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“This has been the best class I have had yet at OTA! I have realized that OTA doesn't just push me through their program, they go the extra mile to make sure that I have every resource to be successful. Mr. Henkel gave me guidance and advice and all the tools...OTA is like family to me.”

“You have to have a process to invest or trade and this is the best I have found. The system developed by OTA is well-reasoned, informed about how the markets really work, and it works. What more could I ask for? John Henkel has a vision for his OTA center that is second to none. The little details have been sorted out along with the bigger elements, and this center rocks. (The only thing I might change is to sneak into this building's parking lot at night and paint all the parking spaces as wide as they are at Costco!) Now that is me picking nits! I want to thank OTA for their generous retake policy. I always enjoy walking into John's center. Thank you!”

“If you're looking for the BEST Stock Market training schools, OTA is one of the best values you could ever find! Retakes provide a tremendous value! Plus, you'll find the Denver office has a great staff and training facilities (new desk top PCs) combined with a welcoming atmosphere. Ms. Julie and staff always keep excellent communications with your training schedules. Also, for out of town students, there's a hotel close by.”

“From day one to now, the amount of information I gained was astronomical. If anyone wants to take their personal development to another level, learn to become a better trader and become more disciplined in life, OTA is for them.”

“The entire OTA experience to date has been very positive. The idea of a process to trading is vey encouraging vs. gambling on tips and somebody's newsletter. The staff is extremely helpful and very eager to provide information.”

“I have learned more than I thought I could in such a short amount of time. While the learning will continue, the resources are there for me to review or even go back and take the whole course again.”

“Coming into the program I was very skeptical, after the first few days I realized these people were the real deal. John and the whole group there at the Denver location are really committed to my success. I really enjoyed the easy layout of the lessons and the hands on training. Everyone has such great positive energy.”


“Great experience and class with practical rules, application and hands-on reinforcement, and not too much Powerpoint! I can go away with enough experience to go practice on my own, and build on this initial experience. Jody and Nikki are great facilitators and instructors!”

“The Best! John and his team have made the Denver OTA center feel like family and friends, all learning together and collaborating to learn how to become a professional trader! Jody is the best instructor ever on how to make money consistently every day with FOREX trading!”

“Denver Center is the best. The atmosphere and accommodations are very friendly and comfortable for learning how to trade. The energy is high and very positive. Any student that will put in the time to make concepts second nature will learn how to trade.”

“Don't know why I was skeptical to start with, but I'm glad I pulled the trigger and enrolled.”

“The OTA Professional Trader course exceeded my expectations and has provided me with a very specific set of instructions to follow as I go forward in my trading journey. ”

“I wish I had taken this class many years ago. It was very insightful and the presentation was flawless. The class culture was very fun, relaxed and informative, as it (class) moved at a high rate of speed.”

“One of the best educational experiences I have participated in. The lifetime retake policy was fantastic. Having the support system of OTA at my back is invaluable. Chuck Bourgeois”

“OTA really helps you start taking baby steps to take your financial future into your own hands. ”

“The center is wonderful! Everyone is very kind and knowledgeable; the space is clean and inviting and the parking access is great.”

“I am very excited about the possibilities for my future. This is the beginning of a long and successful trading career.”

“It is great that we learn from bona fide experts. ”

“Darek presented the content of Proactive Investor extremely well and in a way I could understand and comprehend.”

“The opportunity to retake classes has been so valuable. You need the opportunity to learn, take home and practice, and then come back with questions. The corporate support is easily available for questions as well, and the Denver support staff is knowledgeable and patient.”


“OTA opened my mind how currency, options and future markets work. Classroom lessons, online sessions and support group are great. The core strategy gave me confidence how to trade these markets successfully. OTA took out the gambling in trading the financial market.”

“Online Trading Academy is the best preparation for climbing the steep learning curve encountered when beginning to enter the markets. It may appear pricy at first, but you will learn a solid strategy which is not found anywhere else, ie books or other trading schools. The Owner, Instructors and Staff at our Colorado Center are all top-notch mentors and beautiful people.”

“The Pro Trader course was very informative and rewarding. Damontre Owens "Tre" is a fantastic instructor; his training technique along with course materials made the learning so fulfilling. I can't wait for my next course (forex) starting in January. Since there is a lifetime guarantee on retaking class, I'm going to take Pro Trader again in February. That's how strongly I feel about the courses. I see myself as an instructor for OTA one day.”

