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After graduating from the Online Trading Academy in 2006, Tillie Allison began to apply the rule-based core strategy to trade the financial markets. Tillie also gained trading experience working the trade desk at a futures firm. While working the trade desk, Tillie realized how reckless novice traders are, and how frequently novice traders lose money while professional traders make money. She specializes in asset allocation to manage a portfolio including Exchange Traded Funds (ETF), options, and futures. Tillie became an Online Trading Academy Instructor following the financial disruption of 2007. She is a passionate trader/instructor and teaches students how to identify low risk/high reward trades trading the rule-based core strategy. Tillie has always loved to teach and believes that everyone can overcome misfortunes and achieve goals. "Make your financial dreams a reality".

Power Trader Nation Mastermind Instructor


  • Associates degree in the Applied Science of Real Estate
  • Bachelors Degree in Administrative Management Rice University
  • CFP Program


  • Indian Markets
  • US Markets


  • Futures
  • Mastermind Community
  • Stocks
  • Wealth Management


  • Member - Market Technicians Association
  • Member - Financial Planning Board of Standards
  • Power Trading Radio guest
  • Hour With The Pros Host


  • Florida, USA

What Students Are Saying

“Our instructor, Tillie Allison, has a great command of the subject and is a superb teacher. Even though our particular class had a wide variety of trading knowledge, Tillie was especially gifted at ensuring that we all continued to progress so that we all reached the "finish line" together. Once again. I was amazed at Tillie's teaching abilities. She knows the material cold. She comes with a huge background of experience that makes her examples fun, pertinent and real. Plus, she has a masterful way of "hurdling" us all along so that we cover the necessary materials. The facilities are very good. It is a credit to the equipment and staff that such an intensive computer based subject progressed with only the most minor "glitches". Many thanks to all of you. I can't wait to ramp up my experience and see you in another class in the near future. John Small February 24, 2017”

, February 2017

“The instructor makes the learning experience easy. She is knowledgeable and utmost professional as she explains and presents the course. This is intense but I never was bored. She handles questions very professionally. She is very positive and upbeat each and every day of the class. and have extensive knowledge because of my initial experience. Elaine Perkins”

, February 2017

“Tillie is great, what a Gem. She is highly intelligent and very personable. Very professional, however, approachable. Her method of teaching amplifies her passion for teaching others how to be successful.”

, February 2017

“Tillie was fantastic. She answered all of our questions with ease. She pointed out all of the resources that are available to us after we complete the course and it is clear that she wants us to succeed.”

, February 2017

“Tillie's enthusiasm really shows through in her love for trading & teaching. It's an extra blessing to not only have someone with her expertise but also someone who matches her passions with her gifts. It's apparent that she is answering her "calling" by the way that she passes on her knowledge and excitement for trading to her students.”

, January 2017

“Great class! Tillie Allison is a very knowledgeable instructor with years of successful trading. She has a great way to teach and drills down all the steps needed for newbies like us to become familiar with trading concepts and also with the TradeStation! I am more positive after completing this class than before I came.”

, January 2017
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