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“ There was a lot of technical information that had to be covered in class. We began slowly, learned the concepts and by the end of the week we were given the opportunity to work on our own, assuring that we knew the information well.”

“It amazes me that all of the instructors have given out their contact information and encourage you to contact them if you have any future questions or problems. ”

“This Core Strategy program is excellent. I was referred by a friend that I trusted very much and I am glad I listened to him; I received a fantastic education. I would have never dreamed of attempting to tackle the markets before enrolling and going through this program. I now have the confidence that if I stay with the plan I learned in the class, I will achieve success in my trading career. The best thing about Online Trading Academy though, is that I know that whatever questions or concerns I may have there is a professional just a phone call or email away; this gives me assurance that if I somehow lose my way there is someone there to put me back on track. I am thankful for Online Trading Academy. Also, the company provides a warm and friendly atmosphere where you can be yourself as you learn the skills necessary for becoming successful. A BIG thumbs up!”

“It was a great experience and all instructors: Kevin, Brook and all others, Rick, Ed and Perry have been very helpful. Certainly would recommend.”

“I have been trading in selected categories for about 35 years. I had no idea there was the amount of information and analysis available that OTA presented. I feel much better prepared to improve my investment results in the future. OTA has consistently made it known that additional guidance and assistance will be available at any time.”

“I enjoyed the 1st and 2nd Day of the Core Strategies class. There is a lot of material covered and you will need to retain ALL of what is covered each day to make it through the next day. No free lunch here... come to class with your academic hat on ready to learn at a decent pace. The good part is that it is exciting to learn this path so you are glued to the instructor's every word. Just don't drift off in thought or you'll be scrambling to catch up. Good luck & enjoy!”

“Houston Online Trading Academy is where amateur traders are trained to be professional traders and professional traders find their home. A group of like-minded individuals collectively create a great environment for the newbies on the right path to professionalism.”


“I love what Online Trading Academy has to offer. They are genuinely trying to help each and every one of their students succeed. The instructors are there also to help you with anything you need. ”

“Supply and Demand process is the right method to trade stocks. OTA has excellent and highly experienced instructors and excellent staff support.”

“As always, OTA gives only the best. It was a pleasure to be in the class.”

“OTA Houston cares about its student's success and strive to provide best instructors and innovative tools to accomplish that. I'm very happy to belong to this student community. Thank you, OTA staff for all you do for your students. You are the best!”

“Online Trading Academy is an amazing place where you can change your life both financially and mentally if you follow their system. This was my first experience at a center while taking an OTA class and the center was awesome. The staff was helpful and friendly and went out of their way to help out the students. Couldn't have been more satisfied.”

“I am so impressed with everything OTA! What a terrific organization always evolving to have students succeed. Houston people are so lucky to have such a beautiful well run Center, access to all the tools to trade the financial markets as a professional and a committed franchise which is a fine representation of what OTA was designed to do. I jumped in at the highest Mastermind level and haven't regretted it one day!”

“This Center is in incredible shape. I could not think of one single complaint to make while taking my classes here. The entire staff is very helpful and they try their best the help with any issues that you may have. I was always comfortable asking questions and I was confident that they'd answer what I needed to know with the best of their knowledge. I will definitely refer friends and family to this wonderful opportunity.”

“The staff is friendly. They're there ready to help every day. The school is clean & homely. Parking is big, I have no problem finding a parking spot.”

“Our center is beautiful. Mahogany floors, marbled counters, well-appointed kitchen, and free lunch!! We are very lucky to have such a staff that wants us to succeed and who tries to always have a helping hand to lend us. We love Scot. He was a great instructor! I like the way the courses are maintained with the newest information and best ways of interpreting said information allowing the student to make the best possible choices for their trading agenda.”

“I just appreciate the helpful staff that is so attentive to my needs and always willing to go the extra mile to help me in my understanding of markets and the OTA program.”

“Online Trading Academy is a school that will guide you in the complex process of Trading in Wall Street, where students actually have the opportunity to make money and improve their quality of life. The lessons learned from these courses stay with you forever, not like jobs or businesses that might fail in time, so you can be sure you will have something to count on. ”

“The classes taught here at OTA in Houston are absolutely worth every dime. Everyone can benefit from these courses, even if you have been trading for years. The strategy and support are above and beyond anything that anyone else can offer. Mary Beth and Kevin are so knowledgeable and make sure you are getting the best education offered. You need to take these classes.”

