Impactful Investing

Our impactful investing section is designed to teach you how to keep your fees low, avoid major investment losses and increase your overall performance.

Are you concerned about another stock market crash, finding a safe place to put your money these days and still get a decent return, or are transaction fees, management fees, 401(k) fees or commissions impacting your overall performance?

In impactful investing, we’ll discuss topics on properly structuring your portfolio to reduce your exposure to another stock market crash, eliminate or reduce your fees so you can keep more of what you make, and how to participate in market gains without significant exposure to stock market risk.

There are many investments choices, but only a few that are right for you and your investment objectives. Impactful Investing teaches you the principles of where to invest each dollar for the strongest and safest rate of return.

Keep Track of Your Investments

Whether you work with a broker or adviser or you trade on your own, you should always monitor your investments. By keeping an eye on your investment portfolio, you can prevent minor mistakes from turning into big problems. Read more...

Money Tips From Experts

When it comes to making financial decisions, who do you ask for money tips or advice? We think it’s always a good idea to consult with experts, and that’s how we pulled together these bits of financial wisdom. Read more...

Understanding Bond Yield

Essential income investor knowledge begins with understanding the ways expected return, or yield, on bonds and bond funds are presented. This awareness is essential to choosing wisely among thousands of bond mutual funds, ETFs, closed end funds, and among countless individual bonds. Read more...

Understand Your Investment Fees Like a Professional

As an average investor, do you truly understand your investment return? The average investor might be touting high investment returns at their kid’s next soccer game but when you subtract the fees and investment costs the returns will be quite different. Read more...

Investment Risks: The 5 Elements of Outperformance

In the same way that an obsolete hand held calculator contains more computing power than an Apollo spacecraft, in pursuit of “outperformance” even novice investors today have at their fingertips a vast amount of information and research unimaginable just a few years ago. Read more...

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