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  • How the Financial Markets Really Work

    How the Financial Markets Really Work

    Sam Seiden, who began his career on the trading floor of the CME, demonstrates the use of charts to spot imbalances of supply and demand that indicate the market is about to change direction. He shows you how to capitalize on this information using a simple, rules-based strategy to plan low-risk, high-potential entry and exit points for your own trades. A powerful introduction to the principles taught at Online Trading Academy.

  • Instant Diversification - Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) Strategies

    Instant Diversification - Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) Strategies

    Investing has a mantra – diversify, diversify, diversify. Today, we have a new instrument, the Exchange Traded Fund, also know as an ETF. In this course you'll learn how ETFs are constructed and how you can use them to diversify into stock, countries, currency and commodities. Your instructor, Brandon Wendell, will also show you new professional portfolio management strategies involving ETFs.

  • Technical Analysis 1

    Technical Analysis

    This course is designed to teach you classic Technical Analysis and form a rock solid decision support program, the foundation for everyone when it comes to trading. Online Trading Academy Master Instructor, Merlin Rothfeld, will take you through the steps to creating high probability trades, using charts, trend lines, support and resistance and combining them so you have a clear picture of price, time, volume and the market expectations.

  • Fantastic World of Forex Trading

    The Fantastic World of Forex Trading

    Get introduced to the exciting world of foreign exchange currency trading, also known as Forex, FX or currency trading, in this free forex training course. Online Trading Academy Master Instructor Mike Mc Mahon will teach you all aspects of the Forex trading world using the latest tools and software. You will learn how the professional traders control their own order flow and how you can too by using the state-of-the-art ECN for Forex Trading. You will learn how the pros make money and learn the differences between Forex and equities trading.

  • Why Gold? Why Now? Webinar

    Why Gold? Why Now?

    At an event sponsored by NYSE/Liffe, Online Trading Academy's Chief Knowledge Officer John O'Donnell explores the timeless value of gold and its relevance in the marketplace today.

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