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John Manley brings a wealth of real-world experience to his role as Online Trading Academy Instructor in the five day Professional Options Trader course. He has worked as a professional options trader and managed a derivatives-based hedge fund since 2005. He has consulted extensively in options trading and has taught and presented programs for professional industry groups across Canada and the United States.

As an options trader, John manages by the “Greeks” using the OTA Options Pricing Model to put on positions and track them. But he also goes beyond theory to break down options trading into real world analogies. His hope is that his students will have multiple “aha” moments during their week in class, even if they have been daunted by the complexity of options trading in the past.

John views trading options as a 3D chess game that is constantly in motion. He loves the challenge of trading in this dynamic market which requires creativity, discipline, objectivity, emotional maturity and the ability to adhere to a plan. His goal is to help build these skills and characteristics in his students.


  • Equity/options trader in the investment brokerage industry for 8 yrs.
  • Trading management (equities and options) at major banks
  • Has managed a derivatives based hedge fund for a group of high net worth investors since 2005
  • Advisory, consulting and educational services for individuals and institutions on the proper use of exchange traded options for superior portfolio returns and risk management
  • Registered Investment Representative Canada


  • US Markets


  • Options


  • Derivatives Market Specialist designation, Canadian Securities Institute
  • Featured on the cover of Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities magazine
  • Frequent speaker at World Money Show, Canada’s Financial Forum, Canadian Society of Technical Analyst, etc.
  • Frequent financial expert guest on BNN Canada
  • TD Bank Financial Group’s National Award of Excellence for Leadership and People Management recipient
  • Musician - composer, guitarist and singer


Toronto, Canada

What Students Are Saying

“John is a class act for sure. I'm very grateful to have had him as an options instructor and look forward to staying in touch with him. I found when he and I worked one on one during the lab sessions I got a lot of learning and value from the interaction with him.”

, April 2017

“John really made the class for me. I appreciate the fact that he was a successful options trader before coming to OTA, then is able to incorporate OTA's core strategy into his own proven method. His knowledge is invaluable and has absolutely helped advance my options methods.”

, April 2017

“John was great. He answered every question asked and helped in every way that was available to him. I would like to go to an advance course with John teaching the class.”

, April 2017

“I recommend anybody who wants to take the options class to attend his class. His wealth of experience and knowledge about the market, and more over his presentation skill, will make you understand how to trade options like a pro.”

, March 2017

“The Option class was excellent. John Manley was an outstanding instructor. He has a great approach to engaging the students. His approach to doing the options was excellent.”

, March 2017

“John did a fantastic job of balancing hands-on and lecture time in class. The hands-on time means I understand how to use the Theoretical Profit/Loss Graph as a tool. The lecture time gave me several "Aha" moments, when the light bulbs went on in my head. I would travel to another state to take class under John Manley again. His depth of experience and his ability to present information were outstanding.”

, March 2017

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