“I never would have taken this class, and spent the money I did, had I not been impressed with the support mechanisms OTA has built in. The critiques I read online only discussed the initial "free" day exposure. I can say that that is an ignorant investigation. The information that Tom disseminated, his experience as well as his deep insights are worth every penny. Thank you.”

“The OTA program is a fast paced, fun and info packed program that really emphasizes safety when trading the OTA way.”

“I came to OTA with an open mind, a little skeptical honestly; however, that changed very quickly as soon as class started. The staff and professors are very professional and their education is an absolutely solid product. I'd highly recommend this program for anyone who has no idea about the financial markets or has a little bit of experience and for people that aren't satisfied with their current income.”

“I love it! I can't wait to start trading on my own. My instructor, Tom helped me understand the markets so well and I can't wait to further my education here at the Online trading Academy of Denver.”

“Any doubts or nerves I may have had prior to ProTrader with Tom Joyce were erased in just a few short days!!”

“OTA has a proprietary teaching format that works and I am grateful to have taken the classes. Also it is wonderful to be able to retake a class to pick up more information according to the level of information assimilation one is on. The entire system of OTA is really good and will make us successful.”

“The overall experience of the Denver OTA center was excellent, from the easy drive, parking and clean center to trading, and the personnel were personable. Truly increases the odd of learning and implementing what was learned.”

“When I got lost, I received the help I needed. When other students were falling behind on Trend, they were taken to another room to work with the Support Specialist to get them through the issues they were having with Trend. The rest of the class was able to move on and Trade and then the students starting working with those who were having a problem with Trading to give them a leg up. This worked very well - good job!!”

“The class was, once again, BEYOND worth it to attend. You can continue to lose tons of money and not understanding why, or you can learn to focus on how to NOT LOSE money and win. The program is structured very well. Personal help is available at all times during the course. There are trading labs, quizzes, trade plans, secret odds enhancers that nobody thinks about, and my instructors make it fun. It's catered towards all levels of trading from Beginner to Advanced. Most classes are taught by former Market Makers or experienced brokers that have the insight into how you're getting played in the markets. This is INVALUABLE information to have and you can get it 1st hand here. If you're still reading books, trading off of forums, news etc. and you still can't seem to make the income you'd like, this is the place. I'm telling you now, it is everything you've never learned that you need to have.”

“The Denver center is great! Everyone is friendly, helpful and always accessible for any questions. The classrooms are roomy with plenty of computers for everyone, comfortable chairs, very clean and a nice assortment of drinks and snacks available.”

“The center and surrounding areas are great. The staff is amazing... so friendly and extremely helpful! It is beginning to feel like home here! This is my first exposure to trading of any kind. The program here at OTA is very complete and you will learn how to trade the right way. For myself and my family, trading is the only way that we feel will allow us to secure our financial future. Thank you OTA for helping us achieve this goal!”

“I really appreciate the Denver Online Trading Academy and the instructors here. The entire staff is super-supportive of each and every student to help them become as successful as possible. I am blessed to live close to this campus. If I ever move, I'll fly back in here to take additional classes. For those who want to learn to manage wealth and generate income, their best choice is Online Trading Academy. Thank you, OTA!”

“The center and staff are the best I have experienced in any adult learning environment.”

“Great sense of unity and purpose. Everyone feels welcome and everybody helps each other.”

“Great place would recommend to anyone!”

“The center environment is very supportive to the learning environment that I require. The instructor made it fun and provided the tools to be successful with my risk management and make money. Great.”

“Very friendly, but must importantly the willingness of the staff to commit to your success, regardless of my learning curve was most impressive. I have learned so much about the operations of trading long term and short term. I am really encouraged by how I am being equipped to take control of my own retirement goals!”

“The Academy has an enormous amount of information available along with the classes. If one is willing to put in the hard work there is no reason not to be a successful trader.”

“I came into the class having never made a trade and now feel the confidence that I can now find a trade that I would be willing to take.”

“I started taking classes at Online Trading Academy not knowing anything about the stock market, currencies or trading. I now feel that I am more than ready to begin identifying setups, evaluating them and making trades. With continued help and education from Online Trading Academy, I am very confident with my ability to proceed on a strong, fast and successful learning curve.”

