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The News and Its Effect on Your Trading and Investing

So often I get this question: “Should you not trade when big news is coming out”? My answer is always the same. If you don’t know how to identify strong demand and supply in a market by looking at a price chart, don’t risk your hard-earned money in a trade and stay out of the market… Read More »


Are Your Trade Entries Patient Enough?

Hello traders! This week’s newsletter will discuss one of the most ignored (in my opinion) aspects of trading-the power of patience! By now, hopefully you have begun to understand the power of our core strategy, that is, to buy to go long during an uptrend in quality demand zones, and to sell to go short… Read More »

Real Estate

“The Most Wonderful Time of the Year”… for Real Estate Investors!!

Real Estate is a seasonal business much like the retail business. For retail businesses this is HIGH season and, traditionally, this is LOW season for real estate. People don’t want to move or focus on looking for property during this time of year. This could be a benefit to a ready, willing and able buyer… Read More »


How Could the Election Results Affect Trader and Business Tax Liability?

With the Republican sweep of the presidency, the house and the senate, some tax advisers and political writers are forecasting the Republicans will swiftly execute their agenda, including repeal of Obamacare taxes and passing tax reform with tax cuts. I am not sure this will happen as fast as early 2017 as tax reforms are… Read More »

December 6, 2016