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John has been a trader for nearly 30 years, starting while he was still in college. Through most of his career he was a floor trader in oil and gas futures, and he has also worked as an “EDF Man” specializing in natural gas commodities.

As an Online Trading Academy Instructor, John Rowland offers priceless real world experience that helps his student see the big picture of economic conditions and how they translate into low risk, high potential trading opportunities. He believes there is always an opportunity in the futures market for traders who do their homework.

John’s favorite moment as a teacher is “watching the light bulb come on in my students’ eyes” when they understand how supply and demand can translate into winning trades.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Rollins College 
  • 17-year member of NYMEX 
  • member of education and settlement committees 
  • Head trader and floor manager at a natural gas trading firm


  • US Markets


  • Futures


  • Former holder of Series 3 license 
  • Recipient of Dale Carnegie Award 
  • Avid skier and golfer


  • Pennsylvania, USA

What Students Are Saying

“John Rowland was absolutely great. He obviously possesses an incredible amount of trading knowledge and has developed a teaching style that allows him to get through a large amount of detailed material in competent fashion. John utilized our time very efficiently and covered all bases of the course. His passion for the material and his concern for the classes' success was evident throughout the week. He made the class rewarding yet fun at the same time. His class was very interactive and he engaged each one of us to ensure success. John's background and experience affords him the ability to interject many real life stories during the week which really compliments the overall Futures content. I learned a lot from John and hope to use this learning as I move forward with trading.”

, October 2016

“I have found the quality of the instructors in the courses I have taken at OTA to be very good to excellent. I am very impressed with John Rowland, who has a vast amount of knowledge in the futures area; an excellent attitude and is willing to take the time to try and help the students understand the material. He provides a unique perspective to the futures from the perspective of a former floor trader. My only reservation in recommending him is that enough people read this and take action, and there won't be room for me to sit in on the class again. Why would I sit in on the class again? Because there is always some information that doesn't stick the first time or becomes more evident and/or useful when exposed to it more than once.”

, September 2016

“The instructor was thorough and his delivery was well paced. He is an excellent teacher and motivator.”

, September 2016

“The Futures course with Online Trading Academy will leave you humbled. The amount of information received in one week's time and the ease by which it is absorbed cannot be found anywhere else. Instructors like John Rowland who hold decades of experience trading on the floor run through topics that could have been confusing you for years and make them seem like basic geometry. I highly recommend this course and teacher to anyone looking to get into the markets.”

, September 2016

“John covered lots of material and explained in detail what a Futures trader needs to learn to be successful. John is very much a "New York" type, in your face. He is very knowledgeable about Futures trading. His presentation skills were very good. He was good at relating real life situations to his teaching. He was good at emphasizing the important skills needed to trade successfully.”

, August 2016

“John was very patient and thorough in teaching futures concepts. His experience working in the Energy market brought relevant and unique insight into the market. During lab time he spent time with each student to make sure they were able to apply the techniques he was teaching. Very pleased with the class.”

, August 2016
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