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Gary Rozak is a former floor trader who brings extensive real-world experience to his role as Online Trading Academy Instructor. He also understands the complexity of portfolio management as a fiduciary for a 401(k) plan and can help students who want to take control of their retirement plans.

Gary feels that many investors take many risks they don’t need to, either through lack of education or inappropriate advice. In his classes, he emphasizes the importance of the proper risk/reward ratio on each and every trade.

Gary came to Online Trading Academy because he felt it offers the best education platform in teaching wealth management, trading skills and confidence. His passion is to help others achieve financial independence by sharing his deep knowledge of the markets.


  • Bachelor of Arts, University of Wisconsin - Madison
  • Former floor trader, Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) and Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME)
  • Managing Director of a fixed income and mortgage-backed securities company
  • President of a $30 million electronics company with 18 U.S. locations and Fiduciary for its 401(k) plan


  • UK Markets
  • US Markets


  • Wealth Management


  • Traded a $300 million portfolio of mortgage-backed securities and U.S. Treasuries to hedge existing mortgages during the 2008 financial crisis
  • Hosts a regular LinkedIn forum on interest rates and yield curves, focused on the U.S. Treasury auctions
  • Avid recreational athlete who enjoys hockey, skiing, basketball and golf


  • Illinois, USA

What Students Are Saying

“Gary Rozak is generous in sharing methods which are so simple yet so effective in making a decent return at a rather low risk. GREAT stuff.”

, January 2017

“Gary was great! He knows his subject and can teach! These two (knowledge and being a good teacher) do not always go together. He made sure everyone in the class really understood each concept. I highly recommend Gary's class and hope he returns to this center to teach again.”

, December 2016

“I wish I had been exposed to this years ago! Gary showed very practical methods to protect_portfolio/produce_yield. The pace was just right and Gary made sure each and every one of us got the concepts. Also, Gary shared very valuable tips from his long experience.”

, December 2016

“Gary Rozak has made PAI an exciting and informative course. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!”

, December 2016

“Gary brought his years of experience to his teaching. He was very methodical and insisted on every student understanding each concept before moving forward. He was willing to address and discuss each student's concerns. I hope to see more of Gary in the OTA online arena.”

, October 2016

“WOW! It is great to finally have one's eyes opened and also have a solution. Gary is a truly All Asset Master that shows how to use Options to manage a PAI portfolio. We feel much better about taking action with the amazing knowledge we have acquired.”

, September 2016
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