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After graduating from the Online Trading Academy in 2006, Tillie Allison began to apply the rule-based core strategy to trade the financial markets. Tillie also gained trading experience working the trade desk at a futures firm. While working the trade desk, Tillie realized how reckless novice traders are, and how frequently novice traders lose money while professional traders make money. She specializes in asset allocation to manage a portfolio including Exchange Traded Funds (ETF), options, and futures. Tillie became an Online Trading Academy Instructor following the financial disruption of 2007. She is a passionate trader/instructor and teaches students how to identify low risk/high reward trades trading the rule-based core strategy. Tillie has always loved to teach and believes that everyone can overcome misfortunes and achieve goals. "Make your financial dreams a reality".

Power Trader Nation Mastermind Instructor


  • Associates degree in the Applied Science of Real Estate
  • Bachelors Degree in Administrative Management Rice University
  • CFP Program


  • Indian Markets
  • US Markets


  • Futures
  • Mastermind Community
  • Stocks
  • Wealth Management


  • Member - Market Technicians Association
  • Member - Financial Planning Board of Standards
  • Power Trading Radio guest
  • Hour With The Pros Host


  • Florida, USA

What Students Are Saying

“Tillie was a phenomenal instructor. She was passionate and patient with the class. The learning environment was always high energy and she was always able to gauge our understanding and adjust accordingly. I have had very few instructors over my learning career as good as her. The remaining group at OTA-KC were also very good. Courtney had the entire week running like clockwork, with materials and wonderful breakfasts and lunches. Matt McGrath was extremely helpful with developing our trading plan and general questions. Matt Roberts was helpful answering IT concerns about the platforms. I would highly recommend this class to anyone wanting to take control of their financial goals.”

, November 2016

“The instructor was very knowledgeable and had great professional presentation skills. Ms. Tillie was very helpful with answering questions, explaining foreign info and making the group feel comfortable to ask questions.”

, October 2016

“Tillie did a great job of keeping everyone involved; made time for questions but still managed not to leave the slower students behind. She also made sure everyone had a good grasp of all the terminology necessary to move on to the next level. She assured everyone that she and everyone at OTA would do everything they could to ensure our success.”

, September 2016

“Great experience, good presentation for penetrating the mind and making us understand the basic objectives and how to use them successfully. The instructor is very knowledgeable and conveyed the object very clearly. Trading and making money seems easy and viable with the knowledge gained in the class. I greatly appreciate the confidence I gained thru this class.”

, August 2016

“Tillie is an amazing instructor. She is very patient and kind. If you do not understand something one way, she will explain it another way. Matt McGrath and Matt Robert were both very helpful.”

, August 2016

“Tillie Allison is simply great. She is the best. Smart, witty, pretty - she has it all. And, most importantly, she is an effective teacher who makes learning fun. If you wish to take this class, you should take it from this lady.”

, July 2016
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