“I was a little apprehensive to take a week long class, but the experience was well worth it. The supply and Demand method is exactly the tool I needed to meet my short term and long term financial goals. The Houston location is amazing. Extremely clean and the staff is very helpful. Lots of hotels and restaurants within walking distance.”

“Online Trading Academy is a world-class operation well worth the investment in yourself. I would highly recommend anyone interested in taking their trading and investing skills to a higher level (out of the realm of guesswork and into a refined, rules-based system), then OTA is the place for you! The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. They work well together as a team and always try to provide a great experience to the students. Parking is adequate, the building is clean and modern. The upgraded kitchen area is a plus since long spans of time are spent onsite and it gives a home away from home feel.”

“Online Trading Academy helped me out a lot. I was always interested in trading in the markets but I didn't have the confidence I needed to be able to make decisions. After I took the class at Online Trading Academy it was like someone had flipped a switch in my brain! If you're looking to build your wealth or raise your weekly or daily income, I would recommend you go to OTA before falling into a trap that you may not even know exists.”

“I am so happy with the experience I am having at OTA, I would recommend it to everyone who wants to learn about the financial markets, There is not a better place to go than Online Trading Academy.”

“The most awesome bunch of folks I have ever met and who want to see you succeed at trading. All my thanks to each and every one of you, and you too Craig!”

“Everyone ( teacher, classmates, and staff) at OTA - Houston made the experience very pleasant. The teacher and staff were very helpful and assisted with any questions or concerns. All aspects of the OTA - Houston center were great!!”

“This is a great program to learn how the markets actually work and how to get involved in a successful way. The location, center and personnel were all great and beyond my expectations.”

“Online Trading Academy is one of the most reputable financial education programs in the country.”

“Ed Huggans is an outstanding education counselor. He definitely deserves a 5 star rating. He was incredibly helpful in setting up my TradeStation desktop. He is kind, courteous, and accomodating. He is very tech-savvy.”

“I can't say enough positive things about OTA Houston. From the smiling faces that greeted me as I entered the door to the depth of knowledge these professionals openly share with each of us, this center is second to none. Houston runs like a well-oiled machine which allows us to focus on learning. And just as the center is top notch, so are the instructors they place before us. Patient, kind, knowledgeable, and funny are just a few of the characteristics my instructors have had. It feels good to have graduated into a new family that wants me to succeed. Thank you OTA Houston K. Daniels”

“Parking is always available and free. The Center is very clean and the staff is exceptionally friendly.”

“Online Trading Academy teaches retail individuals to become professional traders by following institutional Supply and Demand. While the methodology itself is simple, it is indeed very profound and statistically significant. OTA offers the community filled with instructors with dozens years of experience from trading floors and institutions, very helpful student counselor and specialist, all guiding the retail novice to become the professional trader in an accelerated path.”

“The cost of the program is a difficult hurdle to overcome but once you are enrolled and involved in OTA the cost becomes a non-issue. The instructors are all very qualified and are willing to pass their experience on to the student in the form of "Gold Nuggets". The curriculum is very diversified and provides a trading opportunity that matches your trading style. The material provided makes it easy for Students to enroll in new trading courses before they are ready. The course material, support and webinars provided have been continually improved in the 1 1/2 years I have been enrolled in OTA. At my advanced age it was difficult to absorb all the material the first time I took the course of the 7 trading strategies. I have been able to increase my learning curve by registering for the retakes, on a space available basis, and doing online retakes. The only negative for me is I should have spread the first attempts at taking the next trading strategy to a minimum of 2 to 3 months to apply the knowledge gained from the first course. That way I would have retained a lot more from the subsequent courses. This would have reduced the requirement to take a number of retakes of the courses I have taken and I would be further along in meeting my goals and objectives.”

