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Jon Arginteanu has been actively trading since 1981, and brings that extensive experience to his Online Trading Academy students, as well as insights from his career in the investment and banking industry.

Jon has learned the skills necessary for success in financial markets from expert professional traders and from his extensive personal experience. His trading principles stress the necessity of emotional control, strict risk management, and discipline to wait for the highest probability trading opportunities. Jon balances his family and trading life with his role as an Instructor with Online Trading Academy. He believes instructing his students in professional trading techniques reinforces the same practices in his personal trading activity.

Jon’s experience spans a period where telephones and face to face trading on the exchange floor was the most common method of transaction, to the electronic marketplace of today. He is committed to the belief that with passion, dedication, and world-class training, individual traders can succeed in 21st century markets.

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  • Held senior positions with investment and commercial banks including: Merrill Lynch, ABN AMRO, and BNP Paribas as CEO of a brokerage and trading subsidiary
  • Floor Trader on the NY Mercantile Exchange for 14 years


  • US Markets


  • Futures
  • Stocks


  • CES Certified


  • New York, NY

What Students Are Saying

“"Professor" Jon Arginteanu is an extraordinary communicator and instructor. His real world experience and examples are extremely valuable. He explains complex information incredibly well and makes things very easy to understand. The classroom experience as Jon's student was extremely valuable and enjoyable. I am very much looking forward to our next sessions together. Thanks.”

, January 2017

“Mr. Arginteanu presented the material in a way that kept me engaged through the entire course. ”

, November 2016

“Excellent. Was very insightful and spoke about the nuances as well as the Black and White picture in general. Overcame difficulties with the written material and explained examples with detail and precision.”

, November 2016

“It is obvious Jon has an intimate knowledge of the material and is more than qualified to be teacher of the year. Everyone was treated with respect 100% of the time. I felt as if he was talking directly to me, anticipating some of the questions I had even before I had time to formulate the question. Thank you, Jon!”

, September 2016

“Jon has exceptional way of organizing the material so that it builds up step wise to a level which we thought we might not attain so soon. He taught us a precise, disciplined approach to trading supported by solid application of rules based on CORE STRATEGY - with odds enhancers.”

, September 2016

“Jon A. is obviously an expert in the field of trading and futures. He is full of creative strategies backed by three decades of experience! I would highly recommend Jon as an instructor and coach!”

, September 2016
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