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“OTA is the BEST program for anyone interested in accumulating income and long term wealth. OTA teaches novice and seasoned traders alike the RIGHT way to be successful today and to be prepared for the future. I'm grateful my husband and I decided to attend the free workshop to learn that this is a win-win for us and for our family!”

“I am a student of the global financial markets, and for years have studied and watched anything I could get my hands on to learn how to systematically trade. After many starts and stops, I realized that I needed a professional caliber education. I began to research and found OTA. I was enormously skeptical at first, but after attending a week of the Pro Trader class I am beginning to fully understand that there IS a systematic, repeatable process for being profitable as a trader. For the skeptics out there, this is not a magic formula, but rather an amazingly academic way to trade with superior discipline, systematic understanding, and lifelong sustainability. I'm thrilled to be continuing my education with OTA.”

“I am a slow learner and I learn by seeing, hearing, and doing. The people working at Online Trading Academy made sure I understood and are there to help me if I have any questions.”

“It was a pleasure learning the basics in trading. The patience of the teachers and staff are very impressive and I appreciated their ability to take a complicated, complex, technical industry and break it down, dissect it and explain its functionality on an Elementary level. This allows people, like me, who don't think on a technical level, a chance to succeed in an area we never thought possible! Thank you to all of the administration and staff for everything and we look forward to a lifetime of success! ”

“All good here. Everyone at the OP OTA site is friendly, knowledgeable, makes themselves available to answer any and all questions. Truly feel that you are becoming part of a 'family'. This was my second time to take the Pro Trader class. I was able to audit it, and highly recommend that students do this if they have the time. There is no substitute, in my opinion, for the 'in-class', hands on experience. In conjunction with learning on your own at home, it will help accelerate your learning curve and you reach your goals much faster.”

“I was starting with no knowledge of the stock market or anything having to do with trading, but now after graduating class, I now feel %100 more confident in starting my trading life. I still have so much to learn, but I am excited to keep learning more and more from Online Trading Academy! LET THE FUN NEVER STOP!”

“I am a huge fan of the Online Trading Academy. What is most impressive is the breadth and depth of resources available to the students and more importantly the Alumni. Once your classwork is completed OTA is always there to help each of its students succeed at trading.”

“Matt far exceeded my expectations teaching this class. Sometimes when a business mission statement states transforming lives through education it is pure hyperbole. After completion of this class I believe in fact that my financial life has indeed been transformed in a positive way. I can't wait to put what I learned into action.”

“As one who is not a traditional student and with a limited knowledge of the markets, OTA met all of my expectations. The course material was presented in a progressive, methodical manner that allowed me to understand and build from session to session. With all of the online support, follow up from staff and continuing ed courses, the only way to fail is if you fail yourself by not utilizing the wealth of knowledge at your fingertips.”

“The course has a vast amount of information to be absorbed and learned (especially for me who does not have any background in financials and works in a totally different profession). It was overwhelming the first 2 days. I took it as a personal challenge to pursue and finish the course; and so grateful that I did otherwise I would have lost a golden opportunity to get the best education in the industry. Nowhere I will find the best instructor, Tillie Allison, and the best resources available except at OTA.”


“OTA is a class operation! The teachers and support personnel are totally dedicated to the students' success. The center was well set up for the job of teaching trading. They had adequate computers and PowerPoint equipment and the staff was adept at using them. The staff was ALWAYS friendly and obliging. The teacher was fantastic. He answered questions patiently and was precise and methodical. The texts provided were not only attractive, but concise and to the point. They make easy and useful references.”

“When OTA says they can teach anyone to trade, they mean anyone. The only experience I had trading was dumb luck--both good and bad. Now I can make educated investment decisions and will be able to minimize poor decisions. Tillie is an exemplary instructor. Even when students struggled to grasp concepts, she was constantly reassuring us everything was going to be okay. She was always prepared for class and presented instruction in a way that enabled all students to be successful from presenting a concept, to providing an example, guided practice, and cooperative learning. She is a passionate, compassionate, personable, supportive instructor. Katy, too, has been a rock star to work with. Both were struggling with illness, but they carried on and provided an outstanding experience. Courtney does an amazing a job feeding us. I'm afraid to step on the scale when I go home. I was also concerned about snow/ice, and she braved the cold to check the sidewalk conditions before I left the building. Incredible staff.”