“Online Trading Academy has exceeded my expectation. I was very impressed with the School and its facility when I took 3 courses in Houston. The Instructors were very dedicated and very helpful, assisting in my learning the subject matter. In fact, they made sure we understood every topic before moving to the next one. My Counselor, Rick, was also there for me. He was always very accessible and attentive to me at all times. Then there is Ms. Mary Beth. She worked with me through financing which was a God send. She is the best. I would not have been able to make it without her because financing was a problem for me. Ed, the Student Specialist, has been a life saver for me. He is professional and very knowledgeable. He is very patient and I am very thankful to have met him. OTA curriculum addresses every aspect of trading and I am very satisfied with the Institution and the Program.”

“This was the best business decision I have made. I surely realized the value of this program as an investment instead of looking at it as cost.”

“In every experience, I find Online Trading Academy to be the best source for teaching the skills I need. Now I'm looking forward to more classes from OTA.”

“If you really want to know where to buy and sell and make money in the markets just like the institutional traders, then Online Trading Academy is the best education for you!”

“I have never taken a trading class where I gained so much knowledge. The instructor took the time to explain the course material in such a way that everyone understood. The facility and the staff are the best I've seen. They truly care about each individual. ”

“OTA has given me a opportunity that I never thought I would have achieved”


“I have known there must be a game plan that those "in the know" followed to achieve success in the financial markets. Regardless if the markets were Bullish or Bearish the professionals still made money. Lots of money. Yet, somehow, after all our trust and our hard earned capital we threw their way to help us grow and manage our assets, we were not able to achieve all that we believed we should have. Online Trading Academy has given us access to the professionals' game plan. Now we are in control.”

“I thinks the best thing I ever did for my trading future was to join the OTA.”

“The classes I have taken, so far, at OTA have opened up my mind to a new adventure that I now feel equipped to move forward and explore in a confident manner.”

“I have always been intrigued by Wall Street and the idea of making extra money by being a trader and also learning how to grow wealth, not only for retirement but also to enhance my lifestyle. Online Trading Academy and their experienced and active Instructors have surpassed my expectations in providing me with not only the knowledge I need to achieve my goals, but have also given me hands on training so that I was able to learn the trading platforms and do several trades while still in class. OTA is a valuable resource for anyone wanting to learn how to trade in the markets and to be successful doing so.”

“OTA's program is alive and well. You get to see, learn, and apply what you enrolled in the course for.”

“All the people in the Houston Office, especially Kevin Green, want you to succeed and help you in any way necessary to assist you in achieving your goal.”

“I have been trying to learn how to trade on my own for 2 years and never felt confident in the positions I took. OTA has helped me understand the market better providing me with the knowledge on how to create and follow a plan, and the confidence to be more successful with trading.”

“I cannot think of any other program that can offer such a supercharged education. My wife and I fully appreciate the knowledge we are walking away with.”

“This has been an eye opening learning experience. I am blown away from the potential and the opportunity I can have to improve my life for myself and my loved ones. I am very appreciative for this amazing training process and the most wonderful support provided by Online Trading Academy. I am Thankful beyond words.”

“I am a 42-year old sales account manager, husband, and a father of five. I am also a child of the Living God and a disciple of Jesus Christ. I believe that we are all meant to make the most of our lives and our time here in this life so as to benefit ourselves while being a benefit to others on behalf of Jesus Christ. There are many who are weak and sick who perish for lack of resources, knowledge, or opportunity. My prayer is that God will allow me to use this information to benefit those who are in need of a blessing, whether it be family members, friends, or strangers. This approach adds quantifiable methods to what I always believed to be a guessing-game or system based on luck. It opens up the playbook that has otherwise been closed to the general public. Kevin Green & Mary Beth's testimonies and their "whys" for what they are doing are incredible and awe-inspiring. They and the entire OTA organization have both my utmost respect and admiration. OTA is truly an innovator with its Community-focused approach to supporting and building knowledge. I love the classroom environment and the teaching styles of each of the instructors that I have encountered so far. I plan on sharing this testimony of my own growth and success to all that I come in contact with. May God bless OTA!”

“OTA Houston has a beautiful site, welcoming staff and content! They teach methods that professionals use, not gambling or wishful thinking. And they are committed to my success. Also, Kevin Green is amazing. He has a real passion for the students and the material because it can change your life!”

