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Stephen experienced the volatility of the world economy first hand during the booming “Celtic Tiger” era in Ireland. He worked in construction and, due to increasing demand, he was soon the owner of his own construction company. Then the Irish economy slowed and entered a supply zone and he decided to focus directly on the financial markets as a trader.

As an Online Trading Academy Instructor, Steven Hanahoe brings a huge passion for trading which he gladly shares with his students. He is a strong believer in money management and rules-based trading and constantly emphasizes the importance of an attractive risk-reward ratio before entering a position.

A specialist in Forex and futures, Stephen promises that students who take his class will be taught in depth the OTA professional approach to trading, chart analysis and price action.

  • Instructor of the Year Award


  • Small business owner 
  • Trading since 2008


  • US Markets


  • Forex
  • Stocks


  • Member of Mastermind Community


Mayo, Ireland

What Students Are Saying

“Mr. Hanahoe has the teaching knowledge appropriate for Mastermind Club but was able to teach at the beginner's level. It was evident that he has vast knowledge in trading all assets and gave practical guidelines. He boosted my confidence and added a lot of knowledge for my trading career. Thank you so much for this opportunity.”

, May 2017

“The instructor was well informed, professional in his delivery, while personable and sincerely engaged. He identified struggling students, and took corrective action. While teaching class, he gave testimonial of how the consistent application of the information taught can have life-changing affects in the average person.”

, May 2017

“The instructor has provided not only very important information about trading, but also the important concepts and importance of discipline for this business. The instructor (Scott) was very friendly, accommodating, patient, knowledgeable about trading and caring for his students. Great experience.”

, May 2017

“I enjoyed Stephen's class tremendously. Aside from reinforcing the basic concepts of supply and demand, he went over and beyond and gave us tips on the formations to take, those to avoid and the story line behind good zones. I loved that we spent most if not all of the time identifying and reviewing zones and executing trades on the platform. It felt mechanical and comfortable by day three. He let us sit in on his mastermind clubhouse sessions and that was the light bulb moment for me - simply amazing. Audrey Koh”

, April 2017

“Stephen Hanahoe drew upon his vast experience as a trader of supply/demand and shared that knowledge with us. I learned so much about what is a supply and what isn't, and why (the last being a very important aspect of learning where zones are and aren't).”

, April 2017

“Had an outstanding time in the class; every day was full of more information, more than I have ever seen from any course taken. Thanks, OTA. Stephen was OUTSTANDING, OUTSTANDING, OUTSTANDING!”

, March 2017

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