“I have previously traded, been to another trading school, and yet could not become successful. Little did I know how much in the dark the other trading school left me. OTA has turned a light bulb on in me that will guide my path as I return to trading. Getting properly trained along with the discipline that OTA teaches is priceless. Thank you!”

“I first learned about OTA on the radio. Although it sounded good, I was also somewhat skeptical about the program. The introductory workshop was amazing. I've completed the Professional Trader class and plan to continue my education. I highly recommend OTA to anyone who is committed to managing their own income and wealth in the financial markets.”

“Very friendly staff that seems to truly care about their students' success. A bit pricey for the classes for those of us on a tight budget. Altogether I learned more about how to trade the markets and how important it is to manage risk than I thought I would going into it. The knowledge is extensive and I was given a very good foundation to begin my trading business.”

“Tillie was a phenomenal instructor. She was passionate and patient with the class. The learning environment was always high energy and she was always able to gauge our understanding and adjust accordingly. I have had very few instructors over my learning career as good as her. The remaining group at OTA-KC were also very good. Courtney had the entire week running like clockwork, with materials and wonderful breakfasts and lunches. Matt McGrath was extremely helpful with developing our trading plan and general questions. Matt Roberts was helpful answering IT concerns about the platforms. I would highly recommend this class to anyone wanting to take control of their financial goals.”

“I love the OTA crowd. Everybody was so nice and professional. The instructors were very patient and understanding with those who needed more help. I don't like crowds and I truly felt comfortable and at home during the OTA training. I feel that I have made new friends, and am on the brink of a life changing event. Thanks, OTA.”

“I came to OTA with a substantial amount of trading experience. I was self-taught and profitable. However, since it had been a great many years since I'd last traded, I was still a bit nervous to re-engage with the markets. OTA has not only refreshed my stale knowledge, it has provided a great number of new insights to solutions for problems I hadn't previously been able to overcome. It has also given me a high degree of confidence in my ability to re-approach trading after a long hiatus. Thank you.”

“I wanted to get started in creating income on my own so I had more control of my time, so I got into the OTA school program. It opened my eyes to a lot of the details of trading, charting, and where to find supply and demand. The instructors are great! They are down to earth and they want to help. The environment there was great from the instructors to the classmate. I would strongly recommend entering into the academy.”

“My experience for the last seven days has been AWEsome! As I walked through the door for the first time, I went through a vast array of emotions; "am I good enough", "I'm too old". etc. But at the end of each day, I learned more than I did the day before. I am committed, and I will "Launch" very carefully!”

“Online Trading Academy teaches a trading system that is logical and easy to understand. The instructors are friendly and genuinely want to see the students succeed.”

“Online Trading Academy dispels the 'stocks is just gambling' myth. Live demonstration has shown me that the process can be learned and is repeatable. The opportunity of 'trading' fulfills many of my goals for growth and security.”

“Impressive educational support to continue your learning experience post class. Truly dedicated staff that wish you to succeed and will be here to support you. . The program gives you the tools but you, and only you, must be also dedicated to put in the work to succeed.”

“All aspects are high quality -- personnel, facilities, helpful attitude, hospitality, personal encouragement. It's comprehensive instruction by experienced and authoritative instructors. Very enlightening information and structured instruction in how to learn it, understand it, and put it into practice step by step.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed the week. Great class and participation from class members enhanced the learning. The metaphor of playing golf is applicable for this ProTrader class. The class has taught me how to grip the club (tools), set-up to the ball (core strategy), make a basic swing (identify trades and entry trades). Now in order to learn to really play, I need to go out on the golf course. If I want to learn more about specific skills trading asset classes (like learning more about putting, bunker shots, etc.) I need more coaching and understanding of the specific techniques. Overall, I am thrilled with my experience in this class. The facility works very well. Comfortable and well taken care of during the week. The staff is very good and the instructor (Tillie) is extremely interested in making sure the whole class learns the concepts and the technique to move forward with this life changing perspective on trading.”