“Online Trading Academy offers a wealth of knowledge and is willing and excited to share that information and the years of experience that each of their teachers brings to the table. They do not just teach you the class and throw you to the wolves, but stand beside you every step of the way.”

“Even though I am taking trading education classes from another company, I felt like I was still missing important information to successfully make trades. With the Core Strategies, classroom atmosphere, like-minded people/students, and the relationships that were built in the Online Trading classes, I feel like I am more equipped to successfully take advantage of trading opportunities.”

“The instructors are top notch with lots of real world experience and knowledge. The entire staff is extremely friendly and helpful in making my learning experience an enjoyable one.”

“Online Trading Academy has opened my eyes on the opportunity in trading. The staff has given me the support to further my education as a trader. Josip was a superb instructor; he simplifies and makes you a part of the class. Thank you.”

“The Professional Trader program was a life-changing experience. I was not expecting such a quality education from such quality people! World-class operation!”

“Very eye opening information that is a must for everyone that is looking to maximize their opportunities”

“My time here was extremely educational and helpful. People were great, course was great and my experience was unforgettable. Thank you all.”

“I truly value Online Trading Academy's training platform because you can jump right in and start learning and trading almost simultaneously. This helps students apply what they learned and immediately reap the results. I have a bachelor's degree in finance and, however, still didn't know how the financial markets really worked using supply and demand levels. Thank you, Online Trading Academy, due to your training I now have the confidence to face my fears of losing money, and start making money. OTA is the exact company I was looking for, one that keeps their word. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!”

“Cost may seem a bit high, but the program is legit. Great support functions and training materials. Great access to the minds of experts. Overall a good value if the program is followed. ”


“I came to OTA with some trading exposure. After just a couple of the XLT videos and live sessions, my trading became much more successful and my ability to understand the movement became much more clear. The OTA Houston center is first rate and enjoyable to be a part of. I feel at home and actually like the environment.”

“I have seen many corporate and private technical classrooms. This must be the best classroom environment in the world. The attitude of Mary Beth, Jan and all the counselors is terrific.”

“Staff very helpful and a pleasant environment.”

“OTA continues to deliver high quality financial management training that is not available elsewhere. Thanks!”

“Everyone at this center is very, very friendly which lets you know they are concerned genuinely for you to be a good trader. This was a refresher course because I needed some clarification on things I learned in the first class I also took with Brandon. I have gotten so much clarification, I am now ready to fund my account and go live. YAY.”

“The entire Houston OTA experience has been professional, friendly, and informative. It is far above my expectations. Kevin, MaryBeth, Marcia, Rick, Jon and Jan have assisted proactively with a smile and knowledge. I have been in many classes throughout my life. Kevin is the most dynamic and knowledgeable I have experienced. He has a unique presentation style.”

“My coach is Lori Deiland. She couldn't be any better about trying to help me succeed. Kevin has three characteristics; he really cares about each individual, his knowledge of the subject matter is true mastery, and his work ethic is outstanding.”

“Definitely better than anything available. I am truly thankful for finding this program. ”

“I had no knowledge about the financial world and money management before I took the classes. The classes have taught me how to grow my investment, trade for daily income and how important it is to manage your money.”

“The professionalism and the friendliness of all the coaches and the sheer volume of information on trading was amazing. But this instructor is beyond my ability to express how much I deeply appreciate spending the week here. I truly am humbled to have this experience. I have been to other seminars, but this one is light years ahead of anything I have ever taken. I have been searching for these guys for ten years.”

“Absolutely AWESOME atmosphere.”

“The Online Trading Academy Houston community has been a great experience. You truly get a feeling of family and the academy personnel really do want you to be successful.”

“Absolutely the best information on trading around!!!!”

“At the beginning I was not sure what I was getting myself into but after these 2 classes I'm truly glad I came! This has been a great Experience!! -Rick A”

“Online Trading Academy Houston is THE BEST! Thanks, guys/gals!”

“Online Trading Academy has provided me with the tools to better my future. I highly recommend Online Trading Academy to anyone and everyone. Kevin Green is a great instructor and really helps with the learning of trading stocks and etc. I am forever grateful to Online Trading Academy and their staff for everything they have done for me.”

