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After working as a football coach, airline pilot and broker, Kelly Boycks started trading on his own account in 2010. He soon discovered Online Trading Academy's supply and demand trading strategy and was so enthusiastic that he became an Instructor.

In his classes, Kelly draws on his extensive brokerage experience to give students a clear picture of the professional on the other side of the trade, and what they need to do in order to avoid novice mistakes. He balances technical tactics with common sense and stresses the need for patience and a market-tested trading plan.

He says he loves to see the insights that his students develop as they learn to apply the patented strategy with success—“the moment when frustration becomes astonishment is priceless!”


  • B.S., Grand Canyon University
  • Chief Market Technician at a private capital management firm
  • Broker, Options and Technical Analysis Subject Matter Expert at a major brokerage
  • Pilot and instructor, America West Express


  • US Markets


  • Stocks


  • Held Series 7 professional broker license 
  • Competitive catamaran racer and triathlon supporter
  • Coach of one NFL and three Division 1 football players


  • Arizona, USA

What Students Are Saying

“Having Kelly as an instructor was a great learning experience, and has helped to focus my goals to reachable objects. Then expand on those goals once I have established a routine habit with my trade plan. As long as I stay focused and maintain my plan I have put in place.”

, February 2017

“Kelly is a great instructor; always helping to re-focus on what is important, emphasizing the importance of executing a trade plan and not a trade. I see the importance of developing a good daily routine and not worrying too much about failed trades, but more about failing to follow my trading plan.”

, February 2017

“I am very pleased with Kelly and the way he makes the class interesting. I like how he used real-world analogies at times, when explaining things that were not readily clear. His knowledge of the subject matter is superb, excellent presentation skills, and he manages the class skillfully, just like a skilled pilot. A++”

, January 2017

“Kelly was very knowledgeable of the OTA methods and he presented the material very clearly and added his personal experience to elucidate them. He also positively preached the mindset required to overcome hazards in trading and in life. He has made me very confident that the OTA trading method works and that I can learn to master it and profit from it. When Kelly comes back in the area I'll be inclined to take any course he'll offer. I am very upbeat to learn and grow in this community.”

, January 2017

“Kelly is a very good instructor. He combined his knowledge and experiences in his teaching. He has helped me to truly understand what really a zone is after trading for 6 months with just boring and exciting candles. No wonder I was missing several trades. He has provided me tools that would enable me to do proper research for stocks. His is a wonderful instructor.”

, January 2017

“Awesome! I enjoyed the class and the instructor. It was a really good group of individuals in the class that worked well together. Kelly was great at reinforcing a team and family environment. He was very patient, respectful, encouraging and knowledgeable about the topic. I appreciated him interjecting personal experience and stories of others who have been successful in trading, in addition to sharing his "why." Making it personal makes a huge difference for me as it shows me that despite my career path, that I can also be successful with proper training and discipline. I look forward to future classes and it would be great if Kelly would also teach a futures course!”

, December 2016
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