Personal Finance

Getting a grasp on your personal finances is the foundation to building a successful financial future.

There is growing economic concern regarding lack of wealth and employment in the United States. Most people are living paycheck to paycheck, seeing salary reduction, technology innovations replacing their jobs, the downsizing and outsourcing of jobs and much more. Knowing how to manage your money can reduce the stress and anxiety associated with an uncertain economic landscape.

In this section you will learn:

  • The importance of financial planning, time and growth of money
  • The value of a personal budget
  • The cost of procrastination
  • The value of paying yourself first
  • How to choose your financial planning team
  • The automation of bill paying
  • And much more

The section is designed to increase your overall probability of financial success.

How to Set and Achieve Your Goals

What does it take to achieve your goals? Often, we have big dreams, a list of things we want to accomplish or changes we want to make and even though we have the best of intentions, life gets in the way and we don't make the progress we'd Read more...

Shop With Purpose

Whether you are shopping for “retail therapy,” household items or holiday decorations and gifts, it is important to be aware that how you spend often reflects and impacts your inner mood and perception of yourself. Unfortunately, many Americans suffer from Read more...

Why Are You Failing at Saving Money?

Have you ever wondered why you always seem to be behind the eight-ball whenever it comes to personal finance and saving enough money? I used to ask myself, “Why would U.S. schools spend so much time, effort and money to educate and test students on such important subjects such as math Read more...

Top 5 Best Personal Finance Software

As a result of several decades of easy credit, in combination with years of economic uncertainty, many people now find themselves desperately falling deeper into the vicious cycle of being trapped in their own financial holes. These people are financially Read more...

Money Market Account vs. Savings Account

In today’s economy every penny counts, which is why it is so important that you do your research ahead of time, and always endeavor to invest your money in higher interest-bearing accounts that will provide you with larger returns. Read more...

10 Ways to Stick to a Budget

Most adults tend to learn their good or bad savings/spending habits by observing their parents, friends or from their own childhood experiences. As a result, these experiences often dictate how they will either emotionally, or Read more...

10 Life Changing Financial Resolutions

Traditionally, every holiday season we remind ourselves to be thankful for what we have, as well as sit ourselves down to decide what actions (e.g. resolutions) we will plan to take in the new year Read more...

6 Steps for How to Get Approved for a Personal Loan

For many, a bi-weekly paycheck may no longer provide the necessary income to meet one’s weekly/monthly expenses. One option several people have considered is borrowing money from an outside lender to help them meet their basic needs, take a well-deserved Read more...

Making Sense of Money to Your Children

Your children probably know a lot more about money than you think, and what they know they probably learned by watching you shop or overhearing you discuss a neighbor’s new car or the house across Read more...

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