Technical Analysis Strategies Course

Technical Analysis Strategies Course

Technical Analysis Strategies (2 Days):

Online Course also available in four 3-hour sessions.


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This course is designed for Individual Stock, ETF's and Index Futures traders to analyze the market's trends and behaviors in order to classify, distinguish and properly time their trades. You'll learn to determine the market’s overall direction and then take a position that is harmonious with the market. The curriculum will be focused around pure price-based technical analysis using the major indices as the forecasting instruments.

Suggested prerequisites: Any on-location course in stocks, options, futures or Forex.

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What You Will Learn

  • The Big Picture

    Identify trends in multiple time frames through dynamic correlation and cross referencing; learn how all markets are related via money and time and how to find opportunities through multi-market analysis.

  • Advanced Technical Analysis

    Use analytical tools such as trend behaviors, moving averages, Bollinger Bands®, stochastics, RSI and MACD to apply logic, concepts and strategies to changes in the market.

  • Real Market Examples

    Review and master trade management through Fibonacci studies, gaps and speed candle executions and risk management and stop analysis based on real market examples.

  • Put it All Together

    Learn to use a "mental checklist" to select the appropriate strategies for each trading session and adapt your trading plan accordingly.

Who You Will Learn From

Our staff of professional instructors is composed of the most dedicated people you will ever meet. They will teach you trading fundamentals and advanced techniques like no one else. Each has a unique personality that will keep you on the edge of your seat, waiting for the next "golden nugget" of trading information.

What Students Are Saying

4.8 stars - based on 62 reviews

“The professional trading class that I took at the Online Trading Academy was absolutely great. It was very well designed and the instructor, Kevin Green, was fabulous. I recommend it to anyone looking to become a professional trader.”

, July 2014

“As a complete novice to this field in general, I was pleasantly surprised to know I could understand trading and actually do it using a method rather than random gambling. From learning about morning routines to analyzing products, I am on my way to a new way to make money in my fourth career. Thanks for your great work in bringing this education to market!”

, July 2014

“I came in with no knowledge about trading. I had no confidence in using the trading platform. I am not a yet a pro but this class has helped push me far ahead of the novice trader. This has also motived me to get started with the next class.”

, June 2014

“I enjoyed taking the Professional Trader - part 1 class. I have a great understanding of what my core strategy should be, how to start my trading plan, and how to be successful in trades if I use the rules. Can't wait to start trading!!!”

, June 2014

“The class was full of valuable information about how to trade in the market with a clear cut plan of specific rules. Eliminating your emotions while you are trading stocks is essential. I have always allowed my emotions to dictate my stock trading decisions and therefore have lost money in the market. I feel much more comfortable now with a plan in place. I can't wait to begin trading with a plan in place. ”

, June 2014

“The Pro Trader class is a tremendous value for the money spent. In a few short days my understanding and expectations of the market have changed. I no longer feel like an investor "hoping" things will move in my favor. The concepts are straightforward and taught in a very simple manner. Mike Mc Mahon is an excellent teacher and I found his candidness to be refreshing. I feel the most important thing in this class was the re-enforcement that, in order to be successful, we must be disciplined, methodical and continually practice. Thank you!”

, May 2014
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