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E-mini Futures Course

Professional Futures Trader (5 Days):

Online Course also available in ten 3-hour sessions.


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This course lays a foundation for students who want to trade futures as their preferred asset class or as part of a multi-asset trading strategy. It provides an overview of the five major groups of futures markets—Equity Index Futures, Treasury Futures, Energy and Metal Futures, Commodity Futures, and Forex Futures—and the unique characteristics of each. The student will gain a strategic edge by combining powerful skill-building lessons and hands-on live market trading sessions. No heavy math or advanced economics is required.

Prerequisites: Professional Trader Course, Part 1 and 2.

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What You Will Learn

  • Futures Fundamentals

    Understand the unique language and rules of futures trading and how to apply the core strategy for maximum advantage.

  • Controlling Risk

    Learn how to manage exposure through such factors as sizing, duration and frequency combined with daily mark-to-market accounting.

  • Tax Advantage

    Find out how to get high leverage potential plus favorable tax treatment under IRC 1256 (short-term gains taxed at long-term rates).

  • Technical Tools

    Use trendlines, charts and other tools to distinguish strength and weakness and choose the ideal entry and exit points.

Who You Will Learn From

Our staff of professional instructors is composed of the most dedicated people you will ever meet. They will teach you trading fundamentals and advanced techniques like no one else. Each has a unique personality that will keep you on the edge of your seat, waiting for the next "golden nugget" of trading information.

What Students Are Saying

“Futures was the security for which I was most ignorant and concerned due to my expectation of complexity and risk. Steve didn't simplify, but explained the basics and continually brought in the more peripheral information and issues that impact the placement and execution of the trades. He also provided several permanent and customized tools to reference the needed information quickly and repeatedly. This greatly decreases my apprehension of trading futures and will add to my confidence trading all securities.”

, December 2016

“I have really enjoyed the futures trading program & it pays off trading immediately on completion of course. Mr. Bachir is a great instructor.”

, December 2016

“The core strategy is simple yet powerful. It's not easy but doable and it's worth the time invested to create one's own source of income.”

, December 2016

“I started the class not knowing very much about Futures and wondering if I would ever trade it. Josip was excellent. He connected the different aspects of Futures trading, reinforced OTA's core strategy with analogies, theory and trading exercises - and made learning Futures a very enjoyable and fun experience. At the end of the week-long class, I feel comfortable to be trading in Futures.”

, December 2016

“My knowledge of the curriculum in this course is very minimal. Combined the lack of knowledge with the lack of current experience on a window based computer almost spelled disaster for me. I was amazed that on the last day things finally came together; and the last morning my understanding of the subject matter as well as that of the computer allowed me to complete the assignment. The knowledge and expertise of the teacher were outstanding. His no nonsense approach to teaching as well as his philosophy that students should understand the process that is taught and not just get the answer was refreshing and one that is often missing by teacher as well as the students. I would recommend the class, and in particular Dan Dawson as the teacher, to everyone who wants to take the course.”

, December 2016

“The futures class really helped to take my understanding to a new level and reinforced what I had learned in Pro Trader. I also discovered new resources that will aid me in my continued education plans. I especially appreciated the additional resources that Don Dawson provided as well as the detailed explanation and ways to utilized new tools.”

, December 2016
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