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Loren Newman has extensive trading background as a CBOE market maker for 25 years and an independent trader on his own accounts. As co-founder of one of the first electronic trading firms in Chicago, he hired, trained and mentored over 100 new traders. This real-world experience makes him superbly qualified as an Online Trading Academy Instructor.

Loren likes to tell his students that a well-designed trading plan is the most important factor in controlling risk so you keep your losses in check and maximize potential gains. One of his proudest accomplishments was his success in recruiting traders from major universities and guiding them in the ever-changing world of trading.

Loren loves the enthusiasm of Online Trading Academy students and promises them intensive attention to the fine points of their trades and their classroom learning.


  • B.A., University of Arizona
  • CBOE trader and market maker
  • FINRA and CBOE arbitrator
  • Co-founder of La Salle Trading


  • US Markets


  • Options


  • Series 7,55,24 (expired)
  • Guest Lecturer, Northwestern University


  • Illinois, USA

What Students Are Saying

“The course is very comprehensive and equips you with all the tools for success. Very well done!! Loren's knowledge of not only options, but of the overall markets was an added bonus. He's awesome!!”

, September 2016

“Loren Newman's level of knowledge was satisfying and helped me learn more about options and strategies associated with options.”

, August 2016

“Loren is an awesome and knowledgeable instructor who is passionate about impacting knowledge to others while motivating us to be prudent, competent and professional option traders.”

, May 2016

“The Options Class taught by Loren was awesome. As a relatively new trader with less than 1 year of experience, I was able to sit down and understand the concepts from Day 1. He was thorough in explaining the concepts, the strategies and he put them all in terms that were easy to grasp. I'm looking forward to going home and practicing the vertical spread strategies that we learned in class. I am so much more confident when I can identify my overall risk before entering into the trades.”

, May 2016

“Loren is a fantastic instructor with a wealth of knowledge. He was very forthcoming and never continued with instruction without pausing, asking for questions/comments, and answering them all.”

, May 2016

“Options trading is a skill, like basketball or fencing. To learn it from a manual alone is preposterous. And, like fencing, there is on the other side of every trade an actual opponent whose loss is your gain. I can’t imagine anyone better than Loren Newman to teach and coach this field. Loren was present at the very inception of modern options trading. Mastery of every aspect of this world and every turn of its evolution has been his life’s work. Theory and practice are woven together. Before you know what questions to ask, he gives you the answers. Here are the strategies that produce consistent long-term gains. Avoid those tempting set-ups that can produce catastrophic results. Newbies and re-takers: Don’t miss this class.”

, April 2016
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