“I am taking this class with my sister who I Introduced to OTA last year. The program was excellent when I took Pro-Trader last year. This class was excellent! Tillie was able to cover the information of the course, and we had the opportunity to get into more advanced questions and setups. Job well done!!!”

“The facility has easy access, the equipment is up to date and the personnel are all very friendly and helpful. The OTA Material is extensive and the instructor had information of added value. I get the feeling that they really want us to be successful from our training here.”

“I was able to take 3 week's worth of classes; it's been long but I have learned a lot in the three weeks. From Tillie to Steve, to John. I have enjoyed all three and feel like I am further along in my learning journey. Again, the experience is wonderful. Not one complaint. The Parking lot has plenty of parking. The OTA staff is wonderful and very helpful. Courtney has breakfast, and lunch every day, first one in last to leave. The course is great. I feel like I have received great info/knowledge that I will be able to carry over In my trading career. The instructor was very helpful in answering everyone's questions. He was able to use analogies to explain the info to people that were having issues understanding.”

“OTA is built around the success of the student. If students are not successful, then OTA is not successful. It is great to be in an environment where everyone is looking out for my success. This is very refreshing to be involved with.”

“Online Trading Academy does a superb job at laying the groundwork for being a successful trader. This class provides you with most basic and fundamental information to dive into the more complicated aspects of trading. It has taught me that learning the terminology and basics makes it much easier to succeed and learn in more difficult situations. My instructor, Tillie Allison, was extremely thorough and detailed in her explanations and recommendations. She never moved on until everyone understood and was on the same page.”

“Nice facility, excellent instructor, good food and drinks, and looking forward to replacing the income level that was previously enjoyed. Good solid training for a new outlook on life. Thanks OTA.”

“I have had a few attempts at trading the markets. I knew people made money at it and I knew the way I was doing it I wasn't one of them. I did a lot of research and decided if this was going to work OTA was my best shot. I can tell you, from sign-up to the Pre-Course work (do the Pre-Course work!), to the Part I and Part II classes and the Post Class chat, OTA is 100% a class act. Tillie Allison was the "Bomb" as an instructor and by the final day I knew I was walking out of here not only knowing more but knowing a whole new class of GREAT people and PEERs. I will sing the praises of OTA, Chris Crum, Matt McGrath, Tillie Allison and the rest of the Kansas City support staff to anyone who is interested in a whole new way of life!”

“OTA is a top-notch organization. The instructors and support people are extremely helpful and approachable. My experience this week is nothing but positive. I very much look forward to taking the skills I've acquired here and putting them into practice.”

“I have gained tremendous knowledge of how the market works and the power of the banks to make markets. Tillie Allison did a wonderful job breaking down the pro-trader class one step at a time, with great understanding and examples to apply the information to everyday life. I am ready to be financially independent, and trading with the mentorship of OTA will be the vehicle to get me there.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Options Class. Steve Moses is a great instructor. He uses meaningful analogies, has high energy, works in some humor and obviously loves what he does. Add this to the great facilities here in Overland Park and the great staff, and you have the ingredients for a first rate experience. I learned more about options in these 5 days than I had learned on my own over many years. I highly recommend this class.”

“Great education on trading with a supportive staff.”

“This program is challenging and is answering many of the questions I have sought for years by providing a tool to help me financially secure my family in retirement. The instructions have been excellent and instructor very patient.”

“Online Trading Academy will teach a person a skill that will allow them to change their lives. A wonderful experience. Highly recommended.”

