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Todd Davis discovered his passion for education while working as an Instructor at a global software education company. He started trading actively with a close friend as the millennium bubble started to burst and, like many people, struggled to succeed using conventional techniques while watching investments languish. It was not long before he decided to take action and actually learn how to trade properly. Through a referral from a friend he found Online Trading Academy and began the journey of becoming a professional trader.

As a student of the science of trading, Todd believes that a trader’s fastest path to consistent profitability is to keep trading simple and scientific where supply, demand, trend, and participation are the most critical elements of properly recognizing opportunity and risk. Having actively traded and consulted for nearly a decade in equities and Forex, Todd maintains that the key to success is strict adherence to a proven trading methodology, defined rules, tight risk management, and a positive approach regardless of account size, experience or the asset class one trades. Today he is a skilled momentum trader, swing trader and passionate trading coach for Online Trading Academy. Todd's teaching style creates one of the most dynamic and interactive classroom experiences students will encounter at Online Trading Academy. To say the least, a day of class with Todd is truly a trading and learning adventure!

  • Power Trader Nation


  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
  • Served in various roles, from instructor to Director of Government Programs, at global software education company


  • US Markets


  • Forex
  • Futures
  • Stocks


  • A founding member of Online Trading Academy Los Angeles
  • CES Certified


California, USA

What Students Are Saying

“Definitely the best instructor I have ever had in my life, not only is he very ,very smart and knows trading better then anyone I have met or listened too so far, but he actually cares about his students and making sure they learn everything they need (in 1 week) in order to be a successful trader. Personality is absolutely amazing. Absolutely an amazing teacher.”

, August 2017

“Todd was an amazing instructor! He tried to impart as much information to the students so that we, as a students, would be able to make good judgement on our trading plan. It was really overwhelming! He added a few useful technical points to our odds enhancers which I found ma ybe beneficial to our decision making. His class was fun and energetic! Hope to see him back again in Singapore!”

, July 2017

“Todd delivered so much information it was incredible. I really appreciate his commitment to giving everything he has to helping us understand what we really need to go out there and be successful traders. I look forward to listening to the replays of the class and taking even more of the multitude of pure gems of market wisdom Todd offers.”

, April 2017

“Attending Professional Future Trader class was my first priority in my plan of education and I could not be happier with Todd Davis' style of teaching. Despite the tremendous amount of information to cover, Todd kept the class completely engaged all week.”

, March 2017

“Todd is an amazing instructor!!! His upbeat demeanor and enthusiastic view for all facets of trading makes him stand out! He has definitely made a positive impact on my abilities as a trader! A+++”

, March 2017

“Todd is great at teaching. I really enjoyed and learned a lot taking Professional Forex Trading with him. Thanks!”

, November 2016

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