Credit Management

How would you like to learn how to have access to credit when you need it at the lowest rate?

Having poor credit or no credit at all can cost you thousands of dollars. Most people don’t know how to manage their credit, find it difficult to get a loan or pay high interest rates on loans and credit cards.

In credit management, you will understand the credit reporting systems and how it affects your credit report. You’ll learn how to check your credit report, properly build your credit or repair poor credit. Additionally, you’ll learn how to properly establish credit so you can have access to credit when you need it, at the lowest cost.

A Few Facts About Credit Scores

Your credit score can mean the difference between being approved for credit and being denied. A bad credit score can also cause lending institutions to see you as a risk and cost you money in the form of higher interest rates. Read more...

How to Pay Off Your Debt

No matter how we look at it debt is an integral part of our day-to-day lives. Unfortunately, most Americans have taken on far too much bad debt, which eats away at their financial growth and wellbeing. Read more...

5 Best Ways to Consolidate Debt

For many of us, debt is just a common part of our day-to-day lives. However, not all debt is created equal! Before we begin looking at consolidating debt we must first answer the question of, “Do I need to consolidate debt? Read more...

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