“I started my training in trading the stock market approximately 3 years ago. My experience with OTA has been by far the best. I like the strategy that is based on using price as the primary indicator and in the use of supply and demand identification in the trading strategy. I would recommend the OTA training to others as well as family members that would benefit from this education. ”

“Pro Trader is a fast paced 7 day class designed to teach the process, rules, and platform at the basic level. There is A LOT of instruction and practical application in a live environment. I expected to walk away understanding "how" and "why" to execute a trade. This class exceeded my expectations. Much like playing a musical instrument, learning the notes doesn't mean one can make music. We've been taught the notes. Practice will make the process easier, and specific training in the desired asset along with the wealth of help offered through OTA will have me playing music very soon. Thanks for a great week!!”

“The Online Trading Academy classes have given me a valuable insight into how to properly manage money, and their supply-demand based program is the most logical strategy I have encountered in my educational pursuits.”

“I was initially reluctant to enroll in the course, fearing those common allegations that this was a scam or con. Then I did my due diligence and found that the only people alleging this were people who had not taken the class. Those who had taken the class report that they enjoyed it and benefited from it. Now that I have taken it, I can say that it is remarkably well designed and delivered; and I have spent a great deal of my life in education. I believe that it has prepared me well for trading and look forward to becoming active in the markets.”

“The instruction received at OTA KC is always relevant to student needs and actionable. I love the sequential approach to trade planning and execution.”

“I learned some very effective ways to find potential trade opportunities and probable order entry and exit points. I especially liked that there was good information presented on 'shorting' because that's a possible trading opportunity that I have been neglecting. It's a way to make money when the market is going down, and the market doesn't crash up!”


“I was excited to attend the Online Trading Academy Professional Trader course, and I can only say the experience met all of my expectations. I learned exactly what I was hoping to learn and look forward to continuing my education at the Academy.”

“I've taken 3 courses so far at the Overland Park facility. This has been a great experience. The faculty, office staff, and facility are the best. Well worth the money.”

“The Kansas City OTA has given me a reason to feel optimistic about me and my family's future. The absolute best investment I have made in my financial education.”

“OTA is an amazing place to learn how to create a wealth program that works for each individual.”

“I was totally floored by the overwhelming content and my perceived complexity of trading. But throughout the course I was assured and reassured that it was something that I can do. The proposed future assistance, "can-do" attitude of the office staff, and available resources convinced me that I made the right decision to continue on with my learning. I am sure that in time, I will become a successful trader and being such will improve my quality of life.”

“The class was a great experience. Scott over delivered and is very knowledgeable about the subject. He also was patient and helped us grasp the concepts of the course. Also, you won't go home hungry they feed you well!!”

“This course will provide the knowledge base and practical experience to enable a novice to begin successful trading. The personnel are courteous and professional. The instructors are knowledgeable and effectively use the time available to insure all students obtain the knowledge and practical experience to become successful.”

“I am so thoroughly satisfied with the quality and professionalism of the staff and the instructors at OTA. Every training session that I have ever been involved in has been pleasant, informative and instructive. Thank you all for keeping your clients involved and excited about market participation and strategies!”

“OTA teaches you how to trade: stocks, forex, futures and options. I think the best thing about OTA is the way they continue to keep you in the loop with additional training (ability to retake a class at no addition charge), and weekly classes on the internet. Plus there are many (hundreds of) articles and videos available 24 hours a day for every conceivable question you may have. They are in it for the long term.”

“If you are willing to work hard and discipline yourself, this program will work. I have no prior trading experience, however, I am confident that I have been provided with the training and resources to be successful.”

“The education experience at Online Trading Academy is invaluable.”

“This course is great. It takes you from being a novice and wondering what will happen to your money on each market trend or big news story. They train you to "develop a plan" so that you can lower your risk, raise your income and secure your wealth for the future. It gives you the confidence and safety to do more proactive investing with your finances. It shows you how much money you are NOT making through your current advisors.”

“If you want to take a little time to learn a lot of valuable and profitable real world skills, this is the apex of the real deal.”

“I really enjoyed taking this class. I now feel like I understand my path to become a professional trader. I am most excited about the community that you get along the way to support you through your journey.”