“If you are willing to follow the rules and stick with it until you get them internalized, you will succeed. Anything worth doing well is worth doing poorly at first. You can be as good as you want to be. OTA will get you there as fast as YOU want to get there.”

“I've been trading equities and options for about 10 years now. With my first class, OTA has taken my trading to the next level. Their trading education and expert instructors are awesome. ”

“An amazing learning experience. Better than any college experience because they totally immerse you in the markets from day one. Ted G ”

“OTA classes have provided me with an alternative to my work, and are allowing me to feel confident about managing my money and making money. I have really found all these classes to be very interesting and completely different than what I have experience throughout my career.”

“The Online Trading Academy is the eye opener that I have always been looking for in my life to become financially free! It is like I just woke up and am able to see clearly for the first time on how the markets work and how to profit by trading them based on supply and demand! I cannot recommend it more to anyone that is looking for a secure income and wealth building!”

“My name is Doc Watters and I have just completed my first course with Online Trading Academy. WOW! Before completing this course I was afraid of the future. I have not been a planner and consequently have no provision for retirement. I can't imagine ever retiring.....BUT I do realize there will be a time when I will probably have to slow down a bit. That would drastically affect my income. Having completed just my first course with OTA, I now am confident I will have a way to continue generating an income. It seems, the income able to be generated can drastically increase what I have now. It's a good thing!”

“The depth and quality of information and guidance is impressive. The staff are all dedicated and supportive. A most refreshing environment to learn some difficult concepts. ”

“Thank you Denver OTA for providing the opportunity for me to learn how to trade and for doing everything possible to help me be successful. Thank you Jody Wong for taking the time to make sure we understand and going the extra mile to help each one in the class! You are a rock star!!!! Bless you all.”

“It has been a very positive experience to have the opportunity to attended training in the Denver OTA Center. The Center is very comfortable for learning and the staff is friendly and helpful. I appreciate knowing that I am able to return and get assistance and support as I need help. All the instructors I have had for classes, have been knowledgeable and helpful. It is evident that the OTA organization truly cares about my success and experience. Thank you,”

“Drill, drill, drill. I needed this to reinforce the rules. Much better than having charts read to me every day. There is plenty of time to get tidbits and rules, then take them to trading. I enjoyed this very much.”

“Online Training Academy has a systematic process that simply works! The precision of their process to identifying supply and demand zone and watching the live market react to them was flawless! I feel extremely confident in taking full control of my financial future and applying this philosophy to my daily trading. Online Training Academy knows first-hand how to trade the markets and does it with precision and extraordinary results.”

“If you are looking for financial freedom OTA has the tools to let you achieve it. D. Hite”

“Through OTA, I have the knowledge and support I need to be a successful investor for the rest of my life. Thank you, OTA!”

“Online Trading Academy gives you the skills to succeed in all markets. Their strategy is applicable to every asset class and the instructors aptly teach how to apply the concepts. This is a life changing investment and well worth the price!”

“This is a great program that offers all the critical knowledge and tools to allow you to be a successful trader.”

“The ONLINE TRADING ACADEMY is an excellent resource for motivated individuals who want to take control of their Financial Future and achieve financial freedom.”

“Exceeded all my expectations. Provides an excellent foundation and skills for investing/trading in the markets. ”


“I feel like I am home. OTA has taken something I've been interested in for years and moved it from something I viewed as gambling to something I see as managed risk with a high probability for success when applying the system taught at OTA. I finally feel like I have my vehicle to freedom. ”

“I sincerely enjoyed my experience here and I learned a lot. Everyone is willing and eager to help and will always walk you through each step 50 times if necessary. They are all awesome. Thanks guys.”

“Preparing for an uncertain future financially is stressful. Understanding the financial markets and proper trading rules gives me control of my own future thereby making the future less stressful. ”

“I enjoy every class I take from OTA and receive a ton of trading knowledge. It will save us a ton of money over the long haul by exiting the 401Ks, mutual funds and preserving it the OTA way.”

“The experience that Bob Dunn, our instructor, brought to the classroom gave the students a real lesson in successful futures trading which also included real time trading the likes of which I have never seen before. As a student, I can now create my own trading plan that I can use with total confidence.”

