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Jody Wong began trading stocks as a teenager and discovered that he needed more knowledge to control his own destiny in trading. He pursued that knowledge, coming to Online Trading Academy as a student in 2010. Jody prefers trading Forex and Futures because of the ability to leverage and the fact that they are both income generating. His philosophy is to learn as much as he can so that he can pass that knowledge to his students.

As an Instructor, Jody strives to teach his students the core strategy and its application, so that they are able to achieve their own financial independence. His motto is "Follow your plan, follow your rules and profits will follow."

Jody joined the Online Trading Academy team of instructors because they not only teach students to trade, but also give the support and follow through that is necessary so that a student can achieve their goals and become successful traders.


  • B.S. Accounting and J.D./M.B.A., University of San Francisco
  • Internal Revenue Service (Revenue Agent)
  • Arthur Andersen & Co. (Tax Accountant)
  • Retail Store Owner, (COO)
  • Real Estate Broker CA
  • Notary Public - California


  • US Markets


  • Forex
  • Stocks


  • Holds DRE 01713793 and CalBar 139846
  • Held CalNotary 1716344


  • San Francisco, USA

What Students Are Saying

“Jody is the BEST!!!! Very patient and was able to explain the content in a way that made sense to a newbie. He makes sure that everyone understands and is always willing to stay after for one on one help. He gave me the tools I need and I am so grateful!”

, March 2017

“Jody Wong is the best instructor I have had at OTA - he is willing to explain and provide illustrations that work well with adult learning. He helps me be successful in my trading. Thanks, Jody and John, for having Jody back to the Denver OTA.”

, March 2017

“Jody Wong was a very effective instructor. He pushed the class to trade and understand why we should or should not make trades. The examples he showed of live trades and step by step walk-through to the entire class was key to the learning. He was especially effective in one-on-one coaching as he walked through the class and helped students. When he did this, 4 or 5 students would gather around and listen to the question and see the scenario he was explaining. This was great because he was able to address a specific roadblock a student may be having which helped them break through it. He did this all day and never let up. He worked very hard at this for every student that had a question.”

, February 2017

“Jody Wong is a fantastic instructor! He approaches the material in a methodical way, and he always reiterates the rules of Forex trading. He brings good humor to the classroom, and he encourages us to trade, trade, trade! This in-class experience is invaluable. By spending so much class time trading, we get "real" experience reading charts and looking for the best possible setups. This in-class trading time also helps us to learn what happens if you "force" a trade. I recommend Jody to anyone interested in Forex!”

, February 2017

“Jody is a genius. Not only is he a genius but he embodies all of the characteristics of a top notch educator. His communication skills, patience and deep knowledge allowed him to tap into all of the different minds in the class. His level of knowledge of the markets and trading is unreal. Genuinely unreal. He dug in and gave such detail in every aspect of trading. There is not one thing he didn't make crystal clear. If someone in the class was not grasping a concept, he adapted and found another way to tap into that student and made sure to spend time articulating the concept deeper before moving on. In the past, I had an instructor who was a little harsh when someone didn't get a concept and basically skipped past the question. Jody was different and made sure EVERYONE in the class was seeing what he was teaching. The patience and level of care he has for our success is evident in his teaching. Jody is the best teacher I have had at OTA thus far. I wish this class was two weeks long so I could spend more time learning from Jody. I hope you bring him back in March!!”

, February 2017

“Jody Wong is the "Kung Fu" Forex Master. He is a natural born teacher. I'm very impressed by his patient and his genuine commitment to help others. His teaching methodology is hands down among the best. Given that I'm also a teacher, I can see that he is a natural on this. He is very much articulate and constantly delivering and showing live trading examples. Perhaps this is one of his callings; to help others do just as well if not better. He is truly on a league of his own.”

, February 2017
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