“I am sincerely grateful that I've found OTA from listening to Power Trading Radio on the talk station on Saturdays and Sundays. These courses have been life changing for me in that I feel empowered to not only manage my portfolio, but to increase dramatically my holdings. It's true that the 'Rich Get Richer’ because of this 'specialized knowledge' and OTA has the whole package!”

“Online Trading Academy (Kansas City, MO area) is a very well-run learning organization. I would highly recommend this academy to people who wish to learn or relearn and understand more about how asset markets work. I think it is important to know how to manage one's own financial assets, and this academy is very good at instruction in this area. I expect very good results in my financial future relating to long-term investments and short-term income opportunities. ”

“The whole experience was positive. I do not have a regret or negative thing to say.”

“Online Trading Academy has given me a very positive insight into my future financial potential for both income and wealth. This experience has been amazing, and I have only just begun! I wish I had learned this powerful information years ago!!”

“As a Pastor who invests into the lives of people, I know that this is one of the best investments that I have made in myself since I completed Theology School. The Information that was given during the class equipped me to be prepared to set my trading goals and to begin trading. This opportunity has been an answer to prayer! It also helped me to understand the truth of the Proverb, "A fool and his money are soon parted." Thomas Tusser. Even though this quote is non-biblical, I do not want to be foolish with what God has entrusted to me! So, don't be a fool, come to trading school! Chaplain Ken Moore”

“OTA teaches a core strategy that enables you to trade many asset classes. In addition, the instructors bring a rich and varied background to each class. This allows the student to explore many subtle variations of trading to find the plan that fits them best.”

“Great learning environment and very well organized learning material to use.”

“The Online Trading Academy is truly a unique way to learn about stock trading and the path to greater wealth through day trading. The quality of the instruction and the instructors was superb. I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to attend their initial trading course.”

“Nearly every day of the training I had an "aha moment." Learned more this week than I had in all my past attempts to learn how to trade.”

“The information I gained at OTA is LIFE-CHANGING. OTA filters out what you don't need to know, and gives you the tools to be a successful investor. I would recommend this to anyone!”

“Online Trading Academy does a great job in breaking things down into the basics. The facility is kept very clean and comfortable. The instructors and educators do the best they can to make something that seems so foreign become something anyone can understand.”


“OTA is an excellent school to really learn how to trade in the markets. With this training, you can be confident in doing well when trading in all markets because following certain rules will assure this. Eliminates emotion in trading in the markets.”

“I'm now more confident in my knowledge and look forward to trading!”

“I have taken Pro Trader, Pro Forex Trader and Pro Futures Trader. The instructors gave me a great start in my trading career. I recommend these courses to friends and family all the time! You won't be disappointed.”

“Personnel were friendly and willing to take time to address questions and clarify information if at all possible.”

“Others need to understand that a journey of 1,000 leagues begins with a single step. That first step at Online Trading Academy is to take a small bit of time to attend a Workshop complete with a meal. That few hours will be an eye opener to the possibility of a huge change in your life. One doesn't just pay some money and take some classes. One becomes a student of Online Trading Academy with unlimited resources always available, and it continues to be added to every day.”

“The staff of Online Trading Academy Kansas City did an excellent job and are a very friendly bunch.”

“Online Trading Academy - KC ALWAYS provides a great environment. The way this course was structured, it really helped me narrow down a strategy and trading style that I need to use.”

“I had a general knowledge of markets and trading prior to hearing about Online Trading Academy. I knew that there was wealth lurking within the charts but did not have the proper education or confidence to take action. I have read many books and much commentary on trading, but still felt I was not being taught what was necessary or reasonable. After attending the informative class, I knew immediately that Online Trading Academy offered what I had been unable to find for years. I then attended the course and was absolutely blown away by Rick. Even with as excited as I was, I would have never expected the level of skillful and thoughtful teaching as I received from Rick. Through Online Trading Academy's program, I will be a successful trader and now know I am equipped with the proper education and confidence to act. What a life changing experience.”