“This program is amazing. Every instructor I have met is exceptional. I came in with apprehension and doubt but I left feeling excited and anxious to put my new skills to work for me. I have personal goals that are very important to me that include my children's college educations and future goals for retirement. I feel comfortable that I can control my financial future.”

“Was honored to have my daughter join trading with me in class and to see her value the investment opportunity as much as I do. The confirmation of her success, and trading alongside of her was very fun.”

“Online Trading Academy is amazing. This has been an eye opening week and I am so excited to see what the future holds, very excited to share this with my friends and family. Honestly believe this should be part of everyone's education. Blessings, Sue”

“The material is easy to grasp, and the rest works when put to the charts for confirmation. Visually seeing how it should look makes the whole process easier to understand. ”

“I have enjoyed my time at OTA. I've come away with a knowledge that has always been one step out of my grasp. I can now say that I'm comfortable trading in the market now. ”

“I have never seen an educational model that supported students for life. It's incredible!”

“The program has helped me overall in learning about the entire stock market.”

“I enjoy learning about being a FOREX trader with the OTA. The program has given me insight into the Stock Market or I would still be a novice trader. I feel very satisfied to be in the OTA family.”

“I can truly say that I have started with absolutely no knowledge of forex or the markets. I wanted to learn and this school is the best I could find and the people here are just amazing at what they do.”

“Finding ourselves frustrated with ordinary rates of return, we began to search for trading systems that would help us enhance those. With Online Trading Academy, the common sense approach to investing makes sense and the ability to return to take the classes as often as necessary to become confident in the strategy.”

“Kudos to my counselor, Milt Calhoun, brilliant instructor, David Fong, and all the supporting staff of OTA.”

“I was able to go from no trading experience to trading the forex in the first week of the class.”

“I am grateful to have found the OTA and the continued support and caring that I receive. My trading is becoming more and more comfortable. Each trade I do, I share with the instructors. In return I get useful feet back. Never have I had the feeling of being treated short or being brushed off. Because of this I look forward to sending my kids to this center. My thank you goes to the OTA in Denver.”

“What I like about OTA is that it helps you focus on an area of investing. As an uneducated investor it's hard to know where to start, and if you are making the right moves. OTA helps define a starting point and provides the proper education to grow as an investor.”

“I am a Mastery student who is very happy to be able to repeat courses when my trading abilities began to suffer. I am extremely happy to have this great location in Denver.”

“The process was extremely easy, and the ending results were all I had hoped for.”

“Having systematic, usable, understandable and simple strategies that are consistent across asset classes makes OTA stand out.”

“I am very much in love with OTA Denver Center. Everyone is so supportive here.”

“OTA is a high quality educational company that knows their business. The instructors are dedicated to my success and go out of their way to ensure that I understand the course content. I have been bogged down with information overload in my past investing and trading experience, but OTA's strategy is simple and effective and doesn't bog you down with a bunch of indicators and gimmicks that confuse rather than teach. I am excited about where this education, my commitment to learn and the quality of my interactions with the instructors and my counselor will take me!”


“To anyone who'd like to learn all about trading, this is the "PLACE TO BE." If you are novice or expert does not matter. Thank you, OTA.”

“OTA is the highest quality education for trading that I HAVE FOUND ANYWHERE.”

“I have a Finance degree and have been "investing" for about 15 years. Unfortunately, I never learned a duplicable system for trading or investing properly. Truly, I wish this class would have been offered by my university.”

“When I was trading on my own, I was consistently losing money, no matter how much I gained. It was a very frustrating experience so I just gave up. Many years later, I decided to begin looking again for information about trading, saw an advertisement for your services on "Colorado's Best" on Channel 2 in Denver with Paula Haddock -- and I know she promotes "the good guys" -- so I decided to call. I was pleasantly surprised at how willing everyone was to help us understand the system, and help transition us into the classes. I don't think I would have signed up on my own without that. I was really impressed with the LACK of attitude, or "we're the best" mentality, but even more impressed with all of the staff who consistently demonstrated a friendly, helpful, desire to genuinely help everyone learn, regardless of their personal situation, and become successful at trading. I really appreciated the "can do" emphasis on becoming a true professional doing this and making it your own full-time career and/or business in the longer term. I also found in interacting with the other students, they seemed to adopt many of the same positive attitudes demonstrated by all of the staff at the training center, and were also becoming like-minded, which was very encouraging. There was NEVER any "smoke and mirrors," "high pressure," or anything like that to join the classes, trade, or do anything I didn't want to -- what a refreshing experience!”

