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Commodity Futures

Commodity Futures (2 Days):

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Oil, copper, gold, corn and other commodities have significantly increased in volatility in recent years—creating an opportunity for sector traders as well as a hedge for investors who want to offset the effect of unfavorable events in the global economy. This commodity trading course will teach you the ins-and-outs of the commodities futures marketplace—and how to make your futures trading vastly more powerful and convenient through the use of electronically traded commodities indexes.

Suggested prerequisites: Understanding of basic trading principles or experience in trading other asset classes. Core Strategy is highly recommended but is not required.

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What You Will Learn

Understanding Commodities

Learn about futures contracts, volume and open interest and other factors unique to the futures markets; find out why high leverage and tax advantages make commodities an attractive asset class today.

How Commodities Markets Work

Understand the unique rules and market practices for commodity trades and why electronic trading is superior to the traditional “open outcry” method.

Commodities Research

Learn how to read market reports, fundamental statistics, seasonal patterns and more in order to find the right commodity and the right market condition.

Planning Your Trades

Put it all together with a commodities brokerage account and execute a rule-based strategy for low-risk, high-potential trades in the futures markets.

Who You Will Learn From

Our staff of professional instructors is composed of the most dedicated people you will ever meet. They will teach you trading fundamentals and advanced techniques like no one else. Each has a unique personality that will keep you on the edge of your seat, waiting for the next "golden nugget" of trading information.

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, August 2014

“Excellent instructor! Excellent class!”

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“A must to round your trading skills.”

, February 2014

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