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Rahul Ghose started his trading journey at the early age of seventeen. Over 10 years he gained experience and hands-on expertise in Equities, Derivative Strategies and solutions for building sustained income and wealth.

He tells his students that an ounce of practice is worth much more than tons of preaching, which is why he took such a strong liking to the Online Trading Academy methodology of placing real orders in the live markets. Successful trading requires that certain skills be learned; money is simply a by-product of these skills.

Rahul believes that trading is one of the most powerful money making tools the world has to offer. As an Instructor, he is passionate about sharing his expertise and helping his students to realize their own dreams.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Technology - Electronics and Communication
  • Vice President and Head of Investments, PSN Group


  • Indian Markets


  • Graduate Programs - India
  • Options
  • Stocks


  • Managed portfolios across a range of asset classes in excess of nine figures


Chennai, India

What Students Are Saying

“Being taught by Rahul was the star attraction of this course. His professionalism, patience, enthusiasm and passion to make his students understand the concepts in-depth is highly appreciated. Extra effort he takes to review each and every student's lab exercises and ensuring that nobody is left behind is worth a mention here. There was a perfect balance of theory and its practical implementation through live examples. Going through lots of actual market trades helped a lot. Overall, a great experience.”

, May 2017

“Rahul is the best mentor. He made me learn the concepts with lots of practice on charts, so hence by making it fun and easy to understand. I was able to develop confidence in me. Yes, following the rules and practice I can earn money from the market in right way.”

, May 2017

“He always increases the participation of the student. He never lets you close the subject even if slightly in doubt, makes you clear about the topic before going to next session. Always asked us to complete the homework and then deliberate.”

, December 2016

“Rahul has phenomenal knowledge of the subject and was able to explain the intricate nuances during the class, even to the most novice present. His smiling answers helped me ask even the most stupid questions and yet be clearly answered. Most importantly, he was able to grasp & understand our questions and the underlining fears of trading and answered them very well. Thank you Rahul.”

, September 2016

“We would like to thank our instructors for making our learning journey smooth and interesting. Mr. Rahul is an extremely humble and approachable person. There was not a single frown on his face even though we asked the same question again and again. He made the learning very interesting and interactive. Given an opportunity, I would love to do the other course under his guidance and mentorship.”

, September 2016

“Very right person as an instructor. Very knowledgeable. Very patient even whatever time we ask the question.”

, August 2016

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