tune in to find out how this will impact global markets and trading opportunities.

Crazy Markets with Gabe Velazquez

The FOMC statement sent the dollar skyrocketing, and left the markets barely moving. Does this have a higher significance for the markets going forward? Join Merlin and Gabe “The Voice of Reason” Velazquez  for a look at the futures markets and analyze potential trading opportunities going forward.

Spot of Futures with Brandon Tristan

Brandon Tristan joins Merlin to share some experiences form today’s XLT live trading session which had some great winning trades. Brandon and Merlin also talk about the differences between trading the spot market and the futures markets, with their personal preferences. The show also includes some analysis of the Japanese Yen, British Pound, US Dollar and Canadian Dollar.

Switching it up with Craig Weil

October has been very volatile, which many find a nuisance. For active traders, it’s a blessing! Short term trader and 40 year veteran from the CBOE, shares his thoughts on how to deal with the volatility and what he likes to trade. Merlin and Craig also answer several listener questions dealing with trading plans and specific stocks.

Weekend Edition with John O’Donnell

Great bullish move to the upside for all 4 major indices this week, yet fear still has not abated. John and Merlin take a look at the market and offer insights as to what’s driving it, and how we should approach it. They also talk about the trading industry as a profession and the best way to get involved with the financial markets. Finally, John tips the scales for his weekly weigh in!

New Discoveries in Real Estate with Diana Hill

Like many things in life, we don’t really receive formal education. Who taught you how to buy a car? Who taught you how to trade stocks? Who taught you about home loans? Most likely it was the industry trying to sell you those products and services! Diana Hill joins Merlin to look at the new class being created by Online Trading Academy to show the true aspects of ALL of Real Estate! The duo talk about using this asset class as an income product as well as a wealth building product, and how to use it to secure your financial future.

Talking Trading with Jeff Manson

Jeff Manson joins Merlin to talk about some of his money management learning lessons and perspectives on the US dollar. Several listeners are struggling with rules and money management, so Jeff and Merlin help them out.

The Big Bounce with Mike McMahon

Fresh off teaching a Forex class online, Mike McMahon joins Merlin and shares his feelings on this big 9 day bounce! Many global events are pushing the move, and Mike discusses why he feels it is the next leg of the Bull Rally! Mike and Merlin also take a look at some other currency pairs, including the all powerful Dollar!

The BECK Report with Scott McCormick

Scott McCormick joins Merlin to help listeners understand what the BECK report is and how it helps in his trading. Scott shows several examples of relative strength and market relationships which lead to higher probability trading and investing opportunities for him. He also offers his insights into where we may be headed now based off of his analysis.

Weekend Edition with Prof. Patrick Barron

Merlin Rothfeld, John O’Donnell and Patrick Barron talk about several key issues facing our markets including fractional reserve banking and the European Union. Professor Barron points to his article about the demise of the euro, and discusses how the breakup could lead to a new world reserve currency.

Catching Up with Jose Blasco

Online Trading Academy’s  rock star instructor, Jose Blasco sits down with Merlin for a look at some market timing elements and great recent calls! Jose explains what elements caused him to spot the market turn on October 6th, and why he sees much more downside movement.

Wild Wednesday with Steve Moses

Markets had one of the more volatile days in a LONG time! Huge move down and then right back up! Options Master Steve Moses joins Merlin to break down how to handle this skyrocketing volatility! Steve also walks listeners through a current trade he opened this afternoon, which capitalizes on this volatility and will expire in 48 hours! The duo also answer several listener questions, did they answer yours? Tune in and find out!

Forex Tuesday with Tim Pesut

Oil was crushed and more market instability is spreading. Master Trader Tim Pesut joins Merlin to talk about some pressing issues facing global currencies. Including: The US Dollar, the Euro, Putin, China, Oil and much more!

Monday Meltdown with Roger Best

Markets continued their downside momentum Monday, even in lieu of positive comments that the fed will not raise rates for longer than expected. Part of the selloff was due to fear in the market place, and focus on Ebola. Master Instructor, Roger Best, joins Merlin for a look at how these major news headlines spread fear and create market moves as well as trading opportunities. Roger also shares his thoughts on market levels and where he sees things headed.

Weekend Edition with John O’Donnell

John O’Donnell calls in from Vancouver where he is teaching a free class on market timing. Merlin and John talk about some of the market evolution that has happened in Canada. Other topic include oil, precious metals, global currencies and much more!

ProActive Investing with Eric Ochotnicki

Master trader and instructor, Eric Ochotnicki talks to Merlin about the current “Risk-Off” environment and what it means for long term investors. The duo take a look at why the ProActive investor XLT program uses 3 different portfolios and why it’s important you choose the correct one! Eric also offers his thoughts on some key levels where buying into the market might make sense.

International Markets with Vishal Subandh

Over the past few days, the entire Online Trading Academy family gathered in Southern California, working on ways to make the customer experience even better. This included expansion in to many international markets, including India. Vishal Subandh began trading on the institutional level before studying trading at Online Trading Academy. He uses his extensive knowledge of global markets and assets to deliver exceptional education to students in his home country of India. Merlin and Vishal discuss market relationships, and Vishals path to success.

