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Tim Pesut started out as a client of a brokerage firm and began investing stocks and Options in 1990. About a year later he became a stock broker to see how the system really worked and moved his way up from there. In 2005, he started trading FOREX and in 2007, he added index futures to his portfolio.

Tim's experience as an investor, broker, branch manager, and trader allows him to bring an understanding of the unique challenges of trading to the classroom. As an Instructor, he strives to give each student individual attention because as an Online Trading Academy graduate, Tim says that is what benefited him most. His overall goal is to positively impact the student by giving them a proven approach that they can see working before their eyes, boosting their confidence and having fun enjoying the process. He tries to ensure the students learn and understand the material, but more importantly, are able to apply the various aspects of trading in a real world environment so the student is well on the path to becoming successful in their trading endeavors. He wants each student to feel that they are part of a family that is dedicated to their success as a trader.

Power Trader Nation Mastermind Instructor


  • Purdue University - B.S. Electrical Engineering Technology 1980
  • College for Financial Planning, Certified Financial Planner (CFP) 1991
  • Held positions as a Sr. Investment Broker, Portfolio Manager and Desk Trader for various Wall Street Firms
  • Senior International Instructor and Speaker


  • US Markets


  • Forex
  • Stocks


  • CES Certified
  • NASD Series 7, 24, 63, 65
  • Certified Financial Planner
  • SEC Registered Investment Advisor
  • Power Trading Radio Guest
  • Distinguished District 47 Governor – Toastmasters International
  • Board of Trustees for the Winter Springs, FL Pension Board


  • FL, USA

What Students Are Saying

“Our instructor, Tim Pesut, has a dry sense of humor that he uses to show us neat trading options. He trades all the time and shows his students how to do it too. Tim was very knowledgeable and had great skills of presentation. He was easy to understand and worked very hard. He gave us breaks every hour which was much appreciated. We love Tim!”

, November 2016

“The instructor, Tim Pesut, really brought it all together for me. His knowledge is tremendous from an institutional level. His presentation skills were extraordinary. He also had great classroom management skills to handle the sideline conversations that can be distracting. The knowledge acquired will be continued to be applied in my education and trading.”

, October 2016

“An amazing balanced way of teaching, knowing when to be funny and serious, making the entire week memorable. Discussing life experiences both successful and mistakes. Teaching how to not be a loser in the economy but a winner. An absolutely motivating Instructor. I loved every aspect of the instructor comparing trading scenarios to real life, giving examples of all types. Learning from his mistakes and success. The class made me grasp the concept of no longer being a loser in the economy but a person who takes advantage and becomes a winner.”

, September 2016

“Tim clearly had superior knowledge in all areas, excellent and enjoyable presentation skills, management style, etc. Great, great, great. He has a super personality and that makes all the difference in the world in keeping interest and attention level at its highest!”

, September 2016

“Tim Pesut, our instructor, was awesome. I learned so much that I feel comfortable to make trades. Instructor made the class.”

, August 2016

“Tim Pesut was Awesome. His experience in trading helped make the material understandable and made for an enjoyable learning experience. Great learning environment as the classrooms were comfortable and well maintained. You walk away with tools to help ensure that you are making the best trading decision.”

, August 2016
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