“Online Trading Academy has exceeded my expectations. Each course taken has provided me the critical tools/knowledge giving me the confidence to manage my money well. ”

“Great Class. I am sure I will be able to make money with this.”

“I would recommend OTA and this class to anyone that is interested in trading Forex on a professional level. As a novice to trading and the currency market, this class elevated my knowledge on how to understand and evaluate trends and make trade analysis decisions on a more professional level while minimizing my monetary risk. ”

“You never know just how badly you were trading before, until you are taught the right way to trade the market.”

“OTA has really helped me to see how I can take control of my life!!! Thanks you all!”

“The education is excellent and the follow up during and after the class superb. We are invited and welcomed to ask any questions. I felt very welcomed and was treated with respect even though I am a complete novice. Thank you Ryan and everyone.”

“After a couple years of self-directed trading, Online Trading Academy is the only provider of education that I have encountered that seems to have a method that will help me with my objective of becoming a consistently profitable trader. The course material is clear to learn and follow and the team is committed to making me successful.”

“The new office is great as well as all staff members. Great Online Trading Academy franchise and owner. Online Trading Academy core strategy takes some time to learn, but when I finally had that eureka moment during this class with Ryan, it was incredible. Ryan helped me, as well as all classmates, to become very selective in the 1/2 markets we trade and to use only 1 strategy and become an expert at it. That helped me tremendously.”

“Online Trading Academy prepares you to be an independent trader with the confidence to pull the trigger! This is a wonderful contribution for people who want to take their future into their own hands! Awesome work guys!”

“Online Trading Academy Denver is first class all the way. It shows a true desire to give every student a real chance to become a very successful trader, as does our instructor, Ryan.”

“Thanks, Love it!”

“Being an absolute beginner, I found excitement, encouragement, confidence and FUN throughout the week with Tim and Mike.”

“Online Trading Academy delivers the knowledge necessary to become a successful and disciplined trader. I am highly satisfied with the core strategy Online Trading Academy teaches and the instructors. You can tell they practice what they preach.”

“Everyone was ready to help with anything that came up. Thanks.”

“The Online Trading Academy experience truly did change my life for the better. I am now a professional trader and typically work no more than an hour and a half per day. On a daily basis during the week I am done trading by 8:30 am and have the rest of the day to do what I want.”

“As the days went on the camaraderie was continually improving. So there was an excellent classroom environment, with everyone interested in learning and asking good questions, which I think benefited everyone, me included.”

“After taking both the Professional Trader class and the Professional Forex class, I feel confident that I have a good foundation and plan to continue my education and begin my trading career.”

“I am much better prepared to continue the learning process now that I have experienced true fundamentals of trading rather than the 1 minute sound bites of misinformation created by the very entities who put themselves on the other side of your trades.”

“Instructors of Online Trading Academy are the best I have found in the industry. I feel confident I will make money, am about to have more time to do the things I want to do, not have to do.”

“Online Trading Academy provides a truly great program that anyone can use and be successful in investing for real profits. I feel it is managed and implemented with professionals that help in personal goals for students and is real time based. Staffing is extremely helpful and follow up is very good.”

“The courses I have taken have greatly expedited my learning. Hearing the information from a different perspective made the light come on a little brighter. I am leaving the class with the confidence that I will be able to become a good trader.”

“It is an enjoyable environment and I have developed some wonderful new friends.”

“I have been through other “schools,” this is the only one that will truly get you ready to trade and MAKE money.”


“Along with the retake policy, Online Trading Academy gives not just knowledge, but a guideline to proceed in trading. Considering this, there is great value to the program.”

“Anyone who wants to manage their own “Nest Egg,” the support with Online Trading Academy is as good as it gets. I believe the counselors and teachers are well qualified to guide most people in a direction for success.”

“Staff is always excellent.”

“For anyone wanting to work with the market in any way, the education obtained here is ESSENTIAL. I can't imagine wanting to risk anything without the understanding followed by skill mastery that can be obtained only with this education or a dedicated mentor.”

“I'm thankful to finally receive training in a curriculum form that is actually helpful in shaping me to become a profitable professional trader, that will eventually help me to create a business. This academy, curriculum and staff are the best I've found, and I've been through a few companies.”

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