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After working as a football coach, airline pilot and broker, Kelly Boycks started trading on his own account in 2010. He soon discovered Online Trading Academy's supply and demand trading strategy and was so enthusiastic that he became an Instructor.

In his classes, Kelly draws on his extensive brokerage experience to give students a clear picture of the professional on the other side of the trade, and what they need to do in order to avoid novice mistakes. He balances technical tactics with common sense and stresses the need for patience and a market-tested trading plan.

He says he loves to see the insights that his students develop as they learn to apply the patented strategy with success—“the moment when frustration becomes astonishment is priceless!”

  • Instructor of the Year Award


  • B.S., Grand Canyon University
  • Chief Market Technician at a private capital management firm
  • Broker, Options and Technical Analysis Subject Matter Expert at a major brokerage
  • Pilot and instructor, America West Express


  • US Markets


  • Stocks


  • Held Series 7 professional broker license 
  • Competitive catamaran racer and triathlon supporter
  • Coach of one NFL and three Division 1 football players


Arizona, USA

What Students Are Saying

“Kelly was great! I admire the patience he displayed with some students who didn't get the info initially. He was always well prepared.”

, June 2017

“How refreshing to find a program that offers the possibility of metamorphosing from "novice" to "professional."”

, June 2017

“Kelly Boycks knowledge, presentation skills, management skills were off the charts fantastic. His experience trading and life experiences enhanced the course material. I learned a lot and look forward to being a successful, disciplined trader.”

, May 2017

“Kelly B. is a passionate instructor with vast tools at his disposal. He is strict in his approach to teaching that forces the students to be regimented in their trading. He provides the perfect solution to the basics of trading while applying a personal touch with heartfelt stories that apply to every aspect of life.”

, May 2017

“Kelly is a very personable person. He has a way to connect the literature to real life conditions. Very patient with those like myself. Great instructor.”

, May 2017

“The instructor has great passion for his subject matter, his students and the human aspect of why we do what we do. He made the overall experience very enjoyable and has me looking forward to further learning and positive results.”

, May 2017

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