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Ed Ponsi started trading stocks in 1994, became a broker in 1996 and graduated to Wall St. trader in 1998. He began trading Forex in 2002, and it has been his preferred asset class ever since. In addition, he began trading real estate in 2008, taking advantage of the market bottom from which prices have recovered significantly.

As an Online Trading Academy Instructor, Ed shares his deep experience and expertise with students in his Forex classes. He recommends Forex for its simplicity, its pure application of supply and demand rules-based trading strategy, and the fact that the markets are open virtually around the clock.

Ed is one of Online Trading Academy’s more visible instructors, having made dozens of appearances on financial news shows. He loves the camaraderie and enthusiasm which permeates his classes and the larger community of traders.


  • Equities, Forex and Real Estate Trader/Investor 
  • Trader at a Wall Street firm


  • US Markets


  • Forex


  • Certified Market Technician (CMT) 
  • Holds or has held Series 3, 7, 34, 55, and 63 licenses 
  • Frequent appearances on CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg Television 
  • Publisher of three books via Wiley Finance


  • Pennsylvania, USA

What Students Are Saying

“Ed Ponsi is not only an expert in Forex, but a superb instructor. He often asked the class if he was moving too fast and took time to explain new concepts. He used OTA Core Strategy in every instance and thus illustrated how C.S. can and should be implemented on every trade. He is gracious and humble despite his success in the field. A true professional.”

, December 2016

“Ed Ponsi was WONDERFUL! He was knowledgeable, patient, and entertaining as well. He provided us with extra information that made the learning experience easier and that helped tremendously with our ability to grasp the concepts. We would LOVE to have him back!!!!!”

, December 2016

“Ed Ponsi is a great instructor. He knows the material. He knows his stuff. He's a prominent figure in the trading world.”

, November 2016

“Ed did a great job of explaining the Forex and applying the Core Principles. Really appreciated the real life expertise and experiences he shared with us. Thanks very much.”

, October 2016

“Ed Ponsi is a very knowledgeable and successful instructor who has a very smooth and comfortable method of conveying the material. He has a great ability to control the classroom environment. He also has a good sense of humor. Very pleasant instructor.”

, October 2016

“OTA has a very impressive program, but feel very fortunate to have had Ed Ponsi as an instructor. Ed is extremely knowledgeable and has the gift to be able to teach at a level the average person can understand. Phoenix OTA is a top notch facility with an awesome staff!!!”

, September 2016
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