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Keith Gibson's vast experience on the exchange floor and in various banking positions gives him a depth of insight into the currency markets from almost every angle. He has literally been on all sides of the table. This exposure makes him uniquely qualified as an Instructor to speak with students from a first hand practical basis.

Keith believes in the Online Trading Academy philosophy that successful trading is a learnable skill. Having worked in the investment industry for many years, he believes that individuals should take control of their own financial future.

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  • Experience in several exchange floor positions in Chicago, London, Singapore, as other international markets
  • Worked on Geldermann's in-house proprietary FX trading desk
  • Dollar-mark assistant with a local Chicago bank
  • Worked with several multi-national companies, responsible for managing large currency and commodities positions


  • US Markets


  • Forex


  • Texas, USA

What Students Are Saying

“I liked Keith's approach to teaching. It was a hands-on class, not just theory of what would work. As a result, I feel much more comfortable in trading and learning from mistakes and losses. I now feel more confident and look forward to making some profit.”

, August 2014

“Keith is an outstanding instructor. His experience and focus on practice and routine really comes through. I really hope to study with him again,”

, August 2014

“Keith was a fantastic instructor! He was very patient with everyone's questions, and his previous experience as an institutional trader made his insights invaluable.”

, August 2014

“Throughout the week Keith Gibson showed us how to set up actual trades on the trading platform. This method of teaching, coupled with numerous personal examples drawn from his years of institutional trading has given me a much greater understanding of how to trade the Forex market.”

, August 2014

“Keith Gibson is a true professional with a great sense of humor. He keeps the learning atmosphere fun and light, even while discussing serious trading techniques. Online Trading Academy staff is knowledgeable and courteous, complimenting the course. If you have an interest in learning the markets, you could read a book most likely designed to make you an average trader, or you can take a course with Online Trading Academy--designed to make you a pro!”

, July 2014

“Keith simplified EVERYTHING and cleared all the other stuff out of my head so I can focus on only what I need to do to make the best trades.”

, June 2014
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