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Stephen experienced the volatility of the world economy first hand during the booming “Celtic Tiger” era in Ireland. He worked in construction and, due to increasing demand, he was soon the owner of his own construction company. Then the Irish economy slowed and entered a supply zone and he decided to focus directly on the financial markets as a trader.

As an Online Trading Academy Instructor, Steven Hanahoe brings a huge passion for trading which he gladly shares with his students. He is a strong believer in money management and rules-based trading and constantly emphasizes the importance of an attractive risk-reward ratio before entering a position.

A specialist in Forex and futures, Stephen promises that students who take his class will be taught in depth the OTA professional approach to trading, chart analysis and price action.

Instructor of the Year Award


  • Small business owner 
  • Trading since 2008


  • US Markets


  • Forex
  • Stocks


  • Member of Mastermind Community


  • Mayo, Ireland

What Students Are Saying

“This class is great, exceeded my expectations! The Instructor is truly a great trader and teacher at the same time! Stephen is a great asset, he showed us a new way to look at the same core strategy, more powerfully. He put everything together and showed us the way to use the tools provided by OTA. Great class, lucky to have him. Many thanks.”

, February 2017

“My instructor was extremely knowledgeable, patient, approachable and passionate not only about how to trade correctly but the suitable habits to develop if I want to be a successful trader. I am very impressed with Stephen Hanahoe and the whole OTA Organization. It is the most impressive environment that fosters a culture of learning and sharing. Great Investment on my part.”

, January 2017

“I am satisfied with the experience. I think OTA has put together a great program. The training books were very detailed and the online help is great. The tools available to OTA students are phenomenal. The class was extremely friendly and it made the environment very comfortable to be in. All of us came together for the 7 days to learn to trade and it was a pleasant experience. Stephen Hanahoe did a great job teaching us. He showed great passion and he truly cared about all of his students. It was very inspiring to hear his story and know that he was a product of OTA. I would definitely recommend it to another student.”

, December 2016

“Stephen helped me to see what I don't know and what I need to do to trade like a professional. He is brilliant with his trading style; it was an eye-opening experience for me as someone who has been struggling with trading in a wrong way. He is also very passionate with encouraging the students to be committed to OTA and not to give up on trading. He taught me to be a trader with patience and discipline, and his trading system is very convincing and effective. He is truly one of the best instructors in OTA. I felt very fortunate to take his class and I will continue to follow his teaching to fully understand his trading system until I will be able to use it in my own trading successfully.”

, December 2016

“Steve did a wonderful job tying the curriculum with advanced experience and we are all better for it. His mastery of FOREX and his ability to bring the class up to speed then surpass expectations was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed class and learned a great deal of practical application of the OTA methodology. I cannot emphasize enough how impressed I was with the instructor's ability and willingness to push the class through boundaries and bring in techniques and strategies that enhance OTA supply and demand. I have taught graduate level courses in some of the best colleges in the world, and Steve teaches at a graduate level while still honing the basics we learned in pro-trader. All material was covered and expanded leaving the student with an exceptionally broad view of FOREX that will definitely improve their trading... It has mine!”

, October 2016

“Our instructor shared his knowledge and experience with us unreservedly. His familiarity, insight, and understanding of the markets was evident in his presentation. He is obviously passionate about trading and equally passionate about ensuring that his students are learning the material and, more importantly, the concepts behind the OTA method.”

, October 2016
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