Live from the Online Trading Academy International Conference 2014

A trio of top instructors join Merlin from the Online Trading Academy International Conference. Darek Zelek, Brandon Wendell and Ara Bayindiryan share their thoughts of the conference, markets and brand new courses being built at Online Trading Academy.

Long Term Perspective with Tillie Allison

Today’s listeners were treated to a great show with Tillie Allison and also received a copy of her DVD: “How To Retire With More Money Than You Need” , just for calling in. Tillie talks about how investors should be looking at the current market selloff, and what it means to the long term picture. Merlin and Tillie also talk about increasing rates of return, which is a key topic in Tillie’s DVD.

Global Traders with Jeff Manson

Having spent many months traveling the world teaching people about Market Timing principles, Jeff Manson stops by the studio to talk about what he has learned. The duo starts off with a look at global exchanges similarities and differences and how the differ. Jeff points out that there is one overwhelming problem that he observes regularly which leads to trading failure. Jeff also offers his insights into our current market situation.

Oil and Gold with Rick Rule

Chairman of Sprott US holdings joins John O’Donnell and Merlin Rothfeld for a look at the booming natural resources market here in the US, and how it plays into the global events. Mr. Rule lays out may factors which support continuation of strength here in the states, not only for oil, but natural gas as well. Then focus turns to Gold and its current fall from grace!


Stock Market Monday with Scott McCormick

Market Veteran Scott McCormick joins Merlin Rothfeld for a look at the markets from a sector strength perspective. The duo look at several comparison charts which illustrate how sector rotation may be giving us clues as to internal strength and weakness. Scott also addresses the BECK report and how it influences his trading & investment decisions. Market filters are also discussed.

Weekend Edition with Dr. Richard Ebeling

John O’Donnell and Merlin Rothfeld are Joined by Dr. Richard Ebeling who takes a look at the current economic situation and its bubble like appearance. The trio take a look at several factors contributing to the problem, as well as several solutions.

Achieving Retirement with Larry Jacobson

A new film called Broken Eggs, paints a very grim outlook for the vast majority of Americans. Bestselling author, trader, teacher; Larry Jacobson joins Merlin to confirm what the film portrays, but reassures listeners that achieving retirement with ample money is a very attainable goal. Larry and Merlin talk about some of the key items needed to increase rates of return, and how the average person can do better than their broker with a little education on strategy & markets.

Listener Wednesday with Merlin

With a guest vacancy today, Merlin takes the time to answer many listener questions with topics ranging from the new Alibaba IPO to How to eliminate gap risks in stocks, Diversification to modification of trading platforms and price charts.

Changing of the Guard with Dr. Randall Holcombe

With nearly every university teaching the Keynesian approach to the markets, it has Merlin and John wondering if any manor university is teaching the Austrian approach! Dr. Randall Holcombe of Florida State University joins the show to talk about his new book, Advanced Introduction to the Austrian School of Economics, which he is using in his classes. Dr. Holcombe talks  about the significant differentiators between Keynesian and Austrian economics.

Trading Stocks with Scot Stokes

Intrigued by the electronic evolution of the stock exchanges, Scot Stoked immersed himself in trading back in the mid 90’s. He learned the hard way that the markets are unforgiving to those who don’t understand how they work! He went to teach trading and this improved his trading, and ultimately allowing him to trade for a living. Scot talks about some his major learning obstacles as well as some trade analysis he performed in his class today.

Weekend Edition with Yaron Brook

Director of the Ayn Rand Institute, Yaron Brook joins John O’Donnell and Merlin Rothfeld for a look at Objectivism and how its principles allow everyone to have the happiest and successful life possible. The trio take a look at what the major obstacles are to happiness in the world, and how big government and education have been at the forefront of the problem.

What in the World!?! With Steve Bobbitt

Taking a week off from teaching to focus on his trading, master trader Steve Bobbitt, joins Merlin for a look at the global picture and its market impacts. This show takes a look at the impacts of Scotland becoming its own country, Wars and conflict, Oil and crude prices and the Euro and its steep drop. Merlin and Steve analyze many charts and offer opinions on listener trade questions.

As The World Turns with Don Dawson

On past shows, Master trader Don Dawson has give many examples of how commodity trends give us insights to global trends and help us anticipate market moves. On today’s show, Don takes a look at how upcoming interest rate increases can be anticipated by looking at specific futures contracts. This allows him to pinpoint, with a high probability when the fed will begin raising rates. The duo also take a look at the grain markets and talk about production bottoms which may be key in determining buy points for commodities like, corn, soybeans, wheat etc.

Currencies with David Warner

A former Broker at FXCM, David Warner is now teaching Forex classes for Online Trading Academy. Coming from a traditional investment background, David shares some of the major things he has learned over the years with Power Trading Radio listeners. Later Merlin and David take a look at a couple currency pairs for potential trading opportunities and suggestions on how to trade economic data releases.

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