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Kapil Mokashi started his career at Sharekhan Ltd, India’s leading broking house (brokerage). He was first an Equity Advisor and then a Market Analyst responsible for finding high probability trade recommendations. He became increasingly aware of the limitations of conventional technical analysis and realized Online Trading Academy’s core strategy was a better way to time the markets.

Having made the switch to become an Online Trading Academy Instructor, Kapil advises students that markets are smart at finding your inherent weakness. To become a successful trader, you need a simple, rules-based approach and the discipline to stick to your approach and avoid temptation.

Kapil likes Online Trading Academy for the fact its instructors are also active traders. He himself trades equity futures for weekly income and commodity futures for daily and hourly income.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Commerce, Mumbai University
  • MBA in Marketing and Finance, Mumbai University


  • Indian Markets


  • Graduate Programs - India
  • Stocks


  • CMT (Chartered Market Technician), Market Technical Association, USA
  • CFP (Certified Financial Planner), FPSB


Maharashtra, India

What Students Are Saying

“Content, flow, teaching methods, examples and hands on; Kapil has experience, knowledge, patience, involvement and ability to make online students involved and engaged.”

, June 2017

“As mentioned earlier, there is absolutely no doubt about the capabilities of Kapil in conducting the session. It was indeed par excellence. Long live Kapil - long live OTA. All the very best to Kapil and other Instructors of OTA.”

, March 2017

“Well! Kapil sir is fantastic in terms of teaching, knowledge, presentations. Able to solve any queries and makes sure everyone in the classroom is understanding the concepts thoroughly. I am following him since my ignite and ignite renewals. He also taught many fine tuning and advanced techniques to look out while planning or monitoring trades. Thank you Kapil sir for sharing all knowledge and continuous support to us always.”

, March 2017

“Our Instructor Mr. Kapil Mokashi is great. He clarified all our doubts. I hope, I will keep getting his guidance and help in the future also. He is the best Instructor in OTA Mumbai.”

, November 2016

“The sessions were very useful in building my knowledge base being totally new to the subject. Mr. Kapil is very approachable and supportive. He has answered all my queries with patience and, most important, with a smile which didn't make me hesitate even once to ask the basic of questions. Thank you Sir.”

, November 2016

“I consider OTA experience as potentially a life changing/ shaping decision for me. Kapil is one of the most sincere and dedicated instructors as per my personal experience. He is committed towards making students successful in trading not only in commodities, him being a champion, but also equities through his XLT sessions.”

, November 2016

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