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Keith Gibson's vast experience on the exchange floor and in various banking positions gives him a depth of insight into the currency markets from almost every angle. He has literally been on all sides of the table. This exposure makes him uniquely qualified as an Instructor to speak with students from a first hand practical basis.

Keith believes in the Online Trading Academy philosophy that successful trading is a learnable skill. Having worked in the investment industry for many years, he believes that individuals should take control of their own financial future.

  • Power Trader Nation


  • Experience in several exchange floor positions in Chicago, London, Singapore, as other international markets
  • Worked on Geldermann's in-house proprietary FX trading desk
  • Dollar-mark assistant with a local Chicago bank
  • Worked with several multi-national companies, responsible for managing large currency and commodities positions


  • US Markets


  • Forex


Texas, USA

What Students Are Saying

“Keith Gibson is great teacher with an approach to get us started right away. I missed the first two days of the workshop but was able to catch up on my third day. My real objective of this course was to just to get started with Forex trading, but I got more than what I thought I would. I started a live account, started trading on the fourth day and, most importantly, gained confidence and motivation to achieve the dream of total independence. All this was possible only because of Keith's patient and detailed approach in teaching.”

, March 2017

“Keith made me an exponentially better trader in just a week. Every single question that arose was answered thoroughly until everyone in the class comprehended the material. I am truly grateful to OTA, and especially Keith, for giving me the confidence that I was striving for to become a better trader.”

, March 2017

“Keith is an extremely knowledgeable instructor and I am glad to have been able to attend his session. His insights are exceptional and his experience is valuable to a student on ANY level. I would like to take his class again in the future to continue absorbing the vast universe of information associated with FOREX and the world of trading. Keith makes you want to work harder at success and that's a GOOD thing. Also, he was great at helping put it all together. ”

, March 2017

“Keith was great. Keith was able to keep the concepts simple and easy to understand. He did give us a peek into his trading strategy and plan (wish we would have had time to learn more of this) which has given me a bit of confidence around how to move forward from here.”

, March 2017

“Keith Gibson gave a goal for our forex class of giving us the blueprint for executing a profitable trade, and he over-delivered. I am excited on how my near future will change because of the nuggets he shared with us.”

, February 2017

“I strongly feel this great information will be very beneficial going forward in my life as well as for my family. Mr. Keith Gibson did an excellent job and I really thank him for all of the wisdom and experience he shared this week. Look forward to working with him in the future. Super smart in this business.”

, February 2017

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