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Vishal Subandh has been trading the Indian and Global Markets since 2008. He holds a Bachelor of Computer Engineering and Masters in Finance (United Kingdom, London) degrees. He has prior worked with leading investment banks like ING Bank (Europe, Amsterdam) and Credit Suisse in the fields of trading and risk management. He quit his job in 2010 to become a full time professional trader after joining Online Trading Academy. Within three years of hard work and dedication, his passion towards trading led him to become an Instructor and senior trading mentor at Online Trading Academy. Vishal specializes in trading equities, futures, options, commodities and currencies markets. To become a successful trader one has to abide by a simple strategy and follow a rules based approach and that is his main focus when delivering a class to students.


  • B.E Computer Engineering(University of  Pune)
  • MSc Finance and Management(Cranfield School of Management, London)
  • Senior Analyst at Credit Suisse
  • Project Manager at ING Bank Amsterdam


  • Indian Markets


  • Options
  • Stocks


  • NCFM and AMFI Certified


  • Mumbai, India

What Students Are Saying

“Amazing instructor. Extremely knowledgeable and also having a tremendous clarity on the subject. The command the instructor had was truly amazing. Patience is also a virtue aptly displayed in dealing with the laggards.”

, August 2016

“This course has changed my fear of markets. Earlier I thought this activity was gambling!! Now I realise that the OTA core strategy is a methodical approach to tackling these markets. Coupled with the mentoring they provide, I strongly recommend this program to anyone who wants to be involved with the stock or derivative markets. Vishal is a BIG asset to your course. He is up to date with ground realty and problems faced. Thus he connects instantly with students. Many finer & hidden aspects not covered in the books are also discussed, along with live examples make the students realise the depth & spread of this subject - making them respect this subject & your Core strategy . Best wishes to all of you, Keep it up!!”

, August 2016

“My instructor, Mr. Vishal Subandh, was very helpful and answered all my doubts. It was very satisfactory. I would especially like to thank OTA and Vishal Sir for the experience.”

, August 2016

“Vishal is the dream Mentor I was waiting to come across in life since a long time. He not only thoroughly understands the strategy and teaches it well, he also understands the individual psyche of the person and reaches out to him at a level comfortable for the individual. Thanks to him.”

, May 2016

“It was a great experience to take this course. Students received a lot of personal attention from the instructor. The instructor (Vishal) was always available to clarify the questions. Vishal has even asked the students to create a telegram group, encouraged students to post their trades and personally commented on the merits and demerits of the trades planned. This level of personal interest is bound to deliver the content of the course. Thanks to Vishal for taking extra efforts to make sure that students absorb what is taught in the class! Every day in the class, Vishal explained the concepts using several trading examples. This helped in absorbing the content. Thanks again for those examples and the insights the instructor had shared during the analysis. The insights are priceless!! The idea of lab session is good. Overall I am thoroughly impressed by this system!! Thank You!!!”

, April 2016

“Vishal sir is an excellent teacher. Being a retake student, I can tell he is the best.”

, April 2016
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