“This course offered a huge amount of information and practical instruction. The atmosphere was very conducive to learning and the staff was very supportive and helpful. I would highly recommend this facility, dedicated staff and the education offered.”

“Online Trading Academy of Houston was the best schooling experience of my life. Most genuinely friendly and helpful staff, each and every one of them. I can't wait to take my next classes. I enjoyed my experience so much that I added a new why, and that is to be able to pay to send some of my family members to Online Trading Academy of Houston. Thank you, everyone, for the fantastic experience.”

“Online Trading Academy Houston is top notch in quality. Always had friendly and courteous employees/coaches, lots of snacks, lunches, and drinks available and wonderful facility.”

“I highly recommend this program to anyone interested in learning to trade and become a professional trader/investor. All center personnel are extremely friendly, courteous, and helpful with every aspect of their program.”

“Be prepared for a lot of information to come at you in a very short time frame, high level to details and, of course, the pull back to keep you focused on successful trading.”

“The Online Trading Academy staff is very helpful and professional. This facility looked very sharp at all times. Great job! There is a before and after this class in my life! I will apply what I learned on a daily basis as a professional trader! Great job, Online Trading Academy Houston Facility!”

“Before I came to Online Trading Academy Houston my trading was like a guy on a bicycle on a freeway full of fast moving cars. Now I am able to hold my own and getting better. I am trading with confidence and know when I am making profits, how I did it. It feels so good to be in control of my destiny. THANK YOU.”

“I feel like the team here at Online Trading Academy Houston truly wants you to succeed in life and in trading.”

“I always wanted to be my own boss and work my own hours. Taking these classes has given me a better understanding of how I can do this and make great short term income.”

“Professional Traders - you learn it you apply it - It's up to you! Great time and facility, instructor and coaches.”

“Online Trading Academy and Kevin Green provided an awesome experience – really increased my confidence level to trade better. Also, feel like I have lifetime friends and support – really valuable to me.”

“By far the best program money can buy. I highly recommend Online Trading Academy Houston for anyone serious about trading and taking their financial knowledge to the next level. Truly life changing experience.”

“Every single one of the teammates at Houston Online Trading Academy have made me feel like a part of the family. From the smiles in the morning, to the conversations about, "Hey, how's it going?," have touched me in a powerful way. Thanks be to GOD that I have met each and every one of these people.”

“Go to Online Trading Academy and you can save at least 5 years of your life in learning to TRADE. Great staff, each and every one is awesome. Too much of pampering, great food.”


“The Online Trading Academy location is the best learning environment I have ever been a part of. There aren't enough words to express my sincere appreciation for all the owner of this location has done to make this learning environment the first class environment that it is.”

“The staff at the Houston location are very friendly and helpful. They seem to be very interested in the success of the students and make the learning environment very pleasant and conducive for learning.”

“Great owner and staff that went the extra mile to make the learning experience pleasant and helpful. Thank you very much!”

“Mary Beth and her staff provided an excellent facility for learning. I enjoyed coming to class each day for the breakfasts and the delicious lunches! An outstanding learning environment with a staff that gives their students more than 100%!”

“I just spent 7 days with instructor, Kevin Green, and owner, Mary Beth, in the very professional Houston facility. Kevin packed a whole lot of professional trading material into the 7 days. They and their staff were all so friendly and helpful during the learning experience.”

“The Online Trading Academy courses have given me the foundation and momentum to pursue my lifelong trading profession. I am very optimistic regarding my trading endeavor and aspiration with the help from God, Online Trading Academy, friends and instructors.”

“Very thorough and detailed manual. I'll keep this as a reference for a long time. Also, Online Trading Academy's commitment to my success, regardless of my learning speed or retakes or whatever, is what sold me on doing this course to begin with.”

“Outstanding facilities and staff.”

“Online Trading Academy Houston gives more than lessons in trading. They provide a friendly atmosphere conducive to student/student and student/instructor interaction. Excellent program.”

“Rick did a great job with us and made everyone feel valued. As always, I appreciate Mary Beth and her staff who provide top notch facilities, atmosphere and attitudes.”

“I thought the materials were quite special, well thought out, easy to read, and extremely helpful. Thank you so much for the wonderful hospitality, the food was wonderful. Again, thank you.”

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