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Instructor of the Year Award Power Trader Nation

Roger Best has been involved in the stock market since the age of 18. He is an equities specialist who formerly traded for his own account on the largest trading floor in the western United States. He currently trades his personal account at his private trading office, and is a periodic Instructor for Online Trading Academy.

An expert in algorithmic order execution, Roger brings this unique scientific experiential perspective to every class. Over the years he has traded and taught on many of the leading direct access trading platforms. Adept at both swing and momentum trading, Roger clearly describes and demonstrates these methods to his students. As he reduces complex trading strategies to their individual components, his students gain a solid foundation in basic concepts from which to develop and enhance their own trading techniques. Roger believes that, “As educators and professional traders, one of the most important things we do for students is apply our collective experience to filter out the less valuable inefficient practices and focus on the more reliable ones.”

An authority on risk management, Roger has done extensive research in quantifying and managing trading risk factors. A stickler for trading discipline, he is quick to explain why discipline and risk management are so essential to success, and exactly how to achieve them — his students learn the art and science of trading defensively. Roger is an adamant proponent of the “immersion educational experience,” and possesses a passionate energy for teaching the trading business.


  • Bachelor degrees in International Marketing and Business Law, University of Washington Business School


  • US Markets


  • Stocks


  • Founder, president and CEO of asset management and consulting firm which handled a total portfolio of over 100,000,000
  • Contributor of features and functionality to direct access trading platforms
  • Consultant for "black box" system engineers
  • CES Certified
  • Power Trading Radio guest, as well as numerous other financial radio programs


  • California, USA

Student Testimonials

"Instructor clearly, precisely, and methodically broke-down all subject matters and areas of interest, down to the minutes details to CLEARLY UNDERSTANDABLE TERMS! Many times answering a question (in Roger's instruction and teaching) before I could ask it! GOOD JOB, ROGER!"

, November 2013

"Finally, an instructor who made TradeStation friendly. Everything was learned from the beginning and explained fully. There was plenty of time devoted to live trading and he was very helpful when you got lost navigating the platform, which is very complicated. It gets easier every day. His system of working with a partner is an effective learning process."

, November 2013

"Roger's steady nature was most reassuring. No question received anything but a thoughtful, confident, and courteous answer."

, November 2013

"Roger was an incredible instructor. Very humble - and truly cared about each and every one of his students. He made sure everyone had their questions answered before moving on to the following sections. The pace of the class was great - none of the material was rushed through, rather made clear before moving on. Roger simplified the material and incorporated his own experience into the lesson which made things a lot easier to grasp - moreover, kept the entire class engaged throughout the week. I've just recently signed up with Online Trading Academy and hope that all my instructors will be as capable as Roger was."

, October 2013

"Very patient with class in answering questions. Really knowledgeable of the subject matter."

, August 2013

"Absolutely great instructing attitude, and "Gentlemanly" at it!"

, August 2013

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