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Taylor Frame's attraction to the financial markets came from the recent demise of the commercial real estate markets in Atlanta, GA. Understanding that success in the financial markets is driven by skill, and that market direction is irrelevant when you can trade both sides was the driving force in his choice of education and interaction with the markets. He began with Online Trading Academy as an equities student in 2010. He quickly decided that the futures market and the Futures XLT would be his haven.

Since his trading career began, he has found a home at the Atlanta campus as the dedicated Student Support, manning a hotline for students. This position has allowed Taylor to both grow his own trading acumen into other markets, as well as having daily interactions with students allowing him to hone his abilities as an Instructor. Currently, he trades both futures and Forex and he is learning the options markets as well.


  • Risk Management and Insurance, University of Georgia
  • Commercial Real Estate broker
  • Development Services with Alliance Real Estate Services - commercial real estate land development and mixed use projects
  • Georgia Real Estate License - current


  • US Markets


  • Stocks


  • Online Trading Academy Graduate
  • Power Trading Show Co-Host with Adam Matisko
  • Director of Student Support - Atlanta


Georgia, USA

What Students Are Saying

“Taylor did a great job all days. He truly is able to take his experience and break it down in a way that a beginner can understand. He really did a good job in handling the varying levels of experience and comprehension in the class.”

, March 2017

“Taylor Frame was the best instructor! He has covered many off the course topics and explained concepts with illustrations on whiteboard. He was very responsive to our questions. He conducted the training in professional manner.”

, March 2017

“Taylor has a personal & usable knowledgebase. His communication skills are excellent. His humor, patience and "real life stories" make him relatable... a very likable guy!”

, February 2017

“Taylor Fame is an excellent instructor. He does a great job walking you through the material at the pace the class needs. He is very patient with students and made sure everyone understood the material before moving on to the next topic. He makes difficult concepts approachable and applicable to new traders.”

, February 2017

“Taylor Frame is a great instructor. He presents the information in class at a good pace so that we are able to understand it and gives us a level of comfort so that we are not afraid to ask questions. He is re-assuring in letting us know most likely, we will not know everything even after our 7 day class, but that there is a wealth of support available to help so that we won't fail....as long as we put the effort in to learn.”

, January 2017

“Great understanding of human nature, willing to go at question from more than one angle. Will find a way to make it understandable for everyone. Great Job.”

, January 2017

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