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Vishal Subandh has been trading the Indian and Global Markets since 2008. He holds a Bachelor of Computer Engineering and Masters in Finance (United Kingdom, London) degrees. He has prior worked with leading investment banks like ING Bank (Europe, Amsterdam) and Credit Suisse in the fields of trading and risk management. He quit his job in 2010 to become a full time professional trader after joining Online Trading Academy. Within three years of hard work and dedication, his passion towards trading led him to become an Instructor and senior trading mentor at Online Trading Academy. Vishal specializes in trading equities, futures, options, commodities and currencies markets. To become a successful trader one has to abide by a simple strategy and follow a rules based approach and that is his main focus when delivering a class to students.


  • B.E Computer Engineering(University of  Pune)
  • MSc Finance and Management(Cranfield School of Management, London)
  • Senior Analyst at Credit Suisse
  • Project Manager at ING Bank Amsterdam


  • Indian Markets


  • Graduate Programs - India
  • Options
  • Stocks


  • NCFM and AMFI Certified


Mumbai, India

What Students Are Saying

“Vishal is a super teacher who knows exactly what the students need to progress in their journey as traders, and guides the students expertly towards it.”

, March 2017

“The Instructor (Mr. Vishal Subandh) is too good. He has a deep understanding and knowledge of the subject matter he covered during the Pro Trader Session. His presentation skill, his approach, concept clarify and delivery of the content was par excellence. The way he managed the session was very professional and made things very simple for all the attendees in the class. If I were to take a retake, I would always prefer him to be the Instructor.”

, February 2017

“Vishal sir, is the best teacher I have come across ever. He has in-depth knowledge of the topic he is teaching, along with many other things. He helped me understand not only the course, but many other things . He helped me increase my confidence through his innovative method of teaching. I will always be grateful to him. THANK YOU VISHAL SIR!!!”

, February 2017

“The instructor was thorough in knowledge and experience. The course was taken very well suiting the new as well as retake students also. He made sure that the concepts were clear and all got practical experience of the same. Presentation was good, and all questions/doubts were cleared.”

, February 2017

“I wish I could rate more than 10 stars. Vishal has been amazing in demonstrating every aspect of the learning curve. Great approachable presentation skills which helped me to clarify every single doubt before my questions were being raised. A sincere share of gratitude feelings.”

, November 2016

“Vishal is a fantastic instructor. His approach towards teaching core strategy really made it easy to understand and grasp. He was always ready to answer my questions and provide his insights on different aspects of the course as well.”

, November 2016

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