Technical Analysis Strategies Course

Technical Analysis Strategies Course

Technical Analysis Strategies (2 Days):

Online Course also available in four 3-hour sessions.


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To learn the future, study the past. That’s the simple idea behind the complex subject of technical analysis. Its practitioners, often called “chartists”, use mathematical formulas and visualizations on a price chart to study the performance of a given asset over time, then make buy or sell decisions based on history repeating itself. There are many technical analysis tools available which can be used on their own, in combination or as confirmation for our supply and demand trading strategy.

This course is designed for Individual Stock, ETFs and Index Futures traders to analyze the market's trends and behaviors in order to classify, distinguish and properly time their trades. You'll learn to determine the market’s overall direction and then take a position that is harmonious with the market. The curriculum will be focused around pure price-based technical analysis using the major indices as the forecasting instruments.

Suggested prerequisites: Any on-location course in stocks, options, futures or Forex.

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What You Will Learn

  • The Big Picture

    Identify trends in multiple time frames through dynamic correlation and cross referencing; learn how all markets are related via money and time and how to find opportunities through multi-market analysis.

  • Advanced Technical Analysis

    Use analytical tools such as trend behaviors, moving averages, Bollinger Bands®, stochastics, RSI and MACD to apply logic, concepts and strategies to changes in the market.

  • Real Market Examples

    Review and master trade management through Fibonacci studies, gaps and speed candle executions and risk management and stop analysis based on real market examples.

  • Put it All Together

    Learn to use a "mental checklist" to select the appropriate strategies for each trading session and adapt your trading plan accordingly.

Who You Will Learn From

Our staff of professional instructors is composed of the most dedicated people you will ever meet. They will teach you trading fundamentals and advanced techniques like no one else. Each has a unique personality that will keep you on the edge of your seat, waiting for the next "golden nugget" of trading information.

What Students Are Saying

“Wow! What a fabulous experience! Pro Trader classes I and II had such a wealth of information that I felt like I had completed a college course in 7 day's time! The instructor was both informative, from an actual trader's standpoint, and able to add a human perspective by detailing his experiences throughout the classes. He addressed the technical, strategic, and psychological aspects of trading; and I feel like I received a realistic overview of the art of trading. This was a great basic class from which to move onto the various asset classes available to take to continue my education! Well done, Online Trading Academy!”

, July 2016

“For the beginning trader, this course is essential. In order to enhance the probability of making successful and profitable trades the new trader must develop a firm foundation that is based on specific rules not on emotions. I certainly believe this course achieves these goals.”

, July 2016

“Took 1/2 day class and realized I knew very little about trading. It took me several weeks to decide to take the 7 day class. What a big mistake I did waiting so long to take it!! AMAZING EDUCATION!!!!”

, July 2016

“The Professional Trading course is a great introduction into the methodology of demand/supply trading. One of the things that I appreciated most was the clarification that trading isn't perfect and you will not win all of your trades. Understanding that you only need 30% winning trades and you can still make money was not a concept I was familiar with. I was looking to become a better trader, with better meaning that I won most trades by being better. The emphasis on risk management clarified a lot of issues and adjusted my mental impression of trading for wealth and income.”

, June 2016

“This session is what I needed to kick-start my live trading. I now have the knowledge and confidence to trade in a live environment, starting small, but placing larger trades as I gain more experience.”

, June 2016

“The Pro Trader class was my first class at OTA and it covered the foundations of trading extremely well. Each day built on itself and after examples were given, you were then asked to practice the new lesson. Each day was fun, frustrating, exhilarating and challenging. I know that this is only the beginning. I can re-take this class online or in-person and I can take other online classes from experts in the field that will support me. I look forward to future classes.”

, June 2016
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