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“I have gained a great deal of knowledge and experience about trading and investing from the instructors in this institution. Their shared knowledge and experience have helped to make me a better trader.”


“I am new to trading and my experience with the markets has been employee stock purchase plans. I love that this involves a process, and following the process increases the odds of a successful trade. The fact that help is always available is encouraging and you can sense that OTA really wants you to be a successful trader.”

“I had deep reservations and even regrets about the price of the courses. (Price rarely equals value) but my reservations have been satisfied. The process is simple and effective. Learn the process, trust the process, work the process and you will make good money. Just stay focused on the process, the money will take care of itself.”

“OTA continues to deliver solid training with experienced instructors. I learn something new with each instructor.”

“Waited ten years to sign up for the program. That was ten years too long! Michael T.”

“Everything you learn here you cannot learn anywhere else. This is a great pathway for me to learn why I haven't made money in the past through the markets and take control of my finances to generate income and more importantly wealth preservation.”

“My name is Jerry Greene, and one of the things that I appreciate most about the program is the structure; all of the learning phases are calculated, no guess work or fly by night. Another thing is that you can see the road to success and it's put in your hands to get there or not.”

“I have always been interested in the markets but never thought that I would be able to trade profitably. With Online Trading Academy I feel that I am going to be successful and realize a dream. Everyone is very friendly and easy to work with and very helpful. The center is clean and parking is available!!!!”

“Easy to learn with hands on learning and real world examples. I would highly recommend Paul as an instructor. Great Class. Very Clean, easy parking, great attitude among employees.”

“I learned a lot. I feel like I can learn to be a successful trader. The system is not too complicated and I liked how emphasis was placed on making a plan and sticking to it. Making good trades instead of making money.”


“I have been trading over the past two years almost full time, five days a week, with little positive results, using many of the tools used by OTA. As the courses progressed I saw the error of my analysis system and have now decided to switch to the academy system. It will take some additional effort on my part to change but the possibilities are obvious. Since taking several courses on equity and options trading, I see the system I was employing to determine the analysis of stocks for trade failed me miserably. I must now assemble a new trading plan employing the principles taught and quickly incorporate academy lessons into a trading plan that can be used to supplement my income for the rest of my years, as at age 79, I see the horizon on my IRA and if I am lucky enough to live several more years I will not be forced to change my present life style.”

“OTA takes the mystery out of the market.”

“Online Trading Academy provides the required knowledge base for me to invest with skills based knowledge to increase and manage my investments.”


“I had no trading experience or knowledge of how the markets worked. After Pro Trader I know a lot more than I thought would. One week of classes gave me so much more knowledge than any book I could have read.”

“Understanding the language of trading and the mentality of the professionals has increased my confidence tenfold. I learned a tremendous amount in Part 1. I feel like I can be a much more successful business person with the skills I learned today.”

“You gave me the Knowledge, now it is my job to take the information and do something with it. Thank you for the opportunity!”

“Really like the Raleigh center. Online Trading Academy has a method that works and instructors that teach it well. This is far superior to other classes and lessons I have taken. It takes work, but it is definitely worth it.”

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