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Tracy Hubbard is a long time Forex and commodities trader and former local franchise owner who has returned to his first love as an Online Trading Academy Instructor. He also served as a U.S. Marine, which allowed him to develop the self-discipline necessary to control emotions and follow a trading plan.

Tracy believes in being transparent with students, using real life examples of his own struggles and successes to help students develop confidence and learn to win the daily battle of trading the markets. Risk management is his mantra, and the main downfall he sees time and time again is traders' failure to conquer the psychological aspect of trading.

Tracy loves the infinite, lifetime resources and professional help provided by Online Trading Academy. He tells his students, “I would have done almost anything to sit in your seat when I was learning how to trade.”


  • Attended Texas A&M University
  • Entrepreneur since his mid-20s, owner/president of 5 companies in diverse industries (manufacturing, distribution/logistics, services and financial education)
  • Actively managed an investment firm
  • Former Owner of an Online Trading Academy local center


  • US Markets


  • Forex


  • Currently holds Series 3 and Series 34, CTA (Commodities Trading Advisor) licenses
  • Online Trading Academy Graduate
  • Member, Mastermind Community

What Students Are Saying

“Tracy Hubbard makes trading simple with very easy steps to follow. I learned risk management and how to make money using a very small amount of risk. I didn't think it was possible. Loved the examples of how he made it big, and lost it all in his daily life. Very enjoyable and great instructor. ”

, February 2017

“Tracy H. was great and a wonderful teacher. He knows the material and has a wonderful sense of humor. He was so very personal and had the patience of Job.”

, February 2017

“This is a very good foundation class for forex. Tracy is so knowledgeable, and explains concepts in an easy to understand manner. Tracy has an immense amount of knowledge about forex in particular, and trading in general. His presentation skills are great. His style is engaging and fun, yet professional in every way. An excellent instructor.”

, February 2017

“Tracy Hubbard is an exceptional instructor of whom OTA should be proud to have on their staff. His teaching style is outstanding and he makes learning enjoyable. I feel that I was lucky to have him teaching this class and am looking forward to having Mr. Hubbard teach and instruct me in additional classes in the future.”

, January 2017

“I came... I saw... I conquered!! WOW!! I had a major breakthrough. Tracy gets to the point very quickly... very knowledgeable. I truly thank you for having the foresight to recognize his talents and hire him!! Thank you, Tracy. THANK YOU!!”

, December 2016

“Mr. Tracy is the Texan Ranger of FOREX trading! He will make it look easy and by the time you're through with his class you will leave with the tools AND the confidence to get started. Such a great instructor.”

, November 2016
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