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Steve Bobbitt became interested in the markets in 1990, after having lost a substantial amount in the dot com bust. He decided that was the last time that would happen to him and set about getting an education.

Steve learned about the derivative markets while studying for a finance degree and again while getting his MBA. He went from broker-offered funds to trading options, and now manages and actively trades his own accounts.

He has successfully traded various products including equities, mutual funds, ETFs, options, commodities, metals, and futures. Steve compiles numerous facets of data on the various futures products and incorporates them into his trading strategies. As a student of the markets, Steve studies the works of early market pioneers and applies various techniques in conjunction with their work. As a result, his strategies revolve around simplicity and higher probability setups.

He takes great pride in passing on his vast knowledge to aspiring traders as an Online Trading Academy Instructor.

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  • Undergraduate degree in Finance
  • Masters in Business Administration
  • Presenter for the Arizona Council on Economic Education


  • US Markets


  • Futures
  • Stocks


  • Contributing author to Futures Magazine
  • CES Certified
  • Power Trading Radio guest


  • Arizona, USA

What Students Are Saying

“The instructor, Steve Bobbitt was exemplary and a credit to OTA, as all of his predecessors have been. However, he is one of a kind in terms of his caring, personal interest in the success of his students and expertise in the subject, which helped our students. Thanks to all of you at OTA.”

, November 2016

“He is terrific. He gladly answers questions and explains content so that it's understandable. There is a lot of info so it will take time to go through it all in actual practice and commit it all to memory--but I understand it and look forward to using it in actual practice.”

, October 2016

“The instructor is very patient and makes sure he answers everyone's questions. He is humble and approachable and shows confidence in his knowledge to gain students' interest in learning.”

, October 2016

“Instructor, Steve Bobbitt, is awesome. I feel very prepared to start trading thanks to his teaching. The instructor is very patient, kind, cool, and dynamic (very good at keeping class engaged and at the edge of our seats). Steve Bobbitt is very good at teaching and he is a very professional and responsible trader. The advice he gives the students will make us safe (reduce risk) and productive (long-lasting) in life and trading.”

, October 2016

“Steve Bobbitt obviously lives and breathes the core strategy. He handled cranky computers with ease. Best of all, he shifted gears quickly to answer questions from students with widely different levels of experience. The structure of OTA makes it easy to learn from others in the class as well. When Steve would answer one student's question, other students would circle around and pick up golden nuggets.”

, September 2016

“Steve is the best instructor. He uses humor and wit to get his point across. He is attentive to students' individual needs as well as those of the class as a whole.”

, September 2016
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