“The Online Trading Academy class more than met my expectations. Jeff Manson was an excellent instructor and the staff was friendly and helpful. I appreciate the positive atmosphere and knowing that the experts became that way by building a solid foundation under themselves and following their plan. ”

“I truly value every minute that I get to spend with the instructors at Online Trading Academy. Everything from the community of traders, one on one experience with the instructor, practice in the live and simulated modes, to watching live XLT's AND trading right along with the pros..... I LOVE IT ALL! Online Trading Academy is changing my life. Each day I am getting one step closer to achieving my goal of being a stay at home mom with an AMAZING INCOME! Thank you, Online Trading Academy!”

“The Online Trading Academy classes present an effective way to get hands-on exposure to an exciting opportunity, coupled with continuing education opportunities to continually enhance the value of the course work.”

“Great stuff from Online Trading Academy KC!!”

“Behind every student in this class is a family that the instructor does not see. This program is a positive, life-changing experience - not only for the student but for their family as well. Thank you for such an opportunity and special thanks to each of the professional traders who are willing to share their insights and expertise with us each day.”

“Taking this course was one of the greatest moves we have taken in our life. We are about to reach the age of 80 in just a few months. This has opened the door to a complete change of direction to start a new opportunity with the best of help surrounding us. Online Trading Academy is the best place ever to high quality instruction and backup information wherever you turn. Thank you for an amazing opportunity to excel.”

“Thank you for the opportunity for allowing me to further my knowledge and gain confidence to trade on the market in the near future.”

“Staff was not only excellent to work with but also great attitudes.”

“The Online Trading Academy offers a great student/instructor training experience for both the beginner and experienced trader. The knowledge and experience of the instructors, combined with the classroom environment, offers an exceptional path for financial independence but also an opportunity to meet people in a variety of situations you can easily relate to. Brandon Wendell was an outstanding instructor I would highly recommend, and I can't say enough about the friendly staff in the Kansas City office.”

“The instructor, Scott, was great and the whole staff at the Trading Academy was awesome. I would certainly recommend this course to anyone wanting to trade!!!!.”

“The center does an excellent job of creating a family atmosphere by keeping us on site for meals and breaks. That makes for an excellent class.”

“Online Trading Academy is definitely worth pursing as a solution for a lifestyle change in the positive direction.”

“These courses always out do expectations on what you will learn and understand to make it possible to function as a trader. The trainers, being pro traders themselves, add a quality learning not found in other learning venues.”

“I first heard about Online Trading Academy on the radio while heading to work and am happy that I decided to attend classes. Both my wife and I have learned so much from this class and are looking forward to continuing our education as professional traders.”

“If you have any interest in trading successfully, you MUST give yourself the gift of an education - with guidance and support available, not just a book or two on trading. Online Trading Academy provides tremendous support vehicles in addition to its actual curriculum - all given by those who have actual and extensive experience in the markets. Tough to beat that!”

“Katy was great, everyone awesome. Online Trading Academy has given me a second chance to have a great life in the future. Thanks for everything.”


“I find the people here at the school, both the staff and the other students, to be the highest caliber of quality that I could ask for as friends and cohorts, and I anticipate staying in touch with my Trading Community.”

“The information that was presented in the class was top notch, but the ability and experience level of the instructors to be able to put it in terms that were understandable and backed up by experience was the key. It really is amazing how different my outlook on my finances are after these courses compared with the years I spent with my financial advisors.”

“I just want to thank Darek and the Online Trading Academy staff for providing me with the skills and also the future assistance in my education. I truly feel that they have my best interest at heart.”

“This strategy was totally unfamiliar to me and will make meeting your financial goals in life obtainable for almost anyone that wants to learn.”

“You'll learn how not to be a novice trader. You'll get hands on trading and do what the pros do.”

“What I liked best: The fact that I am learning what I came here to learn.”

“Thanks for trying to make my trading career the best it can be!”

“I wish I would have discovered this earlier. I feel much more confident about trading and can't wait to learn about and move into the different markets. - Bryan Jamison”

“Everyone at Online Trading Academy has always been friendly and do whatever they can to meet the students' needs. Thank you.”

“All 5's says it all.”

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