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After graduating from the Online Trading Academy in 2006, Tillie Allison began to apply the rule-based core strategy to trade the financial markets. Tillie also gained trading experience working the trade desk at a futures firm. While working the trade desk, Tillie realized how reckless novice traders are, and how frequently novice traders lose money while professional traders make money. She specializes in asset allocation to manage a portfolio including Exchange Traded Funds (ETF), options, and futures. Tillie became an Online Trading Academy Instructor following the financial disruption of 2007. She is a passionate trader/instructor and teaches students how to identify low risk/high reward trades trading the rule-based core strategy. Tillie has always loved to teach and believes that everyone can overcome misfortunes and achieve goals. "Make your financial dreams a reality".

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  • Associates degree in the Applied Science of Real Estate
  • Bachelors Degree in Administrative Management Rice University
  • CFP Program


  • Indian Markets
  • US Markets


  • Futures
  • Stocks
  • Wealth Management


  • Member - Market Technicians Association
  • Member - Financial Planning Board of Standards
  • Power Trading Radio guest
  • Hour With The Pros Host


  • Florida, USA

What Students Are Saying

“Tillie has a very positive, wonderful personality and teaching style.”

, June 2014

“Tillie's knowledge, energy and enthusiasm, coupled with her ability to teach, definitely rank her as a great instructor. I would go out of my way to take any one of the courses she offers going forward.”

, June 2014

“I enjoyed Tillie's enthusiasm and attention to detail. It was her detailed reviewing ability that I found most helpful in my learning.”

, June 2014

“Tillie is an outstanding instructor. She has the student's best interest at heart at all times.”

, May 2014

“Tillie was the best! Her kindness, energy, knowledge and organization put me at ease instantly. I would love to have her as my instructor again. Thank you, Tillie!”

, May 2014

“Thanks, Tillie - another great class. Wish I could have worked the schedule to attend first two days. I am surprised how much this class will help my Futures trading fundamentals. This is going to give me a head start on how to manage my wealth for the long term as I grow my Futures Trading account. Thank you and all the Best.”

, May 2014
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