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Keith Gibson's vast experience on the exchange floor and in various banking positions gives him a depth of insight into the currency markets from almost every angle. He has literally been on all sides of the table. This exposure makes him uniquely qualified as an Instructor to speak with students from a first hand practical basis.

Keith believes in the Online Trading Academy philosophy that successful trading is a learnable skill. Having worked in the investment industry for many years, he believes that individuals should take control of their own financial future.

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  • Experience in several exchange floor positions in Chicago, London, Singapore, as other international markets
  • Worked on Geldermann's in-house proprietary FX trading desk
  • Dollar-mark assistant with a local Chicago bank
  • Worked with several multi-national companies, responsible for managing large currency and commodities positions


  • US Markets


  • Forex


  • Texas, USA

What Students Are Saying

“Keith Gibson is a very good instructor. He emphasizes the basics and is very methodical. He has a lot of patience. I felt like I was understanding much better by the end of class.”

, October 2016

“He is great at focusing on just the right information to identify great trades. He gives valuable personal tips that help students de-mystify trading and achieve good trading results very quickly.”

, September 2016

“Keith was very knowledgeable in just about every aspect of every question he was asked...whether it was regarding forex or another asset....he took his time and was very friendly and approachable.”

, September 2016

“Every class I take I always pick up something new that I didn't know before and leave with a different state of mind and a new outlook on how to approach my trading style. Keith is fun and friendly and very approachable which makes the learning environment comfortable. He is able to demonstrate why he has such successful experience while teaching the core strategy. I appreciated having Keith as my Forex instructor this time around.”

, September 2016

“Keith was a great instructor! His vast and broad experience really shone through during his presentations and during our practice trading sessions. He shared his practical trading knowledge, daily trading routine, and his methods in which to enter the complexities of online trading. Practical knowledge was emphasized, with "book learning" providing back-up to the material. He interspersed bits of humor throughout his presentations, and his natural sunny personality added a lot of encouragement during more complex issues. His very informative and practical approach made for an enjoyable class and I would again sign up for a future class that he might teach.”

, July 2016

“The instructor was an experienced professional. He led us in great hands on work with the trading platform and answered difficult questions with ease and clarity. He was very professional, knowledgeable, understanding, patient, well-mannered, flexible, candid, loyal to OTA and serious but with a great sense of humor.”

, July 2016
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