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Tom Joyce majored in psychology and minored in economics in college—a perfect combination of skills for mastering the financial markets. He began trading soon after graduation and has built a successful track record for over 25 years, both as an institutional trader and risk manager. While living in London, he gained significant exposure to the international markets and has traded throughout Europe and the Far East.

As a professional with global experience, Thomas was drawn to Online Trading Academy by our culture and camaraderie and became a full time Instructor in 2014. In addition to specific skills, he promises that students in his classes will take away “an awareness of newly developed self-discipline and empowerment.


  • B.S. Illinois State University 
  • Co-founded a registered broker/dealer 
  • Risk Manager for an equity derivatives market maker firm 
  • Head Warrants Trader at S.G. Warburg (London, UK)


  • US Markets


  • Stocks
  • Wealth Management


  • Series 56 Proprietary Traders Qualification (current) 
  • Held SFA Registered Representative Certification 
  • Experienced trader at Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE), Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT), Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME)


Illinois, USA

What Students Are Saying

“This course has given me so much confidence when it comes to me managing my money within the market. Tom is outstanding. He is engaging, respectful, and very knowledgeable.”

, June 2017

“Instructor (Tom Joyce) is very knowledgeable and has lots of patience. He comes to everyone and makes sure all are on the same page. He explains and provides life experience---even if it makes him look bad. He learned from his mistakes and we can learn from it as well.”

, June 2017

“Instructor is very humble, knowledgeable and spent quality time on all his students for better understanding. I am taking this class for the second time. He appears to be the best of all the instructors I have met so far. He is patient, respectful, and quick in response to calls. He is my favorite. I will like to take him again. I feel confident that I can trade at the end of this class.”

, June 2017

“Tom is fully versed in core strategy and has shared his experiences as a long time trader. He is passionate about making sure he conveys his knowledge and experiences so that no student is left behind.”

, May 2017

“Tom is a Great Instructor, Great instructor! His knowledge is that of a fun but disciplined trader, who makes money by following the rules.”

, May 2017

“Great learning experience as the instructor took active interest in teaching not only the theory but also the hands on skills for actually being able to use the knowledge in practice.”

, April 2017

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