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Jody Wong began trading stocks as a teenager and discovered that he needed more knowledge to control his own destiny in trading. He pursued that knowledge, coming to Online Trading Academy as a student in 2010. Jody prefers trading Forex and Futures because of the ability to leverage and the fact that they are both income generating. His philosophy is to learn as much as he can so that he can pass that knowledge to his students.

As an Instructor, Jody strives to teach his students the core strategy and its application, so that they are able to achieve their own financial independence. His motto is "Follow your plan, follow your rules and profits will follow."

Jody joined the Online Trading Academy team of instructors because they not only teach students to trade, but also give the support and follow through that is necessary so that a student can achieve their goals and become successful traders.


  • B.S. Accounting and J.D./M.B.A., University of San Francisco
  • Internal Revenue Service (Revenue Agent)
  • Arthur Andersen & Co. (Tax Accountant)
  • Retail Store Owner, (COO)
  • Real Estate Broker CA
  • Notary Public - California


  • US Markets


  • Forex
  • Stocks


  • Holds DRE 01713793 and CalBar 139846
  • Held CalNotary 1716344


San Francisco, USA

What Students Are Saying

“Jody Wong is an amazing Teacher, and source of information. You should be familiar with your trading platform before coming to his class. Jody said right up front that his job was to make you a Trader. That is what he did for me. Not a lot of fluff or feel good stuff. Just follow the rule he teaches, and start trading. Period. Terry Sherman Austin Texas”

, July 2017

“Overall, my experience, in this class, has been positive. Jody is an acquired taste for starters, there will be no warm fuzzy at first. However, once you get used to him, YOU KNOW, he gives a damn, wants you to be successful, tells you the highest probability way to make money, and wants you to get it so you make money. I would attend another class with in the future. PLEASE SEND HIM BACK HERE, PLEASE!!”

, July 2017

“The Forex trading class is an excellent introduction to the intricacies of Forex trading. Within 5 days this class turns one from a complete novice to a hands-on Forex trader. It not only teaches you the theory but also helps you gain valuable practical knowledge. Jody is a store-house of knowledge and takes genuine interest in his students and strives his best to make each and every student a successful trader. He also has a keen sense of humor that makes it fun and interesting to learn in his class. He also points out the finer nuances of trading that only an expert trader like him can do by leveraging his vast repository of practical knowledge and skill.”

, June 2017

“I am so appreciative of Jody's style. He has a good balance of being respectful, and also straight-forward with us. We NEED that to improve as traders! He keeps things interesting and fun, helps us connect with concepts using good examples and metaphors. He's also very attentive and encouraging to individual students AND the class, without neglecting one for the other. I can see why he's such a popular instructor!”

, June 2017

“Jody is a bright and very knowledgeable instructor and trader. He is a very unselfish person. He really cares about us learning to trade profitably...boyaaah!”

, June 2017

“Again, as I said earlier, Jody brings the theoretical into terms that are understandable and workable. I've tried to glean the essentials from many on-line retakes, etc., but none have the clarity I find in listening to Jody. Additionally, being a veteran myself, I very much appreciate his heart for veterans by being supportive of the benefits for those who are taking the course through their eligibility. Besides that, he has a great sense of humor.”

, May 2017

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