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As a small business owner and entrepreneur, Scot Stokes always had a curiosity about the financial markets. When electronic trading expanded beyond the trading floors of New York and Chicago, he jumped in. Soon Scott was teaching a class in online trading and the use of screens to identify opportunities. That was when he discovered a new passion, teaching and assisting others in the development of their own trading skills.

Since he began teaching in 1999, Scot has taught thousands of students, including other Online Trading Academy instructors as well as former floor traders making the transition to online trading. He likes to say that “there is nothing more satisfying than the feeling that comes with helping others to achieve their dreams and goals.”

Students will benefit from Scot’s depth of electronic trading experience combined with his caring ability to convey the sometimes confusing trading concepts clearly and understandably.


  • Business owner (Stokes Sprinkling Systems; Little Caesars Pizza; Heros; Fantastic Sam; ENG Inc)


  • US Markets


  • Stocks


  • Las Vegas, USA

What Students Are Saying

“Scot is an excellent instructor. Kept it very informative and at the same time very interesting, especially with the stories that were entertaining, but made the point very clear.”

, October 2016

“Scot Stokes was GREAT! He was able to break down the material and make the fundamentals of trading the OTA way understandable. I really absorbed more of the prepped material because of his teaching methodology. Thanks Scot!”

, October 2016

“Scot Stokes was a great instructor. I really enjoyed his style of teaching, his story telling and his overall knowledge of trading. He kept all of the teachings very simple, even with his level of knowledge, so it wouldn't confuse the students. His stories really made remembering the concepts clear, so it is easier to relate to them. Thanks.”

, September 2016

“Scot Stokes was an AWESOME instructor! Very smart, and very patient. Had answers for everything and great stories!!!”

, September 2016

“Scot is quite knowledgeable and makes great use of real life examples and analogies to help us to better understand the material. You can tell that he really wants us to do well and succeed. He has a positive and encouraging demeanor and always asks if there are questions, uncertainties, etc., before moving on.”

, September 2016

“Instructor was top notch. He explained himself very well. It was evident that he had a lot of knowledge, but he did not overwhelm us by throwing too much information at us all at us at once, but in smaller easier to understand pieces, that made sense.”

, August 2016
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