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Jody Wong began trading stocks as a teenager and discovered that he needed more knowledge to control his own destiny in trading. He pursued that knowledge, coming to Online Trading Academy as a student in 2010. Jody prefers trading Forex and Futures because of the ability to leverage and the fact that they are both income generating. His philosophy is to learn as much as he can so that he can pass that knowledge to his students.

As an Instructor, Jody strives to teach his students the core strategy and its application, so that they are able to achieve their own financial independence. His motto is "Follow your plan, follow your rules and profits will follow."

Jody joined the Online Trading Academy team of instructors because they not only teach students to trade, but also give the support and follow through that is necessary so that a student can achieve their goals and become successful traders.


  • B.S. Accounting and J.D./M.B.A., University of San Francisco
  • Internal Revenue Service (Revenue Agent)
  • Arthur Andersen & Co. (Tax Accountant)
  • Retail Store Owner, (COO)
  • Real Estate Broker CA
  • Notary Public - California


  • US Markets


  • Forex
  • Stocks


  • Holds DRE 01713793 and CalBar 139846
  • Held CalNotary 1716344


San Francisco, USA

What Students Are Saying

“Jody helped me see, for the first time, the importance of multiple time frame analysis. He also helped me understand a deeper understanding of OTA chart formations through the multiple time frame analysis. A very good instructor. I feel like we focused a lot on trading, executing, and understanding the trade more than any other class at OTA. I really appreciate the innovative approach to overnight trades.--Great thing to incorporate into your trading.”

, August 2017

“Jody Wong's approach to instructing the forex class is very good. While there are a lot of moving parts, Jody's goal is to get you live trading quickly with a solid set of rules that any student can apply consistently. The printed materials are great take aways to assist with questions when we are alone with our own thoughts looking at the charts and making decisions. Think of it this way: in Jody's method of teaching, if he were a golf instructor, he wouldn't just show you the course, explain the rules, show you the bags, balls, clubs, carts, etc. and tell you, you have to get the ball into the holes to win. He takes it much further and shows you HOW to stand, the proper grip on the club, what you're looking for down the fairway, makes adjustments to what you're trying to do and walks you through going to each hole to finish the course. Much, much better! Jody Wong is always highly recommended.”

, August 2017

“People fight to take this class because Jody Wong teaches it. He delivers the course material in a very straight forward manner with so much care that you really feel transformed and ready to take on the world of FOREX!! Being able to go to a class with someone who knows and cares about the material so much is a blessing. He is the best. No matter what subject he teaches, his class wants to learn. Give this man a raise.”

, August 2017

“There's a sign in the lobby of the center stating: "Empowering lives one at a time". I like the concept but until now, though my classes were pointing me in the right direction I didn't have the results to show for. The sign at the entrance was still a pretty concept unfortunately. Then I was told by another student to take this class and it would change everything for me. He had results to show for. I'm happy to say that this class has fulfilled my expectations beyond my wildest dreams. It is exceptional at all levels. Jody Wong is an exceptional person both as an instructor, a theoretician, and simply as a human being. He will do 4 things for you: 1) he will gel your understanding of Core Strategy, 2) he will add on to that his exceptionally practical method of trading, and beyond, 3) he will open your eyes to a deep theoretical understanding of trading, and 4) he will take your life to another level, both as an aspiring trader and human being. He will show you that making money is truly simple if you follow his method. He will quell your doubts, but most of all he will lead you to question your incentive beyond greed. During the last 2 days of class I couldn't help thinking of Buzz Lightyear's motto : 'To infinity and beyond!' This is trading on steroids and empowerment at the finest level. Jody will give you the very practical tools you've been missing to empower your life both as a trader and a human being. He will quite simply take you beyond everything you expected and imagined as an aspiring trader. Trading is a journey, and Jody will show you the light beyond the forest of your doubts. Take Jody's class and be truly empowered!”

, July 2017

“Jody has tremendous ability to instill the core knowledge in his students and does not rely on one fixed mentality or method to do this. He is very fluid in his style which allows him to adapt to the students' level and teach accordingly.....Awesome!”

, July 2017

“Jody Wong is the best!! His knowledge is vast, and he kept the class glued to every word. Most importantly of all, it was very obvious that he wanted everyone to succeed. That is his real mission.”

, July 2017

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