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A vast and growing market

The emergence of online brokerages and online sources of investment research has given many people unprecedented confidence in managing their own nest eggs and retirement accounts. In the United States, for example, the top 6 online brokers have 23 million combined accounts (this figure is growing at a 20% annual rate) with a combined market cap of just over $40 billion.

Many of these investors have time on their hands because they have left a job and many have significant capital from previous investments or a 401k retirement plan. They typically test the waters as active traders or investors, discover that success is more complicated than they realized, and then come to us. The net result is a vast and growing market with millions of affluent, motivated prospects for the products and services of Online Trading Academy.

The largest percentage of these is represented by baby boomers who are concerned about securing their future as they approach retirement age. But students come from all walks of life, social strata, professions and income brackets. Owning an Online Trading Academy franchise will provide you with the tools and resources to train these people in the skills they need to dramatically improve their results.

Protected Territory

We only award one franchise into each major market, so you won't have any other Online Trading Academy franchises nearby. Each franchisee has the exclusive right to market in their territory. Additionally, Online Trading Academy provides global marketing support and all leads driven from global marketing initiatives within each territory are transferred to the local franchise location in real-time.

Ready to Go Business Model

You do not need to be a professional trader to own this business. And we provide all the training and support you need. Our franchisees also enjoy low fixed costs along with a sophisticated operating model and full support from our corporate office.

As an Online Trading Academy franchise owner you will receive:

  • A proven business model that has been tested and refined.

  • An extensive partner and affiliate network that provides your business with customer leads, rebates on products, and tuition reimbursement programs.

  • Exclusive course work and access to highly trained instructors all of whom have extensive professional trading backgrounds.

Extensive Training, which includes:

  • Intensive training for you, the Franchise Owner

  • On-site training for your entire team

  • Access to a comprehensive library of web based operations manuals and training materials

  • Ongoing operations support from a senior leadership team with over 200 years of experience in franchising and in the global financial markets

  • A customized marketing plan and ongoing support provided to you by industry veterans in financial services marketing.

Industry Veterans will:

  • Help you create a lead generation plan

  • Help you create a Public Relations plan for your area

  • Make professional marketing materials available to you, including customized T.V. and Radio commercials, direct mail, email, and online advertising

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