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Tracy Hubbard is a long time Forex and commodities trader and former local franchise owner who has returned to his first love as an Online Trading Academy Instructor. He also served as a U.S. Marine, which allowed him to develop the self-discipline necessary to control emotions and follow a trading plan.

Tracy believes in being transparent with students, using real life examples of his own struggles and successes to help students develop confidence and learn to win the daily battle of trading the markets. Risk management is his mantra, and the main downfall he sees time and time again is traders' failure to conquer the psychological aspect of trading.

Tracy loves the infinite, lifetime resources and professional help provided by Online Trading Academy. He tells his students, “I would have done almost anything to sit in your seat when I was learning how to trade.”


  • Attended Texas A&M University
  • Entrepreneur since his mid-20s, owner/president of 5 companies in diverse industries (manufacturing, distribution/logistics, services and financial education)
  • Actively managed an investment firm
  • Former Owner of an Online Trading Academy local center


  • US Markets


  • Forex


  • Currently holds Series 3 and Series 34, CTA (Commodities Trading Advisor) licenses
  • Online Trading Academy Graduate
  • Member, Mastermind Community

What Students Are Saying

“If possible, promote him now! Tracy really knew what he was talking about and the boost he has given to my trade plan with his style of trading is absolutely invaluable. I also love that he was not afraid to share his trading experiences with us; the good, the bad and the ugly. Thank you for being vulnerable with us Tracy!”

, September 2016

“Tracy made the class enjoyable and very user friendly. He brought the slides to could not help but learn. He shared his story and trading life experience. Thank you Tracy, for being touchable.”

, September 2016

“This was an excellent hands on course on Forex. The course material was excellent and Tracy Hubbard is an outstanding teacher. Very enjoyable and informative. His knowledge on Forex is amazing and his trading techniques are easy to understand and follow. He has given me confidence that I can start trading in Forex successfully. His teaching is very clear, comprehensive and very entertaining. I am very glad that I had Tracy as my instructor. He has a lot of experience as a successful Forex trader, and he supplements the OTA curriculum with this, and this makes the class invaluable. I hope to take further classes with Tracy again.”

, August 2016

“He has great knowledge and excellent presentation. Kept the class extremely interesting, and managed everyone's questions to satisfaction. Tracy has a great style that keeps you awake and interested in topics.”

, July 2016

“Mr. Tracy Hubbard is an amazing instructor. He is very knowledgeable. He has great presentation skills, amazing management style, and an awesome personality. I am honored to attend his class. I would personally recommend this class with him.”

, July 2016

“Our instructor is a man of integrity, knowledge, and wit. He was always ready and able to answer any and all questions. I would not hesitate to take another class with this instructor. You have Gold in this man.”

, July 2016
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